Sometimes roller skate wheels wear out and they need to change. But are you facing trouble when repairing or changing the roller blade wheels and need a guide on how to change roller skate wheels?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry.

I’m going to explain the process in 5 easy steps in this blog post. Also, I mention suitable tools and materials and some points which show that your skate wheels need to be replaced. 

Changing your wheels can be daunting when you are new to skating, so this should make it easier and hopefully less intimidating for you.

Let’s dive in towards wheels, baby!

How to Change Roller Skate Wheels – Materials & Tools

In this section, I mention the materials and tools used to replace the wheels.


The first material you need is spacers, metal cylinders between the bearing of skate wheels. This allows smooth and safe skating because it distributes the lower weight to the bearing. 


You also need to change the bearing when replacing the wheels. These exist near the wheel hub and enable movement. The individual wheel includes two bearings.

New Wheels

Typically a wheel contains a wheel with an axle and is made from plastic or metal. Axel is a rod that delivers power from one side to another, while the wheel is a component that rotates.   

Plastic wheels are cheaper, easy to replace and maintain, and beneficial for beginners. But experts need to use wheels made from metal for strength. 

Bearing Puller Tool

You need a puller for removing bearings from skates. Just put the puller on the bearing and pin it down, then loosen the bearing and push the handle up.

Socket Wrench Set

This is used to lose the screw of the wheel. Mostly 1 1/16 inches wrench is used. Put the screw or wrench on the bolt and move clockwise to lose screws. 

How To Change Roller Skate Wheels – Step-By-Step

Your roller skate wheels must be in good condition and roll nicely while roller skating.  As compared to other parts of the skate, the wheels are worn down faster. So it’s essential to maintain them regularly and replace them if they need replacement. 

You have to ensure that the roller skate bearings are clean so you can roll without any problem for an extended period. 

Below down, I mention steps on how to change roller skate wheels. So, read them carefully. 

Step # 1 – Remove the Axle Nut or Screw

Start by loosening the axle screw and removing it. If you have inline skates, then use the Allen wrench; on the other hand, if you’ve quads, then use the socket set/skate tool. 

Find the axle of that wheel you want to change and place the screw on the axle nut. Move the screw counter-clockwise and loosen it. Keep going with this process until the axle nut is removed completely.  

Step # 2 – Take Out The Wheel

After removing the screws of the wheel, pull the wheel from the skate plate. In the case of inline skate, you will pull the wheel from the skate frame. In contrast, you will pull the wheel from the axle of the quads. 

Take care, don’t lose the axle nut. I usually keep the tiny screws in a cup after removing them, so I don’t lose them. 

If you are removing the bearing of the skate to insert a wheel, then keep your new pair of wheels and bearing close for convenience. 

Step # 3 – Fit The New Wheels Onto The Axle

Now it’s the moment to put the new wheels onto the skate bearing. Moreover, clean the bearing or axle of the roller skate before fitting new wheels. If you find any grease or dirt, use a paper towel or rag to remove it. 

Before screwing, ensure that the wheels are facing in the right direction. You need to ensure that the new wheels are facing outward with the bearing surface and the area with the logo of the manufacturer’s name facing you. 

Step # 4 – Put The Wheel And Tighten The Axle Screw

Once you attach the wheel onto the frame or axle, then attach the wheel by screwing the axle screw. Check that the nuts are tightened accurately so they won’t come out when you’re roller skating. 

In the case of inline skate wheels, I recommend using little force when you tighten the nuts but be careful not to tighten the wheel because it may ruin the axle or wheel. 

However, on quads, you need to tighten the screws enough, so your skate’s wheel moves or spins freely. The wheels stop spinning if you tighten them too much. 

Step # 5 – Check the Wheels

After tightening the wheel screws, lay the quad skates on one side and pull the wheels up and down to ensure the wheel fit tightens. Tighten axle screws enough and make sure it juggles no more than 1mm. Wheels should not move or spin freely. But with minor tightening, the wheel may be unstable or won’t spin adequately. 

You need to tighten the nuts on inline skates with little more effort than quads. Keep in mind that not over-tighten the nuts where it causes damage to skates.

It’s time to check the wheels of your roller skate. Do skating for some time and notice how it feels. After the final check, if you feel everything looks good, then you’re ready to skate at the local skating rink or your favourite park. 

Watch this video for an easy understanding of the process. 

Change Roller Skate Wheels – When They Need Replacement?

What things do you need to check to replace the wheels? Several things tell you that your skate wheels need replacement. So let’s see the things:

Find Deformity of Wheels

Generally, your rollerblade needs replacements after six months. Check the rollerblade entirely, and if you find deformity of wheels on your roller skate wheel. It shows that the wheels are worn out and need to change. Roller skate should maintain its integrity and not deform until it functions improperly. 

Don’t Roll Smoothly

After being in use for a long time, rollerblade wheels wear out. It reduces its performance and becomes hard to control. Furthermore, when the surface of the wheel becomes thin, it increases the resistance of rolling. Hence you need more energy for rolling. If you feel that your rollerblade doesn’t run smoothly as before then, it’s time to replace the wheel. 

Using Skates For Different Reasons

Skates are used for different reasons, such as for professional skating, speed skating, and derby skating. So, you use different skates that are suitable for you. But for beginners, it doesn’t matter, and it matters for experts because they need them for different reasons. 

Final Words – How to Change Roller Skate Wheels?

Let’s recap!

If you’re using your roller blades frequently, then after some time, they need maintenance. Replacement of some parts is needed, such as wheels. 

Many of you are probably looking up how to change roller skate wheels. You can follow our steps above, which will surely help you in replacing wheels. 

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Thank you for your time!