Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels | Latest Review

If you are going to buy a pair of wheels for your skate, plus you are thinking something should be impressive. Then why not give a try at these best light-up roller skate wheels.

But wait

Do you know why you are buying these Luminous light-up roller skate wheels?

You know, but what if I tell you some more beneficial aspects of buying these wheels.

Yes, this dazzling skate wheel may help you dabble in different areas of skating.

You can switch from a normal skating routine to lighting and eye-catchy recreational cruising.

Furthermore, these LED lights also serve as a safety feature when you skate in the dark.

That’s why

I have taken out all the best light-up roller skate wheels for you.


You can choose according to your needs and budget. And glow and Shine with these luminous glowing wheels.

An Overview of 11 the Best Light up Roller Skate Wheels

Product Wheels Pieces/Pack Brand
Skonhed LED Luminous Skate Wheels 32mm x 58mm 8 pieces SKINHEAD
VAKA Luminous Quad Roller Skate Wheels 32mm x 58mm 4Pack VAKA
Florybercea Roller Skate Wheels 32mm x 58mm 4 pack Florybercea
MASHART Light Up Roller skate Wheels 32mm x 58mm 8 pieces MASHART
Nezylaf 8 pack roller skate wheels for indoor/outdoor 32 x 58mm 8 pieces Nezylaf
Tanzfrosch 8 pack roller skate wheels 32mm x 58mm 8 pieces Tanzfrosch
SUWJELANY 8 Pack Roller Skate Wheels with Bearings Installed Luminous Quad Light Up Wheels  32mm x 58mm  8 pieces SUWJELANY
NICODASHEN Roller Skate Wheels 32mm x 58mm  8 pieces NICODASHEN 
Nezylaf 8 piece light up roller skate wheels 32 x 58 mm  8 pieces Nezylaf 
TOBWOLF 58mm×32mm- high rebound wheel 58mm× 32mm 8 pieces TOBWOLF
ANRUIBO roller skates-8 Pack  32mm ×58mm 8 pieces ANRUIBO

Skonhed LED Luminous Skate Wheels

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • 32mm x 58mm skates wheel 
  • 82A hardness wheels
  • Durable Urethane Material
  • Reduce friction ad maximize speed
  • No batteries needed

Skonhed LED Luminous Skate Wheels are multicolor, economical skate wheels. These best light-up roller skate wheels are 8 pieces of LED light-up wheels. These 32mm x 58mm wheels come with 82A hardness wheels, which are comfortable and durable.

Plus kids love them because of their luminous wheels. Furthermore, the package includes 8 wheels, a 1x mounting wrench, and bearings.

Quality Material

These best light-up roller skate wheels are made up of Urethane which provides long-lasting grip and facilitates an easy ride.

They are best for indoor, outdoor, parks, or asphalt roads.

No Batteries Needed

Moreover, these best light-up roller skate wheels require only centrifugal force to power lights rather than battery.

Reduces Friction

Furthermore, Skonhed light-up wheels are designed to reduce friction and speed up your cruising on different surfaces.

LED Light Up

These quad skates are luminous while gliding. Brightness increases as you speed up.

  • Simple to install
  • No need for a battery
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Economical
  • Lights become dim when you slow down

VAKA Luminous Quad Roller Skate Wheels with BankRoll Bearings

Key Features

  • The package includes 10 bearings and 5 wheels cores
  • Urethane Wheels
  • 4 pack
  • For Quad roller skate
  • Good choice for roller derby

VAKA luminous wheels are the best choice if you want to make your kid happy. These versatile colorful quad skates come with 10 bearings and five wheels cores

Smooth Rolling

These best light-up wheels are made up of high-quality urethane material that means no worries to buy new wheels for a long time. This Urethane wheel provides smooth riding without noise.

Furthermore, these roller skates are a pretty good choice, if you are interested in roller derby Skate’

Variable Colors

Moreover, these skateboard wheels are available in different colors like White, Red, Blue, Yellow.


Likewise, Urethane material makes it durable and you can cruise anywhere without any hassle.

Ideal Giftable

Additionally, these beautiful luminous skates are an ideal giftable item. Their glowing colors make them a very cool gift item. And you can surprise your loved one with this beautiful produ

  • Awesome for outdoor quad roller skating
  • Comes with extra bearings
  • They are pretty smooth
  • They have bright lights.
  • Engineered to reduce friction
  • This is a pack of four wheels only.

Florybercea Roller Skates Wheels-Light-up Roller Skate For Adults

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • Automatic light-up means no batteries are required
  • Good for casual Indoor skating
  • Smooth ride and good grip
  • 82A hardness urethane wheels
  • 32mm x 58mm wheels in various colors

Florybercea luminous wheels are outdoor wheels that come with bearings and are made for double row skating.  Furthermore,  you can do quick turns with balance and comfort.

Best Choice For Professionals and Beginners

The best light-up skates wheels are a great purchase option for novice and avid skaters due to their performance both indoors and outdoors.

Control and stability

Furthermore, these wheels are made up of polyurethane material and they provide great control on different surfaces and stability while cruising.

Perfect for short and long distances

Smooth and bright

Another fascinating feature of these best light-up roller skate wheels is that you can roll smoothly on any surface you like and they illuminate on the slightest movement of wheels.


Moreover, their 608 bearings and cores which are included in the package are favorites of budget-minded customers.

Furthermore, they have greater resistance against aberrations. And you can use them on rough surfaces as high-quality bearings provide a silent and smooth ride. This instant illuminating does not leave any marks on the surface while cruising.

  • Good choice for novice and avid skaters
  • No scuff marks on surfaces while gliding
  • Light movement causes illumination of wheels
  • Smoothly roll on any surface
  • Battery replacement needed
  • For wheel replacement of a pair, you have to buy two of the products
  • Not available in solid colors

MASHART Light-Up Roller Skate Wheels- Indoor/Outdoor

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • Pre-install bearings
  • Vibrant and beautiful colored
  • Economical
  • Rug 608 skateboard bearings and 82A hardness wheels
  • The luminescence principle works for Lightning up the wheel.
  • Durable
  • 82A hardness wheels with pre-installed bearing

MASHART light-up roller skates wheels are comfortable and hybrid wheels which are good for indoor or outdoor skating. Are 82 hardness wheels with rugged bearing? Provide a good pressure resistance no matter where you glide with these skate wheels.

Furthermore, shock absorption wheels facilitate skating on rough and uneven surfaces.


MASHART light-up wheels are made up of PU which makes them durable and long-lasting. Furthermore their wear-resistant and non -slip feature is another plus point for smooth and comfortable rolling. They rotate fast and their high-speed rotating bearings make sliding noise-free noise-free.

No battery requirement

Wheel illumination is based on the luminescence principle. That means it does not require battery and power by the magnetic core through high-speed rotation.

6 LED Lights

Furthermore, vibrant colors make the skate cool and a great choice if you are enjoying skating in the dark or cruising out outdoor with friends at the skate park.

Moreover, they do not only shine at night but you can enjoy their luminous effect during the day.

  • Contain 8 glowing roller skate wheels along with two bearings in each wheel and one mounting wrench.
  • Rugged bearings
  • six lights, a combination of three pink and three blue
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Women and girls can also use it
  • A little pricey than other brands

Nezylaf 8 Pack Roller Skate Wheels-Best Light-Up Roller Skate Wheels Outdoor

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • Durable and reliable quality
  • 78A hardness wheels
  • Speedy
  • Luminous
  • High-speed rotating bearings

Nezylaf skates are durable and long-lasting skates with quality bearings. These Luminous skates do not require any battery to power lights as your wheels accelerate, wheels get brighter.

Reliable And Durable Quality

Nezylaf LED Luminous roller skates are made up of long-lasting durable material silicon. Wheels with 78A hardness that makes them suitable for sliding well on different surfaces like the surface of wood, concrete, and sports titles.

High-Quality Bearings

These best light-up roller skates contain high-quality bearings. Each wheel contains two 608 bearings smoothly sliding without making noise.

Furthermore, due to these bearings, your speed gets better and comfortable.

Design To Speed Up

These skates are designed to absorb shock and wear resistance. Moreover, they are designed to Cruise an indoor-outdoor street anti-stick belt that reduces friction which provides a fast consistently, and smooth gliding experience.


The principle of flashing your wheels in these skates is to produce friction while rolling on the ground that’s why they don’t need a battery.

  • High-quality bearings
  • 8pcs LED roller skate wheels
  • Colorful lights
  • Reasonable price
  • Rapid rotations may cause the bearing to lose.
  • Not good for going over cracks on beach boardwalks.

Tanzfrosch 8 Pack Roller Skate Wheels

Key Features 

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • High-speed rotating bearings
  • Suitable for different grounds
  • Colorful lights
  • Design to speed up

Tanzfrosch back roller skate wheels are the best light-up skate are made up of durable material.

Best Recreational Hardness Wheel

Tanzfrosch skate wheels are 82a hardness which provides good control and smooth roll-on trails. Best wheels provide an excellent recreational outdoor skating experience. Furthermore, these wheels perform very well and have great outdoor rocks and asphalt.

Rugged Bearings For a Stable Ride

Furthermore, they possess 608RS high-speed rotation bearings.

They offer you a great experience of noise-free and smooth fast rolling.


Moreover, these wheels are made up of urethane non-slip material. In addition, the wear-resistant and pressure resistance features of these wheels make them more impressive and a top pick If skaters. 

Designed To Speed Up

Likewise, these wheels are engineered to reduce the ability to stick with other materials which facilitate light-up wear-resistant to speed up status easily while rolling.

LED Lights

Another fascinating feature is the presence of LED light in various colors which makes your recreation journey more fun and brighter. These wheels sparkle when your wheels spin faster. So faster you roll the brighter your wheel sparkles.

  • Shock absorbance wheels
  • Smooth-rolling without noise
  • Fast wear-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Vibrant colors
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor asphalt road roller skating rink, park, etc
  • Least space for nuts to screw the wheels on.

SUWJELANY LED Roller Skate Wheels With Bearings

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • Flashing wheels
  • Smooth fast
  • Optimal spinning
  • 8 pieces pack
  • Long-lasting grip
  • High-quality PU materials

SUWJELANY  wheels are available in multi colors ( red,w yellow, blue, white) 82a hardness wheels. These best light-up roller skates wheels provide long-lasting grip and your ride becomes smooth and amazing.

Optimal Spinning

These Luminous skate wheels using 608 Rs bearings provide fast speed and amazing grip.

Fast And Smooth Rolling

Furthermore, these 82A hardness wheels provide diverse skating experiences on Asphalt Road Park Indore, etc. You can have a smooth cruise and make your writing fast with these wheels with minimum friction.

Flashing Lights

Moreover, these skate wheels are provided with lights in various colors Lights are centrifugal forces.

  • 8 piece pack
  • Applicable for many types of skating surfaces like Asphalt roads indoor outdoor parks etc.
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Screws need to be checked

NICODASHEN Roller Skates -Light Up Roller Skate Wheels Indoor

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • 82a hardness wheels
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Maximum speed provide
  • Smooth rides
  • No batteries needed
  • Pre-install bearings

The NICODASHEN roller skate wheels are 32mm × 58mm skate with RGB colors. These roller skates provide the best performance. The construction makes it a favorite of the skaters. With a beautiful blend of colors, they provide the best light-up experience.

Light up -Best Blend Of Colors

These sparkling wheels with various colors provide an amazing and fun cruising sensation. Furthermore, they don’t require batteries and as you go faster these wheels also get brighter.

Design To Maximum Speed

Moreover, another exciting feature of these wheels is anti-stick built, which facilitates an almost frictionless and smooth sliding ride.

Comfortable And Durable

Likewise, 82A hardness wheels are made from urethane which makes them comfortable and durable. These are best for casual indoor skating.

  • No batteries needed
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Best for casual indoor skating
  • 8 piece pack
  • Bearing are just fine
  • Nuts need to be tightened on the axle threads

Nezylaf 8 Piece Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • The package contains 8 piece roller skate wheels
  • Made of reliable material
  • Durable 608 Rs bearings
  • Designed to speed up
  • Automatic light-up of wheels

Nezylaf double roller skate wheels are light-up skates wheels that are made up of durable material that provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Their fun and eye-catchy design attract skaters. Furthermore, this 8 piece pack of 32mm× 58mm wheels is amazing.

Light Up Wheels

Nezylaf roller skate wheels flash when the wheels produce friction and when spinning on the ground hence there is no need for batteries.

78A Hardness Wheels

Furthermore, they are durable and suitable for outdoor or indoor skating high-quality PU wheels provide wear resistance and shock absorption. Moreover, they provide strong grape and optimal rolling.

Designed To Accelerate

In addition, these best light-up roller skate wheels are engineered with an anti-stick compound for a smooth slide.

Durable Bearings

Similarly, another good feature of these wheels is their high-quality bearings.

These double roller skate wheels perform great due to 608RS rotating bearings. They glide without noise and fastly.

  • Designed to accelerate
  • Durable smooth and fastest
  • High-speed rotating bearing
  • Made up of reliable material
  • Cool light-up wheels
  • Little pricey than other brands

TOBWOLF 58mm× 32mm- High Rebound Wheel

Key Features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • Premium quality
  • Magnet generator to power wheels light
  • 58mm × 32mm wheels with ABEC bearing
  • 82a hardness wheels
  • The package contains 8 pieces of light-up wheels

TOBWOLF 8 pack 82 a 58mm ×  32mm indoor-outdoor skate wheels are Luminous light up Quad roller skate wheels for double row roller skates. This high rebound PU wheels are the best replacement for the shortboard.

These roller skate wheels are fast smooth and durable and make your skating fun and easy.

High-Quality Material

TOBWOLF indoor-outdoor wheels are made from high-quality polymer polyurethane Thai rebound questions for easy and quick maneuverability.

Furthermore, you will be amazed at its super grip and stability while skating at home or rink surface.

LED Wheels Light Up

Moreover, the best light-up show given by these wheels is due to a built-in generator magnet.

When you roll, your wheels glow and illuminate your ride with a dazzling luminous effect.

LED lights in each wheel with perfect colors make your presence noteworthy.

Size and Diameter

TOBWOLF skate wheels are 58 in diameter and 32 in width with 82a hardness. Furthermore, ABEC 9 bearings give them outstanding rolling and help them to glide over smooth and uneven surfaces superbly.

  • Back 9 bearing
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Some of the wheels may light up less.

ANRUIBO roller skates-8 Pack 

Key features

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

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  • 32mm × 58mm 8 pack wheels
  • Non-slip wear-resistant and pressure-resistant
  • Good professional bearings
  • Outdoor wheels

ANRIUBO LED light skate wheels are your ideal choice if you are planning to skate outdoor. They are best at different places like Asphalt Road park etc.

Furthermore, they bear all good features which ideal professional skate wheels should have a professional bearing, non-slip,wear-resistance shock-absorption, etc. 


These best light-up roller skate wheels are high-speed noiseless and durable. They are suitable for all surfaces like stone-ground hard floor tarred road etc.

The polyurethane used in the wheels is non-slip wear-resistant shockproof and pressure.


Furthermore, high-quality bearings are also worth mentioning these high-speed rotating bearings make your rolling wheels quiet and durable.

Automatic Light Up

Moreover, there is no need for replaceable batteries, Because they Illuminate then you spin your wheels plus a blend of different colors make it aesthetically cool and leave an impact on viewers.

  • Color variety
  • Engineered for different surfaces
  • Contain eight wheels
  • Safe for quick maneuver by pros
  • It’s smooth rolling
  • Light up requires rapid movement of wheels.

Best Light Up Roller Skate Wheels-Buying Guide

It is necessary to keep some important points in your mind while you are going to buy a light-up roller skate wheel.

Why Buy Them

Before going to buy a pair of skate wheels you should light up that they are a crucial part of skate’s anatomy. Without wheels, You can’t roll. So You keep all the necessary factors required for a good wheel.


Furthermore, we all know that these are the customizable parts of skating. Besides, lighter, faster and stronger, there are some other factors Which you prefer while buying. You can choose according to your needs. Some are designed for novice skaters while others are designed for pros.

Moreover, while buying alight-up skate, You also look for available colors.


Another aspect on which your buying decision relies is that your wheels are not only a vital component of your skate.

 Plus also adds fun and recreation to your skating experience. Some skates are hybrid and can be used whether indoor or outdoor. Someone especially designed only for the outdoors and good at asphalt roads while others are good at keeping a grip on bumpy and uneven surfaces.

Plus, goodwill helps you maneuver on the skating rink or help you stay upright while cruising on rough surfaces.

Types Of Wheels

Mainly roller skater wheels are designed for indoors or outdoors

Indoor Wheels- Hard Wheel

If you want to buy an Inline skate wheel to cruise on an indoor rink, your targeted choice is for a softer wheel, which is made for indoor surfaces, is softer faster, and with a better grip to roll over the rink with ease.

Outdoor Wheels-Soft Wheels

But if you are looking to skate outdoors, a wheel that can absorb shock and hardness around 84A will be better. It will help you roll faster and will not wear down as quickly on rough surfaces.

Best Brands

While you are going to purchase a pair of wheels for your skating, keep in mind top brands If you are not low on budget.

The top brands are Sure grip, Roller Bones, Vaka Luminous light up roller skate wheels, volcanic indoor/outdoor Etc.

Pricing -Your Budget

Another important key factor Is your budget. Best light-up roller skate wheels are available in the various price ranges

Under $30

If you are low on budget or don’t want to invest more in wheels you can buy Florybercea luminous wheels. Dear good choice for outdoors although they are inexpensive they are durable.

$ 30-$80

But if you are happy to invest more and want high quality and long-lasting wheels then you can buy more pricey products.

Hardness Of Wheels

Durometer/ hardness is also a key factor. It ranges from 74-106.

The lower number shows softer wheels. They are meant for outdoor skating and range from 74A to 84A. They provide grip and absorb shock. while indoor wheels or harder wheels range from 84 to 106A.They are faster and perform better on smooth surfaces.


Another factor to keep in consideration while you buy a light-up wheel is its diameter. Diameter of wheels very from It’s small57 mm to very large up 100 mm. Large wheels are found on racing escape because they facilitate higher speeds. Small wheels on the other hand provide faster acceleration and acceleration.


Furthermore, the weight of your skate’s wheel Is of great importance. Because if you are a pro skater then lighter wheels will be an accredited choice as they help you to do a quick maneuver and help to execute fastly.

However, If you are Novice at skating world Then you should buy heavier because they have to stabilize your movements.


Edges of wheels are responsible for grip. Square edges provide better grip than other round edges wheels. They are a choice of artistic skaters while round edges are the favorite of outdoor skaters because they allow you to cruise over rough surfaces.

Wheel Cores

Likewise, the wheel cores or hub of the wheel is another important part to keep in mind because it holds bearing. There are three main types of cores.

  • Nylon- are lightweight, softer, and slower.
  • Aluminum- is heavy and strong.
  • Hollow-It falls between the two other types and provides a mid grip.


Furthermore color and design of wheels are also of great importance. They reflect your personality but they don’t affect performance.


Moreover, another vital component of skate wheels is their bearings. This wearing has an overall impact on skates’ performance. Roller skate bearings are rated as ABEC from 1 to 11.

Does ABEC bearing matter?

But what does it mean?

ABEC ratings mean they have certain specifications and each specified number of ABEC has certain characteristics. It is the tolerance of ball bearings starting with one and going up to eleven.

The bearing gets more round and precise.

In fact for a roller skate wheel, it is not necessary to go for a very high number of ABEC like abec 7 bearing or more, An ABEC 1or 3 is just all you need on a skateboard wheel. In Skateboard in you are not using the precision of bearing says, Steve.Hepler( National sales manager at Alliance Bearing Industries in Van Nuys California).

Wheel Material

Furthermore wheel material is also an important factor to include in your list of characteristics of a good wheel. All durability and stability depend on it. Furthermore, like laces or other safety gear, it is also important to buy a good quality wheel. Majorly they are made up of polyurethane or silicon.

PU is the most common and preferable material of wheels for pros and novice skaters wheels. It is long-lasting and performs better on rough surfaces.

Silicon is also a good option especially for beginners because it provides a good grip on smooth surfaces and can bear friction heat.

LED Light Wheels

Let’s talk about another feature which is very fascinating for some buyers. Yes, I am talking about LED light-up wheels. It makes your cruising experience cool and fun.

So when buying a Luminous wheel must keep in mind two things at least. number one how fast your wheel is bright or glow on moving and secondly how long this glowing lasts?

Furthermore, it is better to look for LED light wheels powered by a magnetic Core and the centrifugal force of skates and do not require a battery.


Q-What are luminous wheels for?

Luminous wheels are great recreational wheels for outdoor skating. But you can also use them indoors. Furthermore, they add up a safety feature to your wheels when you glide in the dark. And keeps you visible and prominent as well

Q-How do LED rollerblade wheels needs batteries?

LED rollerblades(Indoor/Outdoor) wheels illuminate the wheels with the help of magnetic floating spacers that power the wheel’s core when you cruise. So faster you roll, the brighter your wheels.

Final Thought

Now I have reviewed the top picks for you. These best light-up roller skate wheels are the best choices.

Buying a light-up wheel is not only looking cool but making sure they are economical and have all other key components with good quality.

Now you can choose any of them according to your needs and budget.

And in my opinion and from buyers’ reviews from Amazon, VAKA Luminous light skates may be a budget-friendly choice if you are looking for an economical product.