Best Aggressive Inline Skates

Best Aggressive Inline Skates of all time

Are you interested in Inline Skating? Or are you looking for the Best Aggressive Inline skates (Roller Blade)? Do you know the products that are favorites of the Best Aggressive Inline Skaters of all time? Then don’t worry; I am here for all your queries related to the best Skates you are looking for. 

But what does it mean to you?

It means that Aggressive Inline Skate depends on the type of skate you carry while riding. Thus, I have covered all aspects necessary for buying a good pair of inline skates.

It includes which type of wheels you should choose hardware of the best aggressive inline skates. Similarly, where you can buy from, and last but not least, products that will not break your bank.

A Glimpse of six of the Best Aggressive Inline Skates Products

Product Wheels Closure Price
Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates 60mm Laces View on Amazon
Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates Black 56mm Buckle View on Amazon
Aggressive Inline Skates Blazer ABEC 7 57mm Snap View on Amazon
LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex 80mm Lace-Up View on Amazon
Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate 80mm Buckle View on Amazon
K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skate 80mm Traditional Lacing View on Amazon

6 Best Aggressive Inline Skates-From Beginners to Professionals

  1. Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates
  2. Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates Black
  3. Aggressive Inline Skates Blazer ABEC 7
  4. LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex
  5. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate
  6. K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skate

Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates – Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Wide Feets

Key Features

  • Grind Plate
  • 60mm Polyurethane Wheels
  • 90A Hardness Wheels
  • Best Width Wheels

Detailed Review

Aggressive Inline skating is a game of balance. In aggressive skating, you need to manage your tricks in a balanced way. It is freestyle skating in which the equipment you wear plays a crucial role. They are the best for performing tricks when talking about skates like Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates. Because of their best wheel width, which is 60mm.

Their best wheel width facilitates the best aggressive inline skating. You can quickly try performing grinds and jumps even if you are a novice skater and didn’t hang off aggressive skating. Quality bearings are a vital component of the whole skating product. Best Aggressive Inline skaters of all times always take good care of their bearing. Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates have the best ABEC-7 Bearings through which your wheels spin well.

Moreover,90A hardness wheels of Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates ensure the best grinds and jumps. Besides, grind plates equipped with these aggressive skates are specific for inline tricks. These comfortable skates provide smooth rides on rough surfaces. And another good point is that they have smart sizing, which means they fit as expected.

Likewise, its lightweight Frame provides quick speeds without any hassle. Hence, it has all the features that performance skates have, making them attractive to buyers. I personally tried them and loved the way they handle jumps in the off-road situation. Extremely comfortable on my foot and never let me get tired for a second.

  • Balanced ride via wide wheels
  • Fits as expected
  • Featherlite framework
  • Best configured wheels
  • ABEC -7 Bearings
  • Great Price
  • Specific grind plate
  • Nice straps
  • No Brake System

Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates-Best Beginner Skates

Key Features:

  • Polyurethane Anti-rocker wheels
  • Closure style Buckle-Aggro grab strap
  • Street skating Footbed-2 pieces Roces
  • Bearings ABEC-5
  • Italian Designed, Manufactured in China
  • Two outers and two inner wheels for grinding
  • Memory Foam padded liner
  • Fiberglass reinforced Frame

Detailed Review:

Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates is a quality style and performance name. These Italian-designed rollerblade inline skates are the best in our collection. When talking about inline skating, it is assumed that we must compromise on comfort. Usually, aggressive skates are made in a way that is tight to perform better tricks. 

But it is not right in the case of Roces Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates. These are designed with memory foam liner. When executing complex tricks, memory foam ensures the best comfort level. Additionally, adjustable straps and shock-absorbing insoles further comfort the beginner skater.

These Men’s skates have a high-grade polyurethane shell that protects the feet. The footbed is provided for cushioning and a better fit. Roces street skating rollerblades are equipped with 2 56mm, 88A wheels and two central grinding wheels with ABEC-5 bearings. Frames are of UFS and further supplemented with fiberglass giving it a beautiful look.

For a better fit, choose the same size as your shoe. I would definitely say that I never got my handles on the best aggressive inline skates like them. They are a perfect investment for money since they support beginner foot like mine as well.

  • Best Street Skating skates
  • Fiberglass reinforcement makes it stylish and durable
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Aluminum buckle
  • Also, Recreational inline skates
  • Anti-rocker wheels
  • No traditional brakes

Aggressive Inline Skates Blazer ABEC 7

Best Aggressive Inline Skates

View on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Aggressive Blazer skates with Hard Wearing Mesh Foot Formed Inner
  • Carbonized steel ABEC-7 balls
  • Heel lock power strap
  • Adjustable snap lock
  • 8 Point lacing system
  • Heavy-duty boot
  • Cuff support system
  • Nylon Chassis
  • Durable 57mm wheels 

Detailed Review:

Aggressive inline skates Blazer ABEC 7 are very friendly and smooth skates of the skate brand Roadshow. These Rollerblades are great for beginners and those returning to gliding after years. These are fantastic rollerblades, comfier and economical as well.

If you want a long-lasting, high-performing speed skate, these Blazer ABEC -7 skates are for you. Their carbonized steel ABEC 7 bearing provides resistance and toughness when gliding. Another attractive feature of these skates is that they have heavy-duty boots. They have a tough and thick boot material, which lasts long.

Furthermore, it has a heel lock power strap. That means no need to worry about your comfort while skating. Heel locks provide safety and stability to feet, prevent trauma against the toenails, and keep your heel in an incorrect position via a power strap. Aggressive skates need more support than other skates, and fortunately, these Blazer ABEC-7 aggressive inline skates have cuff support for better ankle support.

It has 57mm wheels which means they are highly durable and they offer great maneuverability. I loved the addition of compatible wheels and bearings since they support the rides in the best way. Also, the overall grip of these aggressive skates was phenomenal!

  • Best for beginners
  • Economical
  • Durable sides and rails
  • The boot and frames are great.
  • Heavier than normal skates
  • The wheels are not so good.

LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates Unisex

Key Features:

  • Inline Skate wheels
  • The sole Material is Ethylene-vinyl Acetate
  • Lace-up closure style
  • 80mm wheels 
  • Unisex Skates
  • High-quality Bearings
  • Durable
  • Removable Lining
  • Brand LIKU

Detailed Review:

These Black Inline Professional Inline Skates from LIKU are unisex means suitable for both men and women. These skates are made up of high-quality material. These skates are comfy and supportive. These rollerblades have great padding and fit size. Furthermore, the straps are very sturdy. Moreover, soles include shock absorbers, providing a smooth, easy ride.

LIKU Unisex inline skates are the best entry-level skates, according to buyers. The LIKU rest assured that these skates will be ideal for you due to their quality material and perfect sizes. Furthermore, they come with removable lining for better fitting and sizing. The cushioning provided with lining protects and facilitates a comfier skating experience. The lining is made up of breathable material, and in net shape design, so it can easily be cleaned and dried. Moreover, it provides a breathable surface as well.

Besides, Black LIKU Inline skates have durable shoe shells with thick material and holes for ventilation. These Inline Skates are featured with high-quality Aluminum Alloy bearings. That means these quality bearings are highly resistant to corrosive agents, have low cost, and have a long life. Furthermore, they have wear resistance and high load-carrying capacity.

Skates come with Inline Skate wheels with 76mm-80mm-80mm-76mm or 72mm-76mm-76mm-72mm that provide a better ride. Additionally, you can replace small wheels and configure them according to your skating style. Being a beginner, I am pretty impressed by the quality bearings and durability. Overall, it was the perfect investment of my money.

  • Wheel configuration can be changed accordingly
  • Secure Closure style
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Durable
  • High-Quality Bearings
  • Wheels may be a little wobbly, need to be tightened 

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Key Features:

  • Available in Black and Silver
  • Performance skates
  • Buckle closure 
  • 80mm wheels
  • Brand rollerblade
  • Ideal for beginners and casual skaters
  • Pretty Lightweight

Detailed Review:

These Zetrablade Men’s skates are recreational skates with the best entry-level features. These are economical blades with the safest closure style and performing parts. And if you’re a novice skater, these will be the best choice.

These will not disappoint you if you are a beginner and want to buy the best pair for your first skate. These comfortable and best-fitted skates are from the Rollerblade brand, which is already known for quality in the industry. Novice and casual skaters like these skates due to their performance.

Moreover, skates are provided with high cuffs for casual and novice skaters. High cuff features provide additional support for the ankles during skating. Similarly, for comfort, skates are cushioned with padding, and secure closure facilitates a snug fit. Another good feature is MONOCOQUE FRAME means they are lightweight and durable. The frame structure ensures a better ride. They provide less friction and increased speed.

Besides, these skates have 80mm/82A wheels and SG5 bearings, which make these skates stable and moderate speed. 82A wheels are best for outdoor skating. When I tried them for the first time, I was comfortable with the comfort of the inner lining. There was no suffocation and overall performance was perfect on all terrains.

  • Monocoque Frame makes it lightweight
  • Good ankle support
  • High cuff support
  • Reasonable Price
  • Straps are not as good as they should be.

K2 Skate Men’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skate

Key Features:

K2 Skate Men's Kinetic 80 Inline Skate

View on Amazon

  • Traditional Lacing system
  • 80mm Inline skate wheel
  • Cuff
  • Durable Frame
  • Soft, comfortable boot
  • Brand K2

Detailed Review:

The Kinetic 80 is an ideal pair for novice skaters. Their soft boot, closure, and bearing are suitable for beginning aggressive skating. Moreover, their competitive price is also an attractive feature for buyers. They have a traditional closure style of lacing which is not bad for an entry-level skater. Additionally, stability plus cuffs are featured for enhanced strength and support.

Likewise, It has a durable frame that establishes a low center of gravity for smooth rides by decreasing road vibrations during aggressive skating. Similarly, K2 kinetic 80 has a soft boot that ensures comfortable and smooth riding. Their soft boots make them the favorite skates of all skaters.

Moreover, they have normal ABEC 5 bearings which give a reasonable amount of speed, at a reasonable cost. If you’re thinking to begin aggressive skating like me, I would definitely recommend this option. Believe me, you’ll not get disappointed by its features.

  • Stability Plus Cuff
  • Soft Boot
  • Awesome Frame
  • Nice Bearings
  • Secure lacing closure
  • Not enough ankle support

How to Choose the World’s Best Aggressive Inline Skates-Latest?

If you are an Aggressive Inline skater and thinking which brand is best and why I should buy them. You should be aware of some things

  • What is aggressive Inline Skating
  • Types of aggressive Inline Skating
  • Purpose Of Aggressive Inline skating(Recreational, professional, Training Speed)
  • Types of Aggressive Inline skating
  • Hardware used for skating
  • Your Gender
  • Size
  • Powerblading style-Tricks

What is Aggressive Inline Skating?

Aggressive Inline skating is a type in which the main focus is on tricks. This sub-discipline of inline skating is known as Rollerblading, freestyle, blading, street skating, etc.

Aggressive inline Skates are specially modified to execute different grinds and jumps. The hardware of the skate is made up of material that can bear rough and tough paths. This skating type can occur on street obstacles and in skate parks. Skates used in aggressive Inline skating have some modified features which standard skates lack. For Example, they have large spaces between the second and the third wheel for making better grinds.

Types of Aggressive Inline Skating

Aggressive  skating can be categorized as

  • Street Skating
  • Park Skating 
  • Vert Skating

Street Skating

It is also known as freestyle skating. In street skating, skaters perform skating in an everyday environment and make grinds and jumps. Skaters skate involving handrails, concrete ledges, stairs, slopes on roads, or anything which can turn a regular street into an obstacle. There are more chances for creativity for tricks in freestyle skating than in park skating.

Park skating

Park skating can be done in a purpose-built recreational environment made for skating. It is an outdoor area where skaters perform skating and is known as Skate Park.

In these skate parks, skaters do tricks on the top of the ramp. This type of skating emphasizes the technical aspect of aggressive rollerblading. Skaters focus on various schemes while gliding. They connect tricks to form a series in a fluid motion over different obstacles. That is called a line.

Skateparks are often structured on things not present in an urban environment, like quarter pipes, half pipes, curved ramps, etc. Tai-chi is a less familiar park skating style; Yoga park skating is also popular. It is a blend of Tao-Chi and yoga with grinds and airs tricks.

Vert Skating

Vert or vertical skating is one of the trickiest types of aggressive inline skating. Compared to other types of skating, aggressive skaters can perform different tricks and make more spins and grinds.

In vert skating, the aim is to glide higher than the top of the ramp and perform rotation and flips. The objective of the skaters in vert skating is to build speed until they reach a sufficient height above the edge of the ramp to perform flying stunts.

Furthermore, they have limited time to impress the judges. And have to do maximum and tremendous aerial acrobatics in a limited period. Aggressive Inline skating is a very challenging sport.

According to statistical data, in 2012, fewer than 15 professional vert skaters attended competitions. Some of the most recognized names in vert skating are Brother Takeshi and Eito Yasutoko, Taïg Khris, Thumper Nagasako, and many others.

Purpose of Aggressive Inline Skating (Recreational, professional, Training Speed)

Before buying any pair of aggressive skates, you should keep in mind why you are buying them. What is the purpose of their buying? Do you know which sort of skating you want to perform with these pairs of aggressive rollerblades? Whether you are an aggressive skater or a beginner? Or you want to buy a recreational skate or speed skates.

The skating industry is very versatile and produces inline roller skates according to the needs of an inline skater. Skates are modified according to their use (women’s Inline skates, inline skates for kids, or men’s inline skates) and types (ice skate, Inline Hockey Skates, fitness skates, beginner skates).

Anatomy of Top Aggressive Inline Skates You Want 

Aggressive skates can easily distinguish themselves from other skates like speed or recreational skates by a prominent gap between the second and third wheel (The H Block).

A hard plastic surface is present on the sole of the boot, known as the soul plate. A series of grinds come in different body positions from these grind surfaces. However, gliding can occur on any surface of the boot or wheel. They have smaller wheels than other inline skates. Small wheels facilitate grinding more efficiently and prevent catching on obstacles.

Moreover, these small wheels provide a flat profile to adapt to the impact of jumping tall heights. Generally, Aggressive Inline Skates are more robust and tougher because they bear more stress than regular inline skates. Typically an aggressive skate has the following parts:


Cuff is the upper part of the skate which bends forward. Its ankle supports an adjustable strap.

Shell/Boot ​

 It is a boot made of high-impact plastic. It is for the protection of feet. The boot is an outer shell, which bears a lot of rough and tough conditions while executing tricks.

Beginners prefer stiffer boots, while experienced skaters like soft shell boots. If you want more air time, you should prefer hard shells because they protect your feet well.


It is an essential inner part of the skate, which helps the skate shell fitting on our feet. It provides support while doing tricks.

Your inner boot or liner supports your ankle via thick padding. This padding feature is essential in shock absorbance also. Furthermore, these liners play an important role in comfort.

Similarly, this padding minimizes hard landing impact and makes aggressive skates comfy. You can change your skates liner if unsatisfied with the fit or quality. Hence quality material should be preferred for liners to prevent your feet from blisters.


The Rollerblade Buckle is that part of the skate which provides optimal ankle support.​

Shock Absorber

It is that part that is used to absorb high impact from landing.

Soul Plate​

A hard plastic plate on the outer part of the boot’s sole.

Negative Soul Plate

Hard flat plastic plate on the inner part of the boot’s sole.


The chassis of the skate is attached to the bottom of the wheels, known as a Frame. Aggressive frames can be of different unique styles according to wheel arrangements. This arrangement is not essential for grinds, but they also have a crucial role in your safety.

Because if you don’t have a durable and well-constructed frame, then it may result in an accident. The wheel setup should be according to your skating style. These are possible standard setups for your wheel arrangement.

Flat Frame

This is an arrangement of four wheels of equal sizes. It increases shoe manipulating capability, but it is not a common setup of wheels. 

Freestyle Frame

This type of Frame has no inner wheels; instead, they have ample space in the middle for grinding. The two wheels are located on the poles of the shoes. With this setup, skaters do unimaginable tricks, and aggressive rollerbladers use this most common frame style.

Anti-rocker Wheel 

In this setup, two large wheels are followed by two small grind wheels.

Back Slide Plate

The grinding area near the middle of the boot is used for grinding.


It is an area on the Frame that locks on obstacles.


Aggressive Inline skates are made up of thick and durable material, which is polyurethane. These rollerblades have an optimum balance between balance and grip. The wheel size (Smaller or Larger wheels) and hardness varies. Aggressive skates are 54 to 72mm, while anti-rocker wheels go between 40to 47mm. Small-sized wheels are easier for doing stunts rather than big wheels. 

Furthermore, the hardness of a wheel is also a crucial factor to consider. It can turn your wheel into the wheel of fortune. But what does it mean? It means that choosing a wheel with optimal hardness will help you do the best acrobatic tricks. Because you know very well aggressive skating is a game of complicated tricks.

The hardness of wheels should be around 86 and 95A. You can achieve the best sliding and are good for doing stunts. Wheels with higher durometers are best and can bear rough and tough conditions, i.e., they last longer.

The wheel alignment can vary; it may be a flat wheel, rocker, or anti-rocker wheel alignment. In the rocker setup, the middle wheels are slightly lower than the front and back wheels. This creates the shape of a rocking chair; skaters can spin the wheel better and turn fast in this wheel setup.

But they may have problems controlling the speed of their skates at high speed.


The bearings of your wheels are an essential part of your rollerblades. The performance and efficiency of wheels depend on bearing. Your bearing should be clean if they are old. And from time to time, you should check your bearings and clean them if any rust or dirt is there. If needed, you can replace them also. But wait, do you have a bearing in your spare parts box? If not, immediately grab some quality bearings for your aggressive skates because new bearings are the best for higher efficiency.

The bearings are categorized from 1-9 on the ABEC scale. A higher rating of ABEC means smooth and efficient bearing. Commonly these bearings are of standard steel.

ABEC 5 bearings are common in aggressive skates. Usually, this does not exceed ABEC 7 because higher ABEC bearing is not durable. One thing you should remember is that this scale is not the durability of bearings.

Your Gender

If you buy a pair of skates, your gender will matter significantly because both genders have different aesthetics. And not only your gender but your age will also affect your purchasing decisions.

You will attract more to vibrant colors and lights if you are a kid. At the same time, an adult will look for durable and performing skate products.

Likewise, if you are a woman, you will look for trendy and vibrant products (It is not mandatory). But men go for dull colors and large sizing. Furthermore, If you are a woman, you will have to be more conscious about the size of your rollerblade because the size on the chart may differ from your actual shoe size.


If you buy a skating pair, you should be there. Otherwise, the size may not be perfect. If you are ordering online, you should read the size chart. If you are a woman, then you will be more cautious. Because searching for the right fit is an important issue. For children, look for adjustable inline skate sizes. 

Furthermore, you can also order liners along with your skate to get a snug fit. But keep in mind that liner cannot fix every sizing issue.

Likewise, if you have wide feet and want to buy the best aggressive inline skates for wide feet, do some research before buying. Because if you don’t get the right size, it will hurt you in the long run. And will result in lesions or blisters on your feet if you buy an under-sized skate.

 Similarly, if you got an oversized pair, it will not fit and kill the purpose of aggressive skating.

Your Style-On a journey to Become the Best Aggressive Inline Skater of All Time

Your buying decision also depends on your skating style, whether you are a beginner at aggressive skating or a pro (best aggressive inline skater of all time like Chris Haffey.). The journey of aggressive skating does not stop, and you may progress by adding new tricks off jumps and grinds to your style. For performing these acrobatic moves, you should have quality skate products.


Here are the answers to some of the questions that people have in their minds while buying the best aggressive inline skates.

What are the Differences Between Inline Skates (fitness skates) and Aggressive Skates? 

Inline skates have a wide variety of skates. Fitness and aggression both come under the same umbrella of inline skating. But they have some differences in their hardware according to their purpose. 

For fitness skating, skates are made originally for the fitness training of ice hockey players. The primary purpose of skating is to keep your body in shape. Skates are the same in all aspects except the faster bearing, larger wheel size, and overall weight. The main focus is on the stability and comfort of your feet. 

The focus is on grinds and jumps when we talk about the aggressive skate. Therefore they are made keeping this in mind. Small wheels commonly have no conventional brakes, and customized wheel alignments are common.

 Why do Aggressive Inline Skates Have no Brakes?

The absence of conventional brakes like heel brakes or others may sound risky, but their lack is essential for better performance because they may hinder making grinds and jumps. To stop on aggressive skates, you must learn how to stop on skates without brakes. Like you may stop by a T-stop or plow stop etc.

Can You Use Aggressive Skates on the Streets? 

Yes, Of course, they can be used on the streets. In freestyle skating, aggressive skates grind and jump in the natural environment. 

Final Thoughts:

I have done deep research and culled out the best aggressive inline skates for you. Here is all the information provided for you, whether you are a beginner and searching for the best aggressive inline skates for beginners or you have wide feet and looking for products related to the best aggressive inline skates for wide feet. Similarly, if you are trying to master the skills and want to become the best skater of all time, the journey of success begins with the best pair of rollerblades.