Best Longboard Wheels

Best Longboard Wheels Review & Buying Guide (2023)

Do you plan to cruise the streets like a boss? Is there anything better than a road trip without driving anything? Getting around town is as simple as having a cool longboard that you can ride anywhere you like. However, the wheels are the main part of longboards. If you want to enjoy your trip you need to attach the best longboard wheels. 

OK, I know what you’re thinking.

Which is the wheel that suits your longboard? 

Don’t need to worry.

I’m here to explain the things you need to understand before buying longboard wheels. Also, I mention some longboard wheels from Amazon. You can get one that suits your needs. 

But before proceeding toward the main part of this blog post. Let me explain about the longboard wheels. 

Longboard wheels are available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, they also come under the tag of hard or soft wheels. For longboard soft wheels are preferred because they provide more grip and have good shock-absorbing properties. 

Now, it’s time to dig into the list of best longboard wheels with their special features, ups, and downs. You must read the buying guide part before purchasing any longboard wheels. 

So, let’s get started.

Best Longboard Wheels – Our Picks

Here I mention the 11 best longboard wheels with their specific features and ups and downs:

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm


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  • Formula Type – Happy Thane
  • Material – Urethane 
  • Width – 58.5 mm
  • Diameter – 85 mm
  • Durometer – 80a, 83a
  • Contact patch – 56 mm
  • Bearing set – V2 Offset Bearings
  • Core – High-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane

Comfortable & Fast

This wheel is not about comfort and speed, but it also enhances your momentum during carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, Cruisin nonstop, or commuting. Orangatang Caguama is best known for its smoothness and colossal size. Equipped with speed rings, V2 bearings, and spacers, these features make it the best choice for longboard skates. 

Functional Design

Your longboard wheels retain speed on the cracks and sticky surfaces due to the 85mm diameter round edges wheels. The 56mm contact area makes the grip foolproof. 

Big Supportive Core

It also has a supportive core of 46 mm that minimizes the weight and ensures acceleration efficiently at the same time without falling. The big and stiff core of the wheels is the reason to go hand in hand with these wheels.

Happy Thane Formula

These are one of the best longboard wheels that utilize Happy Thane material. Orangatang Caguama is made from urethane which makes them smooth and swift. Additionally, urethane material is resistant to heat, so they’re durable even if you skate on hot streets on a sunny day. 

Hard and Soft Type

These have three options available for the best longboard wheels so you can choose one according to your requirements. The manufacturer provides three durometers 77a for blue, 80a for orange, and 83a for purple. So, you don’t need to worry about the softness and hardness.

  • Made from heat-resistant material
  • Equipped with 56mm contact area for durable grip
  • Constant speed, regardless of the surface type
  • 46mm large and supportive core that reduces weight
  • Fast, comfortable, and durable
  • Happy Thane formula for excellent traction and high-speed rolling

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride 

best longboard wheels

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  • Formula Type – Happy Thane
  • Material – Urethane 
  • Width – 49 mm
  • Diameter – 70 mm
  • Durometer – 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
  • Contact patch – 42 mm
  • Bearing set – V2 Offset Bearings
  • Core – High-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane

Versatile Freeride Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride is another versatile choice from the best longboard wheels and is beneficial for freeriding. This medium-size wheel is also helpful in doing this during skating. The 70 mm diameter is enough for skating at high speed and on the dusty surface. It also maintains its speed while being light and smooth. 

Perfect Size

The size of the wheel is 70 mm in diameter which intends to aid acceleration and minimize vibration while skating on the sand and other debris. The 70 mm freeride wheels have an advantage due to their lightweight structure which prepares them extraordinarily for tricks. 


Like other Orangatang products, this Stimulus 70mm freeride wheel is fitted with Jehu V2 bearings. It is also integrated with spacers and speed rings. The width of the wheel is 49mm which allows you to roll freely on the narrow streets. Orangatang Stimulus wheels have a relatively broad contact patch with an offset bearing seat. 

The stone-ground wide contact patch makes sure the buttery-smooth slide with rounded lips. The Stimulus is the jack of all trades which attracted our hearts for years. 

Supportive Care

The encapsulated stiff core allows a smooth ride and helps lips for crisp slides and even wear. It maintains speed during dancing, free riding, commuting, and long-distance pushing.

  • Plenty of durometers options
  • Have a big supportive core for easy sliding
  • Lightweight
  • Universal choice and beneficial for free riding
  • Have stiff, rounded lips that give better performance
  • Require continual pushing
  • Irregular wear 

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Cruising Wheels

best longboard wheels

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  • Material Type – Urethane
  • Durometer – 77a, 80a, 83a
  • Size – Loaded jehu V2 bearings
  • Formula – Happy Thane
  • Contact patch – 46 mm
  • Diameter – 80 mm

Material Type

Orangatang Kegel Downhill wheels use the Happy Thane formula. Moreover, it contains urethane which adds smoothness and grip. Happy than formula provides excellent traction, high roll speed, and predictable drifts. With Kegel skateboard wheels you slide smoothly regardless of surface type. 

Speed and Grip

It is specially designed for maximum speed and grip for downhill hard carving, downhill skateboard racing, pumping, and long-distance pushing. Orangatang downhill skateboard wheels have a large 80mm diameter and can roll with speed on cracks, rocks, sticks, and rough roads


These skateboard wheels are loaded with Jehu V2 bearings and the product includes eight pieces of bearings. It has the same bearing set as other orangatang wheels but they are somewhat different because they have expanded inner raceways. This feature eliminates the necessity for separate speed rings and spacers. 

Distinct Square Lips

As compared to the shark wheels’ wavy pattern, these downhill wheels have different square lips to improve grip and retain smooth slides. Unfortunately, their outer lips stick which prevents lessening their quality, and the wheels can wear out. While the inner lips have soft inward for traction and control drifts during downhill skating.

  • One of the best longboard wheels that provide immersive grip due to square lips
  • A straight profile and outer Lip prevent the effects of wear
  • A large and supportive 46mm core assures momentum and lightness
  • Eliminate the need to remove speed rings and spacers
  • After a few months of being frequently used, they fall apart

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

best longboard wheels

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  • Wheel size – 100 mm
  • Width – 65 mm
  • Durometer – 78a
  • Bearing – 2 mm
  • Weight of wheels – 2 pounds
  • Variants – Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red
  • Material – Urethane

Large and Heavy

All-terrain longboard wheels are much gigantic than your normal longboard wheel because they’re large. The one wheel weighs 2 pounds (13.6 oz) so it may cause difficulties during rolling. 

Extreme Hardness

Usually, longboard wheels come between 78a to 85a durometer and make it capable with various surfaces. The wheels from MBS come in a 78a durometer which balances the ride even on uneven surfaces. 

Enable Critical Movement

MBS All-Terrain Wheels come with a center core position so they’re acceptable for critical movements. Even in the grass area, you can skate with your longboard.

  • Best for short grass areas and pavement
  • It offers a good balance due to its wide size area
  • 2 mm bearings ensure smooth-skating
  • Durable
  • Heavier as compared to your regular longboard wheels

Orangatang 4 President 70 mm Cruising

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 70 mm
  • Width – 53 mm
  • Contact patch – 53 mm
  • Durometer – 80a, 83a, 86a
  • Bearings – Jehu V2 bearings
  • Wheel surface – Smooth
  • Lip profile – Sharp
  • Core placement – Offset

Fast and Light

Orangatang 4 President wheels are specially designed for carving or racing. The size of the wheels is 70×52mm which makes them lightweight. This carry accelerates and speeds rapidly between out of turns and curves. 

Maximum Traction

4 President wheels are versatile because of their maximum traction. They have sharp, square lips which give the utmost grip during sliding. A thick and solid lip profile assures a smooth and reliable drift when pushed sideways.

Happy Thane Formula

The President 70mm wheels are made from urethane which gives a smooth and durable finish. The Happy Thane formula is smooth, fast, reliable, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide.

  • Lightweight wheels
  • Thick lip for sideways drifting
  • Maintain grip
  • Wide range of durometer
  • High-quality bearing which provides a smooth ride
  • Wider wheels
  • Wear down after sliding frequently
  • Cracked rubber 

Shark Wheel 60 mm Skateboard Cruising Wheels

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 60mm
  • Durometer – 78a
  • The material used – Polyurethane
  • Style – Cruising, Carving, SurfSkate
  • Made in California 

More Grip and Slide Control 

These wheels act like car anti-lock brakes which slide as they spin. Shark traditional wheels have one lip while sin wave design has three lips. This gives a superior lateral grip when you roll and recover easily and break away smoothly. 

More speed and Less Friction

Made from a high rebound polyurethane material that provides extra comfort, speed, and range. These provide a smoother ride at high speed and generate 57% less friction when in motion. 

Made in California 

Like other electric skateboard companies, shark wheels utilize the best high rebound polyurethane in the world. It gives a smooth and fast sliding experience. 

More Traction

Shark wheels provide more traction over several terrains. Also, these can push small items left and right while riding so you can slide smoothly. Specially designed to inquire about the world whether taking hard curves, down backroads, or at the skatepark.

  • Provide a smoother ride by pushing small objects left or right
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Made from high-quality polyurethane material
  • Best for skating on all types of surfaces
  • Great control over speed
  • Provide more grip
  • Cost-effective
  • Tear down after continuous use
  • Didn’t come with bearings

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Wheels

best longboard wheels

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  • Size of wheel – 70 mm
  • Durometer – 75a
  • Material – Urethane
  • Contact patch – 38 mm
  • Variants – Green, White
  • Sport type – Freeriding
  • Weight – 0.9 pounds

Perform Better in Freeriding

Sector 9 slide wheels are the best choice for free riding. They are soft and provide excellent grip during rolling. Besides, it comes with a 75A durometer which helps in a smoother ride and provides balance. It’s a decent option regarding strong grip and balance. 

Popular Sliding Wheel

Sector 9 butterball wheels are famous because of their slide formula. This formula converts wheels into tremendous all-terrain longboard wheels that give traction and drift as required. Likewise, you don’t need to invest in an extra set of wheels. 

Strong Core

These wheels have strong cores that are set in the center which shows that they decay evenly. They’re flippable which enhances longevity. 

Lip Profile

Sector 9 wheels are the blend of round and little beveled lips. These have genuine lip profiles and give easy kickouts. When riding straightway these wheels deliver silky smooth rides.

  • Provide powerful grip and best for free riding
  • Evenly wear due to Cosmic Centerset Core
  • Provide balance during sliding and gripping
  • Not durable enough

Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 60 mm
  • Width – 44 mm
  • Contact patch – 35 mm
  • Durometer – 81a
  • Material – Fiberglass, Urethane
  • Core – Centerset (50%)
  • Formula – B Type formula 
  • Ride Surface – SlidePrepped

Dump Thane

Individual wheels arrive Slide Prepped (™) for a tremendous urethane line. The round lip allows uniform slides regardless of surface type. It also breaks in the wheel progressively. Also, you can notice how far you slide at your favorite spot. 

Choice Wheels

If you have a mini-cruiser, small longboard, and double-kick skateboard and are looking for a comfortable ride then you need to get Fireball Tinder skateboard wheels. It is designed in California and made from Fiberglass Urethane material. 

Comfy Smooth

These skateboard wheels are equipped with an 81a durometer and have a 35mm contact patch which makes them ideal for riding on bumpy roads, cracks, and other debris smoothly. Similarly, you can also slide quickly whether dancing, free riding, or cruising. 

Center-set Core

It has a large and strong core that is set in the center, which means even wear patterns and predictable slides. Urethane Fiberglass core provides maximum stability and predictable slide throughout the whole life of wheels.

  • Give fast and smooth riding experience thanks to its unique buttery high rebound polyurethane material
  • 81a durometer makes it ideal for riding on a bumpy surface and other debris
  • Allow consistent slide
  • Durable and worth the money
  • Available in many colors
  • Fiberglass Urethane material lends maximum strength to the wheel
  • Tear out due to poor handling during delivery

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings 

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 70 mm
  • Width – 51 mm
  • Durometer – 83a
  • Bearings – ABEC-7 high steel bearings
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Manufacturer – Fenghuolun


The FREEDARE wheels are made from a polyurethane material which makes them ideal for sliding on rough surfaces or all types of surfaces. It rolls pretty smooth and is durable for street skating and sliding on skateparks. 


Freedare 70mm longboard wheels feature ABEC-7 bearings and spaces which are attached to them carefully. Additionally, the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) symbolizes the strength of the wheel. It means if the ABEC rating is higher then the efficiency and precision are also higher. 


These 70mm longboard wheels have 51mm width and 83a durometer. This makes you slide steady and fast without losing your comfort and balance.

  • Maintain stability while sliding over bumpy surfaces, cracks, and other debris
  • Equipped with productive and precise ABEC-bearings
  • Customize easily
  • Ideal for skateparks
  • Roll smoothly without losing your balance and comfort
  • Wear early as compared to other skateboard wheels

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 60 mm
  • Width – 45bmm
  • Durometer – 83a
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Bearings – ABEC-7 high steel bearings
  • Variants – Red, Green, Blue, Black

Wheel Size

Freedare wheels come in 60 mm diameter and 45mm width. This size is best for professionals as well as beginners and these are super soft wheels. 60mm wheels can fit on your regular skateboard and seem not too big. 


Features with ABEC-7 bearing which is considered 2nd high bearing quality and ABEC-9 is the best quality. Bearings are made from high steel quality and have been installed on wheels. 

Durable and Roll Smooth 

Freedare wheels have a durometer count of 83a which makes them durable and maintains the balance during sliding. In addition, these are extremely smooth on the skatepark terrain and durable for street skating. 

Perfect for Cruise board

Ideal for cruise boards and you can cruise smoothly without losing your comfort and balance. Also, work week on smooth concrete asphalt.

  • Cool wheel design
  • Made from high-quality polyurethane
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek wheels and bearings
  • Equipped with ABEC-7 rating bearings
  • Good for price
  • Not work well on all types of surfaces

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm SHR Mountain Cruisers

best longboard wheels

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  • Diameter – 76mm
  • Width – 53mm
  • Contact Patch – 50mm
  • Durometer – 80a
  • Lip Profile –  Round
  • Core Placement – Offset
  • Wheel Surface – Smooth

Mountain Cruiser

If you are a rider and looking for a fast cruiser then this mountain cruiser would be a great choice. The 76mm diameter makes them ideal for racing at high speed. The bigger the wheel the incredible the top speed a wheel can handle. 

Variety of Colors 

Bigfoot wheels come in a variety of color variants while using the same hardness and size. So you can choose according to your favorite color or can mix or match the color. These wheels ensure riding in style.

  • While turning the offset core give a strong grip
  • Equipped with 80a durometer and SHR for strength in speed
  • Ensure control during sliding
  • Affordable
  • One of the best longboard wheels
  • Uneven due to lack of balance

How To Choose the Best Longboard Wheels? (Buying Guide)

If the number of products on our list frightens you we understand. To get the attention of different types of riders each one has numerous features.

Currently, what type of rider are you? Are you a learner or a professional? Do you like cruising, downhill racing, or both? To find out what’s best for you, check out this guide on selecting the best longboard wheels.

Size of the Wheel

The height and diameter of the wheel expressed the size of the longboard wheel. You must consider diameter before buying the best longboard wheels. Different shapes and sizes are available in the market ranging from 60mm for small options to 100mm for tall ones. In contrast, the wheels of a skateboard are smaller in diameter ranging from 48-60mm. 

In general, wheels that have a large diameter roll faster than the tinier ones. Additionally, smaller wheels are adequate at building up acceleration. While larger ones are good at shock absorption during sliding on rocks, cracks, and other debris. I recommend choosing wheels between 70-75mm in diameter for sliding purposes. 

Core Material

The core material shows the longevity and quality of the wheel. The different types of material for core available in the market includes plastic core, aluminum core, and urethane core. 

  • Plastic Cores– They are lighter than urethane and aluminum cores. Also, they’re cheaper but slower. 
  • Aluminum Cores – They wear evenly, stiffer and grippier. It provides increased rotational inertia per revolution and moves faster. 
  • Urethane Cores- They are a combo of plastic and aluminum. Even more, they give a smooth riding experience than the plastic ones. 

Lip Profile

The outer edge of the wheel’s contact area is a lip and they indicate how grippy or slidey a wheel can be. Wheels have different profiles such as square-lipped, round-lipped, and sharp-lipped. 

  • Square Lips – They are generally sharp or thick. They provide constant grip, especially during downhill sliding. They are not good for sliding however best for tight corners and deep carving. 
  • Rounded Lips – They provide less grip than square lips. However, with rounded lips, you can break traction effortlessly. They are recommended for free riding. 

Hard or Soft Longboard Sliding Wheels

Soft wheels are best for free riding or rough riding and they provide more grip than hard wheels. However, they’re not ideal for sliding. In contrast, hard wheels are ideal for sliding but not the best option every time. You must choose your longboard wheels with a durometer range from 78a to 83a. 

Generally, longboard wheels are softer than skateboard wheels and they range from 90-101a. Smaller wheels have low speed and leave urethane lines on roads. They are useful for progressive rides and control but they wear out fast. 

Meanwhile, wheels with a hard durometer have more speed but are less grippy. It carries gliding up a degree with long-distance and prefers quick slides. 

Contact Patch

The contact patch is the area that has direct contact with the surface. The range available ranges from 38 to 55 mm however you can select 29mm for compact wheels and 70mm for wide ones.

Generally, wheels that have a narrow contact patch provide less grip and some people may believe it’s not a good idea. But they’re ideal for freeride longboarding. They are not faster and need powerful slides. 

On the other hand, if the contact patch is wide it provides more control and grip. The wheels with a wide contact patch are ideal for downhill sliding because of their excellent control. 

Core Placement / Hub Placement

Core provides wheel strength, and longevity, and enhances its power to avoid deformity. The core refers to the hub of the wheel that supports the wheel’s urethane. Three types of core placement include side set, center set, and offset. 

  • Side Set Core Placement – In which the core is present near the edge of the wheel. Smaller inner lips lessen the grip. It is ideal for drifting and free riding and doesn’t wear evenly. It also gives less control over speed. 
  • Center Set Core Placement – In this core is present in the middle of the wheel. It offers more grip and has large inner lips as compared to the offset or side set core. The benefit of the center set core is it wears evenly and enhances the longevity of wheels. The freeride longboard wheels usually have a center set core and a small contact patch. Also, it gives more control over speed.  
  • Off-Set Core Placement – The core is present somewhat between the side set and center set direction. Commonly, offset wheels come with square lips which enhance traction. Oops! These wheels are not grippy but they give maximum grip. Offset cored wheels are versatile and offer an optimally balanced relation between traction and slide. 

Final Words – Best Longboard Wheels

In short, longboard wheels are an important part that ensures the longevity of your longboard. When you decide to change the wheels of the longboard you need to check our guide on choosing the best longboard wheels. You can pick one from the above list of longboard wheels that fit on your riding board. 

I recommend FREEDARE and Orangatang longboard wheels. The FREEDARE 70mm longboard wheels and Orangatang Kegel 80mm longboard wheels because they have most of the features that a longboard needs. 

That’s all I need to say. If you’ve any questions you can comment below and like or share with your friends. Visit our website for more content on skateboarding.