How To Do Tricks on Roller Skates

How To Do Tricks on Roller Skates | Guide to some essential

We are sure you are dying to try out some cool moves if you have been roller-skating for a long. No doubt, learning some new tricks might help you to know how to do tricks on roller skates and new things to improve your skating ability. Moreover, it is also a lot of fun to play and pretty simple to pick up.

Mastering some essential tricks such as skating backward and jumping, one progress to more difficult feats. Among them, one is as a toe jam before moving on to some of the more advanced maneuvers. So, for all of this wearing the right safety equipment is diehard; as one learns a new trick, then practicing it until one gets skilled.

Once one master the basics, one can go on to the fun part: learning some roller skating tricks. Make sure you have mastered balancing and stopping before learning the skating skills. 

Begin by learning beginner-level feats such as moonwalk roller-skating, spinning, skating backward, jumping, and the spread-eagle technique. These tips will not only make your life easier, but they will also help you save money.

Best Basic Roller Skating Tricks

The best suggestion is to wait until you have mastered the fundamentals if you are new to roller skating. You will only be able to do the tricks flawlessly once you have mastered the fundamentals of skating tricks. This practice ultimately leads you to perfect balancing or manipulating the skates.

  • With practice and perseverance, one can skate flawlessly.
  • The more important is time management and work you put in, for learning new tricks.
  • Once you are ready, try the following roller-skating tricks.

Skate Backwards Trick

The first and foremost thing which needs to be considered is to keep your surroundings barred free before practicing this skill. So it is better to know how to do tricks on roller skates. In case of other skaters or skating in the rink, you should avoid clashes with other skaters or walls to duck any injury or accident.

How to skate backward is as follows:

  • When begin skating, your V-shaped legs with the toes point out in the direction you want to go. So, for this, knee slightly bent, and your weight evenly distributed amid legs.
  • Next to it, apply gentle pressure over the toe of your overriding foot when retrograde, and tenderly lift the foot afterward. This action will bring you to a backward position.
  • After that, when lifting the overriding foot, put the elevated foot down and push with its toe.
  • As you skate backward, keep rotating the toes. Make sure if your core is fully engaged. Also, while skating backward, keep in mind the surroundings by looking over your shoulder. Last but not least, this will prevent you to fall or collide.

Spinning Trick

Spinning is another trick the skaters use when skating. So, one needs to learn the balancing and stopping approach when spinning. Skaters usually do this trick to add a twist to their ventures. And spinning can be an exercise in one way or other. 

For better spinning tricks, skaters need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, knees are involved in the spinning process such as one needs to crook knees a little and spread one’s arms out to form 60 degrees straight angle.
  • Next to it, move slowly and spin your arms in one way, in which the body is centered.
  • Core muscles play an integral role in skating.
  • Lift your body as you acquire momentum and for a perfect spin, lift your skates together.

Jumping Trick

Jumping is another trick that is best to learn for rookie roller skaters. It entices most starters to begin their skating journey. Jumping is of various kinds as when one becomes used to skating at an exact speed, so one should know how to do tricks on roller skates. For jumping, move the legs at a slight level and hop.  As soon as your skates touch the ground after each jump, keep skating with a similar impetus.

For practicing jumping with more diversity, one can add small hops. When they get easy for you, then the next level can be achieved by putting longer and higher jumps. Cones are best for practice jumping.

For jumping tricks, keep in mind the following factors:

  • First, go with a few glides to ensure a steady tempo before bidding the jump.
  • Stability is another thing to maintain balance and remain steady while jumping.
  • Jumping requires some limitations, such as jumping too fast in the case when moving quickly or standing stock-still, which can be perilous. Jumping requires some constant motion and shifts between the leaping levels. This practice adds normalcy to speed to keep control over the body and skating skills.
  • Keep your skates in a parallel posture before attempting to jump. After jumping, one will land in a parallel gliding position to maintain equilibrium.
  • Core stiffness is vital to acquire balance. For more balancing, one needs to extend arms on sides.
  • Another rule for practice jumping keep skates organized by bending your knees in a squat position then leap. Then it is better to know how to do tricks on roller skates. Once one completes the jump and skates are back on the ground, squatting helps you regain your balance.
  • You can go for more long sessions when jumping once you master small hops.
  • Practicing jumping is best to progress to innovative levels. Be careful to proceed at your rate, then gradually increase your speed, height, or length as your body turns more familiar to it.

Spread Eagle Trick

For boosting confidence, to the spread-eagle trick is a great way and impress those who are a novice to this field. Good understanding is diehard for having good practical knowledge about balancing weight before learning to spread-eagle tricks.

  • Begin skating in a forward direction by bending your knees.
  • Slowly and gently spread your legs. Raise your toes slightly as you do so.
  • Try to balance on both roller skates’ heels before rolling them back towards you. To preserve your balance and avoid falling, you must concentrate on your core and leg muscles.

Moonwalk Trick

If you haven’t any skating skills yet, wait until you show your pals you were moon-walk on roller skates. Moonwalking is simple to learn and master if you have mastered skating backward.

  • Be patient and take modest steps at first until you acquire momentum and, eventually, confidence. You’ll be moonwalking around the skating rink before you know it.
  • To moonwalk at your skating rink, maintain one roller skate facing downwards and the toe stopper in place, while the other roller skate is flat on the ground.
  • With the other roller skate, push the toe stopper and glide backward.

Last but not least, learning new roller skating tricks is an excellent activity that definitely boosts your stamina and allows you to venture into new comfort zones. Before it, try to know how to do tricks on roller skates. But some of the necessary precautions are required before trying these stunts in an open area with no obstacles.

Moreover, you need to brush up on your basic skating skills before you starting new tricks. While all the roller skating feats may appear appealing, especially if you are a beginner. So for this, you must first master the basics of skating, stopping, and balancing.