How To Roller Skate Backwards?

Roller skating looks quite remarkable. It becomes challenging when you do it in the backward direction because your body and brain are doing an activity the wrong way around. Some of you might be searching for how to roller skate backwards?

Don’t worry! I have a solution.

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Roller skating backwards seems scary if one has never learned and taught it adequately. It sometimes proves challenging to beginners as it takes much time to practice. Have you ever found it difficult? The crucial thing in doing so is to relinquish all control to the wheels.

Before starting practising roller skating backwards, make sure you wear protective gloves and must know the basics of roller skating. Once you understand the basic techniques, you will not find it difficult anymore. Many of you want to skate backwards from your childhood. In this theme, you’ll come across many tips that will assist you in memorising how to roller slide back. A few steps are specified underneath, which make you feel sure and astounding in your capacity to require a great objective.

So let’s dig into the process. 

How to Roller Skate Backwards: Step-By-Step Guide 

Step # 1 – Make a V shape with your feet 

To make a V shape, your toes must be touching together, and your heels should be apart. The outer edge of the feet should roughly make a 90o angle with the toes. In case you feel uncomfortable, bend your knees a little bit. 

Step # 2 – Slow is fast: Push your heels apart and bring them back together 

To move backwards faster, create a distance between your heels. When you produce a gap between your heels will help you move faster and longer in the backward direction. Then create a V shape with your toes once more. 

Step # 3 – Learn to see back: See behind you over your shoulder 

Take a usual look at your shoulder whereas going on your way. In this circumstance, you ought to be exceptionally cautious because it is unusually disorienting. Never attempt to incline back to see where you’re going. It frequently leads you to drop.

Step # 4 – Pushing off a wall method

In this method, you can practice backward skate pushing a wall with your hands facing the wall. It is one of the methods to practice how to roller skate backwards. Once you drive yourself away from the wall, you are in a split stance position. It gives you momentum to start moving away from the wall. You can also do backward skating by putting one foot in front of the other that both feet in a straightforward way and begin to push yourself away from the wall.

Step # 5 – Switch between skating backwards and forward 

Switching between forward and backward skating is not an easy task. First, transfer your weight to your right foot to achieve this task. At the exact moment, lift it on your left foot. Use this phenomenon to swing your body at 180 degrees. After this, turn your right foot in the forward direction. Then use it to push off.

Step # 6 – Practice makes perfect 

Practising how to roller skate backwards is not an easy task but still has its worth. No one learns it on the first try. One can become professional in backward skating by doing a lot of practice. 

If you find this process difficult, watch this video showing you the basic steps.

How to Roller Skate Backwards: Safety Measures 

Protective gears 

Before starting skating backward, wear protective equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet. Be sure that your helmet must adequately fit. 

How to Roller Skate Backwards? Avoid giving in to fear. 

Skating backwards is scariest, but once you put your fear aside. You will get better at backward skating by doing so. Make sure that you have a clean and spacious space. Most probably, the best area for roller skating backwards is open space. 

How to Roller Skate Backwards? Avoid leaning forward 

Never lean forward while learning how to roller skate backwards. Lean forward only when you are forward skating. 

How to Roller Skate Backwards? Never look down 

Once you become efficient in skating backwards and picking up the speed, you avoid looking down. If you look down during skating suddenly, you may fall. 

Wrapping it up – How to Roller Skate Backwards?

The steps mentioned above will help you learn how to roller skate backwards. The kick-start step of this process is making a V shape. Once you have learned to apply this technique, you can do skating more confidently and practically. To become perfect at backward skating, you should practice it many times.