types of roller skates

Types of Roller Skates | The Ultimate Guide

Do you know that you should have safe and comfortable gears to roll over different surfaces during skating? And this is the most vital part of roller skating. The market is overwhelmed with different types of roller skates products. And if you don’t have any proper guidance, you can be lost in this ocean of glamorous products.

Furthermore, if you have entered this world of fun, you should also know how many types of skating there are.

So don’t be lost, and come with me to explore different skates and choose wisely according to your need and skill level.

Types of Roller Skating in a Glance

Coming straight to our point, we will look at types of skating, which are as follows.

  • Snow skating
  • Hard surface skating
  • Ice Skating

Snow skating can be further categorized as

  • Road skating
  • Artistic skating
  • Inline Skating

Inline skating can further be elaborated as

  • Inline Speed Skating
  • Aggressive Skating
  • Vert Skating
  • Freestyle Slalom Skating
  • Roller Hockey Inline Skating

Likewise, ice skating is classified as

  • Tour Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Figure Skating 

According to the type of skating,(artistic roller skating, jam skating, outdoor ice skating, etc) you need a different type of skate. It may be according to your style, age, and gender.

Types of Skates

  • Inline Skate
  • Speed Skate
  • Indoor Skate
  • Outdoor skate
  • Kids Skate

Inline Skates

Inline skates are meant for inline skating. The differentiating point of inline skates from quad skates is that they have two to five wheels arranged in a single line. Various kinds of inline skates are there.

  • Recreational
  • Racing
  • Roller Hockey

Recreational Skates

Recreational skates are those types of skates that are either for fitness or 


And if you are planning for recreational skating wilderness, these skates are the best fit for you. You can strap on these skates and go to cruise around the neighborhood, bike trails, exercise, etc.

Furthermore, these skates are also comfortable for long skating.

The anatomy of skates is impressive, especially their soft boots, ankle support, and breathability makes them a good choice for you.

Likewise, they are lightweight, with different closure styles, and durable.

Racing Skates

If you roller skate to participate in skating competitions, then these skates will be a terrific match for you.

Racing skates offer great speed due to advanced inline skating technology. Moreover, they are lightweight, feature high-ranked ABEC bearings, and utilize a maximum of five wheels.

Likewise, the frame of racing skates is made from carbon fiber or aluminum.

Furthermore, they are constructed as shoes to provide a snug fit to the racer.

Roller Hockey Skates

Roller hockey skates are quad skates designed for roller hockey skating. This adjustable footwear makes your cruising safe, comfortable, and fun  at the skating rink.

Furthermore, they are equipped with a durable chassis, stiff and well constructed in all aspects.

Moreover, these skates’ ventilated and sweat-free structure makes them favorite skaters.

Likewise, some are heat-moldable and provide a customized fit to their users.

Speed Skates

Speed skates are equipped with a low-cut boot that facilitates cruising around corners.

Speed skates are used indoors or outdoors by switching the wheels according to your need.

Furthermore, they are designed for maximum speed, though for optimal performance and reliability.

Moreover, their wheels and high-quality bearings are specifically designed for speed skating for long distances.

Indoor Skates

Indoor skates are often known as Traditional skates, Recreational or Artistic skates. These are constructed for comfortable skating on rinks or other indoor skating surfaces or derby tracks.

 These roller skate wheels are rigid compared to outdoor wheels, providing a smooth and balanced cruising experience.

Outdoor Skates

Outdoor skates are designed for cruising outdoor surfaces and come in low-cut and high-cut boots.

Furthermore, they are designed to absorb shocks when skating on rough terrain.

Kids Skates

Kids love to skate and want to accompany their adult siblings. But do you think they can use standard skates made for adults?

Obviously not, because they can not carry such speedy and heavy boots.

To overcome this hurdle, skates for kids are specially designed in vibrant colors and with beautiful LED lights.

Furthermore, they are designed for less speed and are lighter than adult skates.

Moreover, they are more durable and comfortable for kids.

Likewise, they are adjustable according to the needs of your little skater.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 What is the suitable age for roller skating?

There is no age limit and hard and fast rules for skating. You can skate at any age, whether you are young or old. Anyone who can balance and have a core strength easily roller skates.

What are four-wheel skates called?

The traditional skates, which have four wheels, are called Quad skates at each corner.

Is roller-skating good for losing weight?

Yes, roller skating is an excellent cardiovascular activity and helps you get in shape. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to burn calories in a fun way.

What kind of roller skates are easier?

Inline skates have a longer wheelbase; due to this, they have to maintain speed and balance; that’s why most people think it is easier than any other kind of skating. There is not a type of skate which is easier to practice: “I think it is like skiing and snowboarding: the most difficult thing is to move on from one type of skate to another. Everything is reachable.” says Maëliss

What are the best types of roller skates for beginners?

There are different types of roller skates available in the market. But beginners should prefer those which provide a stable and smooth ride, easy closure, and brakes. Moxi, Suregrip, Tour Rollerblade, and many other brands produce the best roller skate products. Beginners can choose according to their needs.

Conclusion – Types of Roller Skates

We know the different types of roller skates, including inline skates, outdoor skates, indoor skates, rhythm skates, speed skates, artistic skates, roller skates, and much more.

Whatever you are aiming for, whether you aim is to tone your body or socialize with your friends, the main thing is your need for skates.

A lot of skate brands are here like Moxi skate roller derby etc you can choose according to your age, preference, and budget.