How to spin on roller skates

How to spin on Roller Skates | Tips and Tricks

Spinning on a Roller Skate is not a big deal. It is all about your confidence and practice. First, you have to practice how to spin on roller skates, take all safety gears on, and then go spinning. But wait, do you know all the basics of spinning? All the tips and tricks for spinning, Right posture, bodyweight transfer, footwork, and speed to carry out a successful spin? Although it is good to have a roller-skating coach to learn to spin and you do not have limited coaching, don’t worry, at least I can do one thing for you. Yes, I have collected all the necessary Roller skating tricks and tips for spinning.

Essential tips on how to spin on roller skates

Are you looking to add some more tricks and tips to your rolling skating and get bored of your routine cruising? Want to improve, then you have to observe the body movements, swinging arms, the direction of moves, gears, body balance, and control. Spinning is not as hard as we think. It is all a matter of your focus, balance, and confidently skating position. If you know the basics of roller skating, it will not be a big deal to understand these fun skating tricks. There are lots of tips for a creative skater to learn, and spinning is one of them.

From putting on a skating shoe to mastering the innovative angle of spinning, the only thing which matters is all your concern and practice, as we all know that” Practice makes a man perfect” Struggling from a beginner skater to a professional roller skater depends on your keen interest and what skating meant for you? Every single rotation is crucial and helps you to create your signature style of spinning. So, move on towards tips and tricks to become one of those experienced skaters who sets the trends.

Find some space for spinning on Roller Skates

First of all, when you think of spinning, find some suitable space where you can easily spin without colliding with anybody. Don’t try it on a busy rink if you are a beginner at this skill. Now you can bend your arms with a deep breath, relax and be patient. Learning a new skill may take some time, so practice more and see the results. Sometimes you will spin well and sometimes may not, but don’t lose your patience, and last but not least falling is unavoidable as well so be prepared.

Stand with an ambitious posture

Aim for a focused posture, stand straight, slightly gazing to your nose and not at anybody else balanced and stable at your feet.

Build Momentum in Spin Direction

Your arms momentum should pull your skate into position and closer skate will move backward, and later will move forward, as you build up spinning momentum, spinning becomes fluent, and don’t forget to maintain your body in a straight condition with closed skates together.

Stay Well founded and Controlled

As momentum builds and flourishes, stay strong and don’t swing your arms hard, swinging in a compact and tensed condition momentum can be a break and you can lose your spinning, ending in a hobbling condition or fall.

Arms In condition

If you want a good speed boost, keep your arms inside. In an outstretched position, your arms should remain evenly inside to boost your speed, or else you may lose control. Once you master the skill of holding your arms properly, you can go for another step. Yes, I am talking about taking arms behind your head and entangling your fingers with palms.

Gaze at your spinning side when spinning on Roller skates

Remember to gaze slightly at your spinning direction or nose in some cases, focus on your pace, and don’t try to watch everywhere if you look, you can lose control.


Breathing is necessary, don’t forget.

Take care of your Gears

Gears matter a lot because the whole spinning depends on a comfortable pair of wheels, which will figure out your body movement, body position, and period of time till you spin. Harder wheels mean more rotations, likewise smaller wheels give a better spin.


Some people can spin better with glasses, but it is not in every case. Every rolling skating trick will not work for all. It may differ from person to person.

Track Your Progress

Finally do not forget to track your body movements, focus on upper body movement and spinning speed via recording to make it better.

Types of Spinning on roller skates

Once you master the basics of spinning and come to how to spin on Roller Skates. You can go further to expand your skill for two feet spinning, one foot spinning, heel-toe spinning or sit spinning, etc.

How to do a two foot spin on roller skates (Type 1)

Before starting, you need to take all the gears up with elbow and knees pads, wrist braces, and a helmet. Taking all safety gear while skating will make you relaxed and more confident.

 Two-foot spin is a type of spin that depends on your upper body movement so if you are going for a two-foot spin, stand straight, knees bent, shoulder width, and focus on the direction in which you are going to spin. 

It is a crucial step of spinning, subsequently, your feet will be apart, one will go forward and the other backward depending on the direction of your spin (clockwise or anti-clockwise). If you are turning to the right your left foot should move forward and vice versa. 

You can start by using your arms to rotate the upper body portion in your desired direction. When you turn, your skate will move along your body, pushing the front skate forward and back skate backward. When you bring skate back at the same time your torso should face the direction you are turning. Keep your arms closed to your body as you spin your body.  

How to do a Two-foot spin on roller skates (Type 2)

This type of two-foot spin needs more skill than the earlier type but provides spinning for a longer time. Before you start this spin, start by walking in a circle by keeping your toes together then your heel. Repeat this until you learn to manage this movement and feel comfortable. Now you can execute a batter, stable and confident move. Keep your toes together with your heels out and skate backward with one foot now forward with the other. If you are spinning to the right, your right skate forward while your left skate skates backward. If you are rotating to the left condition will be the opposite.

How to do a spin on one foot on roller skates

Before making any spin you should be clear about your spin direction (left or right). Because it will make a difference as to where your feet need to be and where your body weight transfer needs.

A foot spin is a basic spin that is the basis for other more difficult rotations like scratch spin. So if you want to do a one-foot spin, first you have to prepare for a two-foot spin then your right knee will come up and you will be spinning on one leg. Keep your body stable and feel the center of the spin (centripetal force).

 You should be on your inside edge on your toes and bend your knees, make a turn and you will go with the flow. Your body should be in a straight line, keeping your core engaged and core tight. This is how you do a one-foot spin on a roller skate. Once you learn this foot spins perfectly, you can go for more spinning skills.

Final Thoughts – How to spin on Roller Skates

Here are all tricks and trips along with basic types of spinning for you all So now you can utilize it and learn how to spin on one foot and how to spin on two foot on roller skate in a better way. There are more types of spinning, but first, you have to master the basics the go further like sitting spin and more.