Yes, you read it right. We are looking for new writers just like you. If you have a passion for writing articles and have a deep love for sports then you are in the right place. TheAthlima is providing an opportunity for all sports niche writers to write for us and show their talent to thousands of people. 

Theathlima is a sports website. Our writers exclusively write about sports. So, if you have a passion and a deep love for sports and want to promote sportsmanship then what are you waiting for? Join us.  

Why should you write for us?

As theathlima is one the leading sports websites with thousands of monthly visitors. Then what is the best way to showcase your writing skills to people other than writing blog posts for theathlima? 

Through Guest posting, this is one of the finest opportunities that you can have to publish your articles here and showcase your talent.

Our website exclusively publishes blogs in the sports niche and this is the best opportunity for you. Our website aims to provide readers with the best products that are valued for money. You can read more about us on the about us page. 

How “writing for us” in a sports blog will help you?

Our website has a deep understanding of SEO and through this, we reach thousands of visitors. With the help of our website, your articles can be read by thousands of people and as a content writer, you can also show your potential clients that your blogs get featured on this leading sports website.

Through Athlima not only you are getting to reach thousands of visitors but also by writing for us you can make your portfolio, which is the most important for a blogger like you. 

What writing services do we offer when you “ Write for Us

We don’t leave you on your own when you are writing for us. We will help you by providing our writing services. We will aid you with many writing services. So, that you can write a phenomenal blog for us and include it in your portfolio. 

Well, what are we waiting for? Here are the writing services that we are going to offer you when you write for us and also explain these services step by step how these services can help us both. 

  • Article Idea

Article idea is the base of the article. You cant write an article if you don’t have the idea. When you write for us we will provide you with an article idea that suits your skillset in a sports niche. After taking an idea you can write on the topic while keeping our  Guidelines in mind which are mentioned below.

The Article Idea that we are going to provide you includes all the primary and secondary keywords so you don’t need to research all that. All you just need to do is grab your laptop and show your skills to the world.

  • Guest Blog

We are providing you this opportunity to write for us in the form of a Guest Blog which is also known as  Guest Posting. Guest Blog not only allows you to publish an article on our website but also shows your writing skills to potential clients in the sports niche as well. 

Guest Blog allows you to introduce yourself to the crowd and through the guest posts we are providing you the writing opportunity to showcase your talent.

  • Quality Content

By writing for us we will guide you on how to write quality content. With our writing services, we make sure that we are providing you all the guidelines that you need to follow to write quality content and through the quality content, you can also engage the audience and increase audience retention. 

By following our proper guidelines and taking help from our other writing services you can clearly see the difference that how much you are content is getting unique. Quality Content also allows you to make an incredible portfolio for yourself.

  • Digital Marketing

Content writing is basically for digital marketing purposes and your blog has a direct link with it. Through our services, we make sure that your article completely aligns with the digital marketing standards. Our writing services allow you to expand your knowledge as well as your experience in this field. 

  • Original Content

A professional content writer always writes unique and original content. Original Content helps the writers to explore more things and sometimes learning new skills as well. Original content also helps websites to rank better on Google and obviously you cant publish plagiarized content on your website.

So, when you write for us we make sure that you are writing the original content and also help you and guide you as well. Our writing services include original content because it is the most crucial part of content writing. Being a professional content writer you always have to be creative and learn to come up with original content. Just remind that original content is the base of article writing. 

  • Social Media

In our writing services after you write an article for us, we will also help you to get organic traffic from social media. In this way, you can increase your article views and furthermore showcase your talent to the world as well. Social Media is a great tool to market your article and through social media hundreds of people will see your talent. Our writing services will help you with this. 

  • Article Topic

Let me guess, now maybe you are wondering that we have already covered this point on article idea but let me tell you these both points are totally separate but still plays as the base in article writing. 

To summarize the first heading Article idea is all about what you want to write about, it may be in sports blog informative or affiliate you get my point. But, the article topic is something specific such as an amazon affiliate article, etc. 

In our writing services our first priority is to assign you an article topic when you tell us an idea of what you are willing to write about. This will help you to save a lot of time finding the right keywords etc but you can also gain a lot of experience as well.  

  • Reader Idea

We know that you are new to our website. So, you might face some difficulty to know what type of articles do our viewers prefer to read. But, don’t worry we cover this for you. In writing for us services we will give you all the details that what our readers love to read.

  • Type of article
  • Tone
  • Pattern

We will give you all the reader ideas so that you won’t face any difficulty when you are writing for us and match your conservation style with our audience. The reader idea will also help you to increase your engagement rate and form a bond with readers. 

What are we looking for?

As I have already told you in the introduction, We are looking and giving opportunities to the writers who want to showcase their talent exclusively in the sports niche. But, before you write you need to keep these few points in your mind.

  • Our Content

Before you write for our website make sure that you read the about us page, after reading this you got an idea that what our website is all about? What is our mission? How do we help our readers? Etc. As theathlima is a sports website so we only accept informative sports-related guest posts. No non-sports articles will be entertained. 

  • Our Tone

If you have read articles you can see that all of our articles are in a conversational tone just like this. Your tone has something different in it that hooks up the readers but still, it has to engage. 

Guidelines to follow for an article submission in Sport Blog

Before pitching us for your article submission make sure that you have read all the guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.  

  • The guest post that you are willing to write should fall only in the sports niche.
  • Articles should be informative, not product-oriented. For example, you can check out this article
  • The guest post that you are willing to write should be at least 1000 words because smaller articles are difficult to rank and do not provide enough details to readers.
  • Your content should be 100% Unique & Plagiarism free.
  • Make sure your articles have a minimum of 2 backlinks as it helps articles to rank better.
  • Open for Revision: As our website pays serious attention to the blogs. So, you should be open to revisions.
  • You can include images as it helps the article to look visibly more attractive and engaging to the audience. 
  • Your article must contain a Conclusion and Meta description. The conclusion is the best way, to sum up, your article and sport it.
  • Before submitting your blog to us make sure to do proofreading. 
  • Give proper headings. Use H1, H2, H3.

What do we publish? 

The Athlima has a tight focus on the sports niche. We are looking for writers that have a deep interest in sports and are passionate about writing in the sports niche. 

What you should follow while “ write for us “

After following all our guidelines, here are a few tips that help your blog to get more readers. 

Unique & Distinctive Content 

People are continually looking for different informative articles in the sports niche. Before writing you have to think about what is the value that your article can help the readers. If someone is searching for how to learn to ice skate? What is a unique point of your article that helps the reader and also differentiates you from the rest?  Make sure that your blog is plagiarism-free.

Use Examples

While writing for us make sure to use examples. Examples help readers to understand better and give them the chance to think in the practical scenario. Examples can also be of what to do or what not to do, in both cases examples help readers to understand better while keeping them engaged. 

Engaging & Curiosity 

Let me ask you a question. Which articles do you spend the most time on? That articles that ask questions at the start. Questions always increase curiosity and it is human nature to find an answer. 

For engagement, you can tell the reader how you can solve his problem and read your article till the end to find a solution.

What do we don’t publish?

Obviously, we don’t publish articles that are not following our guidelines but here are a few more things that you need to consider. 

Misleading Information

Our website is a source of trust and reliance for our readers and we need to adhere to it at all costs. The content that you are writing must be engaging but does not provide any false information. Misleading information caught readers’ attention but for some time but when he finds out that you are spreading false information it will be the worst dream for a website owner. We don’t publish any misleading articles. So, while writing for us make sure you don’t spread any rumors or false information. 

Copied Content 

We closely monitor our competitors so any copied article would not be entertained or published on our website. Because we closely monitor our competitor’s site, paraphrasing also comes in the same category. 


We do not promote any kind of article. You can not publish an affiliated article or write about yourself in the article. These things would not be entertained by us. 

How can you contact us?

Before writing your first guest post you can also discuss your topic with us by clicking here or If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us by just clicking here. You can also contact us directly via email at

Final Words

So, if you are a  sports enthusiast as well as a passionate writer in the sports niche then you can write for us. Our website admires writers like you and loves to publish your work to our readers. If you are a beginner “Write for us”  is the best way through which you can publish your informative sports log and make up your portfolio. By writing for us you can get a chance to deliver your blogs to thousands of readers. So, what are you waiting for? Just start writing.