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Most Popular Roller Derby Names

So, your presence here clearly shows that you are looking for roller derby names. Either you have the roller derby team or you are planning to make the roller derby team. Well, then don’t worry, we got all the things covered for you from funny roller derby names to fiction to cultural you named it. 

Let me guess? You are good at roller skating but let me remind you roller derby is a tough person game not only for men but for women as well. Ladies who play roller derby are the toughest person on the globe not only the toughest women but the toughest person. 

One thing I loved about roller derby is that ladies come up with a unique nickname for themselves and the team as well and then go to battle. Maybe if you are someone who is looking for a sport to test your limit, well the roller derby is the perfect fit for you.  

What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby originated in America. Roller derby is a sport played on quad roller skate played on an oval flat track. Each 30 mint half is broken into 2 mints jam. Each jam is played by 10 skaters 5 in each team. They skate in the same direction along the track. 

Each team faces one jammer and a pack of 4 blockers. Jamer job is to score as many points as he/she can. Blockers’ job is to prevent the jammer from getting through. The modern rule of darby is to keep your speed up to the mark. 

Pivot controls the pack. Pivot can also become a jammer. The whole team is named as a pack. The jammer has to face the most difficulties as it has to go through the pack. 

How does it work? 

Each jam starts with the whistle and the jammers start to go through the pack and want to become the lead jammer. Also, he/she gets an opportunity to end the jam before the deadline.

For every blocker that they pass they score one point. Blockers are going to prevent the opposing jammer from getting through by forming a wall and by slowing them down positionally and leading them out. 

No blocking is allowed above the shoulders. So, that simply means no head use and of course not punching. You are allowed to hit players in the front and at the sides down to knees. No contact is allowed below the knees. From the back, you are allowed to hit sides but absolutely no contact is allowed to the center of the back. 

The Jam ends when the lead jammer closes off by doing a sign or  2 minutes are up and the referee blows the whistles. 

How to  pick a Roller Derby Name

Although in a few minutes we are going to provide you with all the roller derby names in all categories. But, if you want to make a  derby name for yourself or want to choose the derby name that suits you perfectly here are the few things that you need to keep in your mind. 

Why it is necessary to pick a Roller Derby Name?

Coming up with an innovative & unique name is not an easy task we know that and that’s what this article is all about. Choosing the crucial name is useful because not only it is necessary for you to play derby but it also represents your personality, strength, and your goal for the game. 

Choosing a unique name is also useful for your brand as well. Your name in roller derby represents your passion for the game. Players should be very careful while picking the roller derby name and here are the few things that help you.

  • Create a Persona you want to Express

Before choosing your desirable name create a persona you want to express to the world, that vibe that you want to express. Your name represents your whole picture to the world. If you are choosing a name for your team keep in mind your team name is the first impression on your opponent. 

  • Combine Words

Just a moment ago you have a mind the name that suits your personality and matches your skills but this name is already taken by some individual or the team. Don’t worry there is still a possibility there. You can simply change the word and still manage to the meaning out of it. You cant use the existing name but mixing it up and changing it a little bit is acceptable. 

  • Consider your audience

If you are someone who wants to grow your brand then consider your audience while choosing the name. In roller derby, people won’t know you by your actual name but you get fame based on your in-game name. So, that’s why it is important for you what are your key strengths or core strength of your team before choosing the name. 

  • Represents your personality & Interest 

Your roller derby name should completely align with your personality because this is the name that you are going to carry for the rest of your life in this game as a professional. Your name represents don’t your core strength and also it needs to be powerful and memorable as well. 

Your name shows your interest as well. Let us say if you are an aggressive player then a loud name would be the perfect fit for you. Not only it looks dangerous but completely demonstrates your personality as well.

  • Avoid Nickname

Ahhh yeah, that’s the most common and maybe the first thing you need to avoid while choosing the name for yourself and if you are choosing the name for the team it would be the worst decision ever. So, avoid using a nickname and go for something unique and different.

So, yeah now you are ready to choose the perfect name for yourself and don’t team. Well, here are a few ideas. 

Unused Roller Derby Names for Yourself

Well, now you are ready to pick the perfect name for yourself. Just keep all the above points in mind and here is the list of the unused roller derby names that you choose for yourself according to your key strengths. 

  1. Civil Warrior 
  2. Crush in Winslet
  3. Harmonie Danger
  4. Robin of Blockley
  5. Luna Shovegood
  6. Killer Mocking
  7. Deathrow Roller
  8. Red Chili
  9. Victoria Mary
  10. Spandex Spoiler
  11. Red Mal
  12. VonDoom Roller
  13. Shades of death 
  14. Danger Ahead
  15. Hurt Roller
  16. Shocking Bitch
  17. Rusty Tequila
  18. Nails Hatten
  19. Coco Carnage
  20. Death Shadow
  21. Die Carnage
  22. Blood Drawer
  23. Smash Skater
  24. One Hit Wonder
  25. Out Bitch

Roller Derby Team Name Ideas

As you know that in roller derby you can not play alone. To play roller derby you need a proper team to play and win. That’s why it is so important that you choose the proper name for your team. This name not only gives the first impression of your team but also demonstrates your core and key strengths. Your team name also represents your goal and motivates you to play and win. 

  1. The Rockland Boulders
  2. Richter City Roller Derby
  3. The Rocky Mountain Rollerboys
  4. The Atomic Splitters
  5. Roller Derby World
  6. The boys of the Derby
  7. The Girls of the Derby
  8. Hockers the  Skaters
  9. Survey to Bones
  10. Fifty Shades of Mayhem
  11. Winners come
  12. D.C Players
  13. Newcastle Rollergirls
  14. Angels of Anger
  15. Frontside Skateboards
  16. Tess of the DerbyWheels
  17. Tragic City Rollers
  18. Ends come, boys,
  19. Heat in the heads
  20.  Power of Girls
  21. Hardcore Skaters
  22.  Winners of Hearts
  23. Bones Breakers
  24. Breakers of Chain
  25. Hate Spreaders 
  26. Chocolate Thunder
  27. The Rocky Mountain Rollerboys
  28.  Roky Rocks
  29. Brewcity Bruisers
  30.  Thunder Storms
  31. Pro Skaters
  32. Combine Power
  33. Gotham All-Stars
  34. Jon means Jonathans
  35. The Rockland Brutes
  36. Brutals are here
  37. The Rockland Bruisers
  38. The Devastators
  39. Bills Coming
  40. The Devastators
  41. Armonators
  42. Sugar Skulls
  43. Cheerfully Disastrous
  44. Quadzilla and The Good
  45. Mentor Ice Diamonds
  46. Life of Warriors
  47. Derby Life
  48. Power comes with Skating
  49. Blood Suckers
  50. Prisoners hell

Popular Roller Derby Names

I hope you have already chosen the name for your team or yourself from above. But, if you are still confused and can’t find it don’t worry we have more suggestions for you. So, here are some of the popular roller derby names you can use or take an idea and make your own. 

  1. Daisy Unchanged
  2. Arya Snark
  3. A boy named sue
  4. Wilma Skates Spare
  5. Crazy Skaters
  6. Sweet but Still Sour
  7. Mad Mommy
  8. Max Penalty
  9. Hater still spread love
  10. Gate Crashers
  11. Hurtful Hooligans
  12. Roller Spinners
  13. Crush the Crushers
  14. Doom Finder
  15. Prisoners Come
  16. Don’t Bleed
  17. Meaning of Skating
  18. Rollers roll together
  19. Skate Splatter
  20. Gate Crashers
  21. Derby Deaomons
  22. Darmon the devil
  23. Arora shuffles
  24. Crush the Skaters
  25. Weekly Payoneer 

Roller Derby name from different states

Yeah, we know that all of us love our state, and that’s why here we cover you. Here is the derby name suggestion from your state. 


  • Alaskan Rager Girls
  • Fairbank Tigers


  • Arizona Roller Girls
  • White Bladers


  • LA Derby Dolls
  • Silicon Valley Ghost


  • County Bombers
  • Rocky Coloradans


  • Roller Sleeper Girls
  • Power of Roller Skaters


  • Flaying Beast
  • Beaches on the Rocks

New Mexico

  • Boys on the Rocks
  • Sand for Skaters

New York

  • Queen City Roller Girls
  • Power of Lights

Good Roller Derby Names for Man Teams

Being a man you need to choose a name that represents power. Power is what that afraid your opponent even from the beginning of the match. You have to make sure while choosing a name for your team you have to keep your team’s core strengths in mind and then you can choose the derby name or also you can take an idea from here and make your own derby name. 

  1. Fearful Men’s Derby
  2. Grab and Fight
  3. Power of Wrist
  4. Come to Win
  5. Athletic Skaters
  6. Rock and Roll
  7. Crash to Test
  8. Beyond Limits
  9. Strength Tester
  10. Collision Derbies
  11. City Rollers
  12. Chicago Brothers
  13. Live to win
  14. Strength or what
  15. Flour city fear
  16. Graphite power
  17. Derby Skaters
  18. Alaska to sky
  19. Bottom to hell
  20. Win or Die

Roller Derby Team names for Women

Your team name is one the most important for roller derby. You cant participate in a competition without the team name. As a woman, if you are playing derby then ill salute you because this is one of the toughest games which require a lot of strength and you are playing this. 

  1. Queens of Alaska
  2. Fairytales
  3. Sweet but solid as Rock
  4. Born to Shock
  5. Puker Ups
  6. Thigh Masters
  7. Begins with Fun
  8. Key to Win
  9. Untamed Chicks
  10. Blake Sands

Funny Roller Derby Names

If you are just like me who has a great sense of humor then I’m sure you cant play roller derby without giving your team a funny name. So, here is the list of funny names for your team. 

  1. Fire Fliers
  2. Little Pinky
  3. Sweet Salty Derbies
  4. Rocks but still soft
  5. Allice in heavens
  6. Recycle  success
  7. Roller Toasters
  8. Cue the Clue
  9. Born to Win
  10. Sisters of fairytales

Vintage Roller Derby Names

No names are more unique and creative than Vintage Derby Names. So, if you are looking for Vintage Derby Names here is the list of them.

  1. MiddleEast Roller Derby
  2. Lady Macbeth
  3. Max Penalty
  4. Hunter Boys
  5. Rock Jammer
  6. Marlie Wonderland
  7. Coco Carnage
  8. Bambi Hunter
  9. Block and Tackle
  10. City Roller Rats
  11. Ring the bells
  12. Shot on Top
  13. Earth Dogs
  14. Chiller the killer
  15. Honey wolfs

Final Verdict

Well, now our article comes to an end. In this article we got all the derby names covered for you from popular ones to unused to vintage, you named it. Here is the small tip that you need to keep in mind before finalizing your name or team name. Make sure that the domain of that name is available. Also, make sure to avoid Bad language as it gives a bad impression to the viewers. Your name should demonstrate power while keeping the above factors in mind that we have discussed. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these names before someone else choose your desired one.