How To Do Tricks on Roller Skates

How To Do Tricks on Roller Skates | A Crucial Guide

 Wanna learn how to do tricks on roller skates? Learning how to do tricks on roller skates is the best part of roller skating! I’m sure you are just as excited as I am to show you all these tricks and tips on roller skating. Learning how to do tricks on roller skates is always hard, but it helps you challenge yourself. If it is not challenging, where’s the fun, right?

First, master the basic moonwalking, spinning, skating backward, jumping, and the spread-eagle technique. These cool tricks will help you further learn great roller skating tricks. Once you know a new skill, you have practice. Because “Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice improves.”

Tips to help through your beginner roller skating journey:

We hope you have your protective gear (wrist guard, knee pads, elbow pads, safety helmet) on and learn to balance and stop before jumping into your skates to do tricks. For the best skating experience, you can learn it HERE! At the very least, have a first aid kit at home if you’re trying this without knowing the basics.

Once you master the essentials, you can go on to the fun part, learning some roller skating tricks! You can learn in skating rinks or skating parks. Make sure not to collide with people on the skating rink!

Best Basic Roller Skating Tricks:

If you are a beginner, I have the right tricks! These tricks are simple and basic. They’ll help you in trying the much more challenging and fascinating tricks!

Roller Skating Forward on one skate trick: (Beginner)

Skating forward on one skate is the most basic trick in the roller skating book. One-foot skating is easy, but you need to keep your balance, or you may fall.

Roller Skate forward:

Glide forward on the skate as you usually may.

Lift your non-dominant foot:

Lift either your right skate or left skate, whichever isn’t dominant. The roller skates forward for a few seconds.

Switch foot:

Now switch your weight to the other foot and lift your other foot for some time.

If you keep doing this, it will help you get a good balance.

Roller Skating Backward trick: (Beginner)

Roller skating backward is one of the most basic tricks in roller skating. It’s almost like roller skating forward but in the opposite direction! It can further help you in doing much harder and new tricks.

Make a V shape with your feet:

Firstly, you make a V shape with your feet pointed and your heels apart on the sides and toes touching. Bend your knees, brace yourself, and get into the right skating pose. It would be best if you stayed still.

Applying force to skates:

Apply force with the toes of your right skate and lift your left skate and left leg. Stay balanced by keeping your core tight!


You can start slow by pushing yourself off a wall around you so you aren’t as scared of backward skating.

Right foot up, left foot down:

Put your left foot on the front and push with the toes of your front foot while you skate backward. At the same time, you should move your right foot off the ground. Put your right foot down and lift the left up as you repeat this process.


Don’t look down! Keep turning your body weight from one foot to the other as you push. It will relocate your weight forward and be harder to move back.

Look behind you:

You may fall once or thrice, but that’s a part of the learning process, as mistakes improve us! Look over behind you over your shoulder, so you don’t bump into stuff or people. Look behind so that you can move without worrying.

Two-foot jump trick: (Beginner)

This one is easier than others, but it’s also the one with more chances of falling over and hurting yourself. But brace yourself cause learning is never a piece of cake. It takes patience. Let’s get into how to jump on two feet.

Start on grass without roller skates on:

I recommend starting the practice of jumping on grass.

Bend your knees:

Bend your knees forward and then jump as high as possible

While on the pavement:

Practice the same thing on the pavement but with your skates on. Don’t start moving yet until you are comfortable with jumping there. It takes time and patience. You have to be patient while you skate.

Jumping while moving:

Now that you have gotten the hang of the whole process, you can try it while moving on roller skates. Make sure to keep your posture straight. Also, try to move in a straight line cause if you move your body, you will fall.

The 2-foot spin trick on roller skates: (Beginner)

The two-foot spin is a fundamental trick in the dictionary of roller skating tricks.

Squat down:

Keep your core tight and squat down a little.

Move body with the arms:

Put your arms to the left side of your body and move them to the right. Try to move backward in a circle by looking over your shoulder.

At the same time, move your right foot and right leg backward.

In easy words:

Your head will turn your shoulder, your hip, and your hip will get your skates turned backward. Like that, you are going to move into a 2-foot spin.

Best Advanced Roller Skating Tricks:

Spread Eagle trick (Advanced)

This trick is straightforward if you want to do a little trick that will get most people around you in awe. Let me explain how to do this trick.


Make sure that you have mastered balancing before you try this trick. If you haven’t, then no one can save you from your downfall.

Knees bent:

Skate forward with your knees bent.

Put weight on your heels:

Rock your feet backward so that you are on your heels and moving forward with the help of the two rear wheels. You have to maintain balance on these two back wheels!

Spread your arms:

Spread your arms out like those of an eagle or an airplane. Easy right?

Jumping on Roller skates: (Advanced)

Jumping is another trick that is best to learn for rookie roller skaters. It entices most starters to begin their skating journey. Jumping is of various kinds. As when one becomes used to skating at an exact speed, one should know how to do tricks on roller skates.

Keep your legs together:

Keep both your thighs tight together and align your skates. By moving at a moderate speed, you can do this trick. Practice this without moving before you do it while driving. You may hurt yourself if you jump when the rate is too fast.

Squat and hop:

You have to stay balanced! When you think your body is flat enough, squat down and jump straight up. Keep your knees bent. It will help you to land on the ground. Once you get the hang of it, you can jump higher.

For practicing jumping with more diversity, one can add small hops. When they get easy for you, you can achieve the next level by putting in longer and higher jumps. Cones are best for practice jumping.

  • Keep your core engaged, so you are ready for the jump.
  • Keep your knees bent.
  • Keep your speed moderate.

Spinning on roller skates: (Advanced trick)

One of the more advanced tricks is spinning on roller skates. It is one trick you want to try as one of the advanced skaters. It’s easy to do, and most roller skaters prefer to do this trick. I’ll teach you how to do it!

Feet apart:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, making an inverted V shape with your legs.

Knees bent:

Bend your knees a little; it’ll help keep momentum while moving. 

Spread your arms:

Spread your arms at a 90 degrees angle so that you now look like a helicopter ready to take off! 

Centripetal force:

So we are going to be applying the laws of physics here. If you did your basic studies, you would know what centripetal force is. But since I’m your teacher here, I’ll teach you what to do. You apply force onto your arms and make them move like the wings of a helicopter and then pull them close to your body. At the same time, you will roll your skates into a circle by dragging your feet inside and outside.


An easier way to do it is to think of it as pumping a circle. Bounce on your knees, bent and pumping up and down. This way, your legs will fan open and close as you move your arms to and from your body.

Moonwalk on Roller Skates Trick (Advanced)

It is one of the most amazing tricks for experienced skaters. It is a simple trick if you have mastered how to skate backward. Adding a moonwalk while you slide back will make it fancier. The moonwalk is going to be like Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk! But you glide backward on roller skates. 

Prop on stopper:

Start with the stopper of one of your skates propped up so that you stay in the same spot and the other skate on the ground. 

Push skates:

Push your skates backward with force from the toe stopper. Now switch positions with the skates, with the other skate on the ground and the first one propped up.


With time, you can move at a good gliding speed as you are content with the movements.

FAQs on how to do tricks on roller skates

Q: Can you do tricks on quad skates?

Ans: The answer is a big YES! You can do tricks on quad roller skates. They are the best skates to use, especially if you are a beginner. Quads are more stable than inline skates and are easier to balance than inline skates. Quad skating is easier than inline skating.

Q: Tricks on roller skates for beginners?

Ans: The tricks on roller skates for beginners are:

  • Roller Skating Forward on skate trick
  • Roller Skating Backward trick
  • Spread Eagle Trick

Q: Can you do tricks on roller skates?

Ans: Um, YES! All you need is confidence and practice, and boom, you will be doing tricks on roller skates. have basic roller skating skills, and you will be good to go! You can do tricks on roller skates.

Q: Is it easier to do tricks on roller skates or rollerblades?

Ans: Roller blades are better to use if you need regular skates for a long distance and good speed. But roller skates are better if you are a beginner. It is also better for kids as it is more stable.

Q: Can roller skating be self-taught?

Ans: Yes! In the age of the internet, anything is possible! You can learn roller skating on your own by following articles and guides. You can also learn it by watching Youtube videos! Here’s our article on how to roller skate,


Now, this is the end of the article. I hope that you have read the article and found something of interest to you. I tried my best to provide all the information I could and to break down all the steps, so it’s easier to understand.

These are some of the skills that you can try so that you can impress your friends! Which one are you going to try?