Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding | Which One Is Better?

It is very common for people to get confused between “Roller Skating vs Skateboarding” as there are several similarities between the two-wheeled sports. Both roller skating vs. skateboarding depends on speed and balance while being in continuous motion. Also, both sports, be it skateboarding or roller skating make pedestrian travel easy due to decreasing vehicular traffic.

It is the reason why it is so difficult to differentiate between the two. For a better understanding, I have listed down all the differences between skating vs skateboarding.

In roller blades or skates, the wheels come attached to the skate shoes. While skateboarding activities are all about moving the roller skateboard that comes attached to the skateboard wheel.

Differences Between Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

If you are a beginner, you are likely to get confused between roller skating vs skateboarding. Despite the many similarities, both have some significant differences. Read on further to find out about all factors responsible for making skateboarding different from quad roller skates.

Wheels on roller skates vs skateboard:

On a roller skateboard, the wheels come attached to the board. There is an axle 1 that links the wheels on the sides of the board. Compared to pair of rollerblades, where the wheels are fixed on a shoe instead.

Skaters perform riding tricks while wearing the rollerblades on their feet. But in skateboarding, the board does not get attached physically to the body. The skateboarder’s smooth ride on the board while maintaining their center of gravity.

The skates have four wheels, two in front and two at the back. Skateboard wheels are located inline on the board. It makes it reasonably easy for different persons to balance on quad roller skates, even if they are beginners.

Wheels in a skateboard come attached to a truck. The trucks define how you smooth ride on a skateboard. In contrast, a roller skate has wheels that are more rounded, and taller with narrow bottoms.

Hence, the significant difference between skateboards and roller skates is the wheels’ shape and size. Rollerblade Wheels are smaller and thinner. Compared to Skateboard wheels that come in different shapes and sizes.

Riding techniques on roller skates vs skateboards:

In skateboarding, skateboarders roll, push, and move on a skateboard. In comparison, roller skating is more about walking and balancing yourself on the wheels. Due to this, skating and roller skating have very different riding techniques. Skateboarding is done on skating ramps as well as a flat surface for transportation.

Also, how you balance yourself on a skateboard and roller skates is very different. For instance, a skateboard’s comfy ride is about how you position your feet on the board. You place your dominant foot on the board while the other is on the ground to balance yourself. At the same time, the bended knees help to move you in a forward motion.

While for roller skates, you need a flat surface to balance yourself. Inline skating or rollerblading is more challenging to balance than normal roller skates, as your movement depends on how you place your toes. There are proper skate parks where you can perform both skating and skateboarding riding tricks.

Performing tricks on rollerskates vs skateboard

Performing different riding tricks, like flips and jumps, is far easier on roller skates. Performing a trick in roller skating doesn’t require any particular kind of movement involving laws of physics.

Greater control over your foot is another reason why performing riding tricks in roller skates is easy. Compared to skateboarding in rollerskating, you are entirely in control of the movement of both your feet.

It takes a lot of practice and skill before performing tricks on your skateboard during ramp skating. While learning to perform specialized tricks like backflips and jumps is much easier to master in roller skates.

Roller Skate vs skateboard which one is easier to use? 

For beginners, roller skating is comparatively much more effortless than skateboarding. It is because to master skateboarding, you need to practice with dedication till you master the skill.

●     Finding balance on rollerskates vs skateboard

It is not as easy as it seems because you cannot just take a skateboard and cruise like professional skateboarders. Comparatively, skaters are relatively easy to balance. Don’t get me wrong. Even skates need a little practice before you learn how to glide smoothly and perform tricks in the roller skating park with speed.

●     Performing jumps and turns on skateboard vs rollerskates

When you look at professional skateboarders, it takes several falls before you can balance yourself perfectly, especially when maneuvering the skateboard on a bumpy surface. Skateboarding is included in one of the many extreme sports.

On the other hand, it is reasonably easy to learn to control and balance on uneven surfaces on roller skates. Any person on foot can easily glide on a bumpy skating location using roller skates. But, this might take some time to get used to.

●     Stopping on skateboard vs rollerskates

Also, stopping either on a skateboard or roller skates can be very difficult for beginners. You likely need to reinforce some safety measures while doing so. Besides, you can use the brakes on the skateboard rollerskates to control your speed and movement.

Stopping on a skateboard is very different from roller skates. To stop yourself, you need to place your foot down till your speed gets slow. For beginners, it is very risky at the start. But as an active skateboarder, you learn how to practice stopping overtime.

Rollerskating vs rollerblading which one is harder? 

People tend to think that roller skating is more complicated than rollerblading. But, in truth, it’s not the case. Roller skating is a much easier recreational activity compared to rollerblading.

Since both roller skating and rollerblading are pretty much the same. In the end, it all boils down to your personal preference, which you find more straightforward.

Let us take a look at the comparison of roller skating and rollerblading.

Skill Level required for rollerskating vs skateboarding:

Roller skates are more appropriate for beginner-level skaters learning their way around skating. In comparison, roller skating vs skateboarding is a more suitable option for experience levels skaters or aggressive skaters.

Wheel positioning on roller skates vs skateboard:

The main difference between roller skates and roller blades is the positioning of the wheels. Roller skates have four wheels, two on the front and two on the back. In comparison, pair of rollerblades, shoe companies position a line of small wheels running along the shoe’s sole. If the roller blades have a large diameter, then you can even skateboard with rollerblade wheels.

Applying brakes on rollerskates vs skateboards:

The brakes on the roller skates come positioned on the front of the skates. In contrast, the braking placement is on the back of the inline skates. Stopping in roller skates can be tricky compared to inline skates when you are on speed. As you need to tilt your feet forward, there is a chance of acute injury due to falling over. But, in inline skates, you need to apply a little pressure on the heel of your foot to stop.

Performing tricks on rollerskates vs skateboard:

Both skateboard roller skates are perfect for performing tricks. But, in pair of rollerblades, the movement is much more fluid and effortless. Compared to roller skates, which require some effort and skills to learn tricks on.

Skateboarding vs rollerblading which one is easier? 

You must have seen people either skateboarding or rollerblading in skateparks. It may make you wonder – Is it easier to skateboard or rollerblade?

Due to the countless similarities choosing Skateboarding vs Rollerblading can be a somewhat difficult choice. I have put together a list of the pros and cons of each to help you determine which one is easier.

Pros and Cons of Skateboarding:


  • Relatively easy to comfy ride if you are a beginner.
  • Stopping a rollerblade skateboard when you are on speed is very easy.
  • You need to place your foot on the board, and you are ready to move.
  • You can perform different tricks and jumps on a skateboard on ramps.
  • Emergency braking is relatively easy in skateboarding.


  • May result in accidents and Skateboarding severe injuries while you are at speed as there are no brakes on the board.
  • There are high head injuries risk in skateboarding.
  • It consumes a lot of energy since you need to push yourself forward to get the board moving.
  • The board moves in the direction opposite to that of skateboarders.

Pros and Cons of Rollerblading:


  • It is easy to stop during skateboard roller skates on a bumpy surface.
  • Includes brakes, hence, have a lower chance of accidents and severity of severe injuries.
  • They move in the same direction as you.
  • Roller skating activities ensure maximum safety and stability.
  • Suitable for children and adults of all ages.
  • Wheelchair roller skating is the perfect sport for disabled persons.


  • It does not have too much variation in riding styles and performing tricks.
  • Difficult to stop at once in case of an emergency.
  • It also contains high head injuries risk.

Roller skates vs skateboards – what to pick?

Choosing between roller skates or skateboards is very difficult. It is not as if one is better than the other. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference of which one you like more.

After reading about the benefits of roller skating and skating boarding, you can build a deep understanding of both roller skates and skateboards. It can help you choose whether roller skates or skateboards are better. So let us talk about some benefits of roller skating vs skateboarding.

Which one to pick for beginners?

For beginners, roller skating is much easier to learn than skateboarding. But roller skating vs skateboarding requires a fair amount of skill before you master your movement on either. Besides, the chances of skating-related severe injuries are much lower than that of skateboarding.

Which one helps tone muscles?

Roller skating helps to tone down lower body muscles, especially the hamstrings, quadriceps, and bottom. While skateboarding focuses on the movement of one single leg. It helps to tone muscles, but only in the leg that you use to push the board.

Which one is less likely to cause injury?

The risk of head injuries exists both in skateboarding and also in different forms of skating. Usually, people get a sore bottom when they fall, either during roller skating or skateboarding. But, in the worst cases, it can even cause severe upper injuries like head injuries or fractures in the wrists and arms.

To lower the injury severity, always wear protective gear while skateboarding or roller skating. Basic protective gear includes elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets.

Comparatively, roller skating is a much safer sport than skateboarding. Since the chances of severe injuries on speed to skateboarders are much higher.

Which one helps in mental stimulation?

The outcomes of skating are very positive whether you pick skateboarding or roller skating. Both help in mental stimulation and the development of good behavioral factors in both adults and children. Skating gives a feeling of exhilaration that helps to develop a positive outlook on life. Skating not only offers a form of transportation but is also helpful when going through a depressive phase.

Besides, it helps encourage coordination as you learn how to balance yourself. More so when performing tricks and jumps.

Which one boosts fitness?

Both roller skating and skateboarding give your body a great workout. An average person loses about 580 calories after skating for an hour. It also helps boost heart and body fitness, lowering your chances to end up at a hospital. So, when comparing roller skating vs skateboardingit is noted that both are equally beneficial for your health and fitness.

What is the best beginner skateboard for adults?

If you think that skateboarding is the sport for you, you need to invest in a good skateboard.

It is very likely that you fall or face accidents when learning your way around the skateboard as a beginner. That is why investing in a good skateboard is a good option since it reduces the chances of having skateboarding-related head injuries.

So, to help you find the best beginner skateboard for adults. I have picked the three top choices of skateboards.  

bearings for roller

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  • WhiteFang Skateboards  

    Key Features

  • 7-ply maple wood construction.
  • The deck length is 31.75″ and the width is 7.88″.
  • 5″ magnesium alloy trucks
  • 52mm, 95A PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings

The WhiteFang Skateboards have the best beginner skateboard for adults and children. It is an excellent all-rounder skateboard to learn skateboard basics for both beginners and pros.

The board uses a 7ply maple wood in its construction for additional strength and durability. It gives you the right balance between weight and hardness.

It comes equipped with 5″ magnesium alloy trucks that are perfect for starters and professionals. Though, some people think that the trucks were too loose. But, don’t worry, you can quickly tighten them.

Also, the 52mm, 95A high rebound PU wheels have a very smooth and efficient operation.

Moreover, the eye-catching design of the skateboard and its remarkable weight-bearing capacity impressed me the most. It can easily hold weight until 330 lbs.

Suppose you are looking for a skateboard that is both affordable and of good quality. Then the WhiteFang Skateboards are right for you.

  • Improved balance.
  • It comes pre-assembled.
  • Available in different cool and minimal designs.
  • Normal bearing quality.
  • Trucks need replacement.

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

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If you are brand new to skateboarding, you won’t go wrong with the Easy_Way Complete Skateboard. Besides, it is recommended by Notable skateboarders.

The deck has just the right size that feels super comfortable, plus includes all safety elements. Besides, the 8 inches of width gives you enough space to position your feet without feeling too cramped.

It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 220 lbs. Therefore, making it easy for people of different ages and sizes to cruise. It is the perfect choice of skateboard for a 10-stone person.

You don’t have to worry about the skateboard getting broken or worn out since it has an excellent 7-ply maple wood construction.

Moreover, the ABEC-11 bearings in the skateboard ensure that you face no problems in turning. Hence, reducing the risk to skateboarders of head injuries.

Also, the graphic pattern on the skateboard featured on the board is not a sticker. It uses heat transfer to ensure that the graphics stay put and don’t fade for a long time.

It comes with very innovative wheels with flashing lights that give you excellent visibility during the night.

  • Waterproof grip tape.
  • Comfortable riding experience.
  • High friction resistance.
  • Not suitable for professionals.
  • Only suitable for young adults.

falls on roller

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The striking design of the Beleev Skateboards for Beginners is the first thing that catches your attention. Not only is this skateboard aesthetically pleasing, but it is very durable at the same time.

It has a 7-ply maple wood construction to give you the extra kick. Besides, the concave shape of the board is super flexible. It comes in pretty handy when taking sharp turns and complex tricks.

The measurement of the skateboard shall give you enough space to maneuver it comfortably. At the same time, the ABEC-7 precision bearings ensure smooth traction.

Moreover, the 55mm 95A PU wheels have a graphical casting finish to them. The wheels are perfect for beginners as they don’t roll too fast. Hence, giving you more stability while cruising on the skateboard.

To sum it up, I can say that Beleev Skateboard is a complete package. It is just the best beginner skateboard for adults.

  • Durable and lightweight body.
  • Non-slip grip for maximum security.
  • Reasonable control over speed.
  • Only suitable for smooth terrains.
  • Wheels need replacement after some time.

What are the best roller skates for outdoors?

In case you want to pursue roller skating as a hobby or a sport. Investing in the best roller skates outdoors is very important.

Good roller skates feel super comfortable on your feet and help you enjoy skating to the fullest. In contrast, minimizing the chances of head injuries at the same time.

To help you pick the perfect roller skates for you. I have listed down below three of the top choices of roller skates.

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

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Key Features

  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rollerboard wheel type
  • Aluminum base plate

Chicago Skates have a basic yet the classiest design in roller skaters. They are the most commonly used roller skates in rinks and roller-skating parks.

They have a high-quality premium construction with human-made materials. The incredible high-top design is more suited to freestyle or outdoor recreational skating.

Even if you are a beginner, you won’t find any difficulty balancing on the Polyurethane wheels. Also, the wheels have a very durable construction to withstand any wear and tear.

The Chicago skates are the perfect choice for you. Especially if you are looking for casual skates, the best thing about these skates is that not only can you use them indoors. But, they give outstanding performances outdoors.

  • Solid construction.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Bootup design for ankle support.
  • The adjustments tend to get loose.
  • Wheels have a soft rating for indoor use.

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

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 Key Features

  • Buckle-type closure.
  • 54 mm Urethane Wheels.
  • Four adjustable sizes.
  • Real trucks included.

With Trac Star Youth Boy’s skates, you don’t have to worry about your kid outgrowing the skates as these skates come with a push-button adjustable chassis with about four size adjustments.  

It has a super comfortable high-top design, lined with padding for extra support. Besides, your boy won’t have any problems closing or opening the buckles of the shoes.

The roller skates feature Urethane Wheels with 54mm thickness. These make them suitable for cursing both indoors and outdoors on public property. At the same time, the carbon bearing on the wheels gives a nice roll to the skates.

Roller skates have a toe break and real trucks, creating authentic skating experience levels for a young skater.

Last but not least, the plastic and polyester material of the skates are very durable. It gives excellent resistance to the body against wear and tear.

  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight, high-quality construction.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor skating.
  • Inner shoes are a little challenging to adjust.
  • The padding of the insoles is very thin.

Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

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Key Features

  • Adjustable sizes.
  • Illuminating lights in wheels.
  • ABEC-7 full precision bearings
  • PU 54mm x 32mm wheels

The Otw-Cool Adjustable Roller Skates have a super cute colorful construction. They have an efficient and safe design to prevent skating among children.

The illuminating lights in the wheel flicker and light up once you get moving. The best thing about the wheels is that there is no battery attached to them.

The skates feature ABEC-7 full precision bearings on the wheels, ensuring safe and smooth movement, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Besides, the skates have a high-top sneakers type design. The inner sides of the sneakers of the roller skates come lined with padding. Consequently, it provides a much better experience level of skating thanks to its very snug fit.

  • Easy to balance.
  • Good resistance to impact.
  • Front and end rubber brakes for safety.
  • Straps get worn out.

Final Thoughts – Roller Skating vs Skateboarding

In my article, I discussed all the factors of roller skating vs skateboarding and what makes them so different. So, now you have all the information on both roller skating and skateboarding. It can be a relatively easy choice for you to pick what sport is better, one of the two.

But in the end, it all depends on what you find more fun and easy to learn. Some people feel more comfortable roller skating. While some people live for the edge they get when performing extreme tricks on their skateboards.