Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates | Which One Is Better?

Like several skaters, you are also probably confused about what to choose between figure skates vs hockey skates. Figure skates and ice hockey skates are two different types of ice skates used for different games.

Figure skates are distinctively different from hockey skates in both structure and functionality besides the similarity that they both are for ice skating games. Which is preferable for beginners when deciding between figure and hockey skates?

Although each has its own advantages and disadvantages, either can be effective for beginners but both skates are designed for different ice skating games. However, if you are sure about the type of skating you intend to take, the information below can guide you in selecting the best skates.

What is the difference between figure skates vs hockey skates

You can perform the most beginner actions like learning to balance, stop, and stroke on skates on both hockey and figure skates. In addition, these skates are made extremely differently and have diverse functions. Both skates have very different toe picks, blades, and shapes.

Which skate is better for beginners when choosing between figure and hockey? Though each has its own pros and cons, either can be useful for beginners. If you are sure about the type of skating you want to take, the differences between figure skates and hockey skates I listed below can help you choose your new skates.

The shape of the skates

What makes hockey skates different from figure skates is the design and shape of both ice skates. Compared to ice hockey skates of the same size, figure skates are broader and longer in shape. Different weight distributions require different skate designs.

Some techniques in figure skating require more weight to be put on the heel, while others require the weight to be evenly distributed over the toe. Hockey skates are made for higher speed and are crafted to suit the skater comfortably.

Blade design

The figure skating blade is longer and flatters with ridged teeth close to the toe. Figure skaters have a larger surface area to deal with so they need a longer blade. As the figure skate blade is longer it facilitates the solid one-foot glides and large curving turns necessary for performing a figure skating routine beautifully and seamlessly.

While the ice hockey skate blades are substantially shorter and have bent blades on both ends. This slightly curved layout of the hockey skate blade is made to accelerate more quickly both forward and backward. In ice hockey, players must be able to turn quickly and briefly in practically every circumstance.

Boot design and construction

Figure skating boots are made of flexible materials, most often synthetic leather, that conform closely to the ankles and feet. The flexibility that a figure skater needs to execute the jumps, twists, and spins throughout sophisticated performances.

Because figure skaters need less protection from external objects than hockey players do, the material of figure skate boots is substantially lighter weight as compared to a hockey skate boot sufficient for extended periods of time. Unlike figure skates, the materials used to make boots of hockey skate are significantly more rigid for better balance.

During a hockey game, the feet are especially prone to ice. Tennis balls, hockey sticks, playing surfaces, and other players’ skates can cause injury to a player’s foot. Hockey skates should be composed of robust materials that will shield delicate areas from harm even if a player skates fast.

Figure skates vs hockey skates – What to choose?

Before choosing skates keep in mind that in figure skating a player needs ankle support to perform jumps and aerial spins. While in ice hockey skating, a player needs to hit the tennis ball with a hockey stick.

Pros and cons – Hockey skates

Here are multiple glimpses of the pros and cons of hockey skates.

  • Because of the lighter weight of the hockey skate, players may skate quickly, stop abruptly, and change directions.
  • The boot protects the player’s feet from hits from pucks, sticks, and other objects.
  • Hockey skate blades are more curved at both ends, making them simpler to turn and more agile and hence provide more stability.
  • Ice hockey skates lack front-toe pick, making it more difficult to do precise techniques like spins and jumps while wearing them.
  • Hockey blades are smaller and provide less stability, thus figure skates are a better choice for beginners.
  • Skate blades are soldered to the rigid boot, making it impossible to repair a worn-out or broken blade.

Pros and cons – Figure skates

Here are multiple glimpses of the pros and cons of figure skates.

  • The figure skater may create elegant arcs and precise lines with a longer blade.
  • Its leather boot is flexible enough for the skater to perform the jumps and contortions required by figure skating
  • The skater can jump and pivot with the aid of the blade’s toe pick.
  • A figure skate is ideal for beginner skaters but they should use toe picks correctly.
  • Due to the longer blade sticking out, the figure skate is more problematic to use in crowded areas of the ice because it is not designed for speed and quick directional changes.
  • Being quite thin, the material won’t withstand impacts very well.

Best hockey skates

Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Key Features

  • Composite strong quarter panels that provide sufficient ankle support
  • Luxe padding with foam and a brushed interior for greater comfortability
  • Edge-hardened stainless steel blade

These ice hockey skates are comfortable, reliable, and excellent for recreational players looking for a high-quality entry-level skate. For the best fit, select the closest men’s shoe size. Before use, skates should be sharpened.

American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

Key Features

  • Adult size
  • Best-selling hockey skates
  • The skate has a bespoke fit straight from the box owing to a lightweight composite mold.
  • Hockey blade made of stainless steel
  • Sport: Hiking and camping

The American Ice Force hockey skate has more support and flexibility around the ankle. It has a breathable inner liner that is lightly padded for a personalized feel

 Best figure skates

Jackson Ultima – Artiste with Mark IV Blade – Women’s/Girls/Mens/Boys

Key Features

  • Vinyl with a foam backing and a mesh comfort tongue
  • An additional flexibility notch
  • The factory-sharpened Ultima Mark IV blade is fastened with screws to a stylized PVC sole.

Lake Placid Everest Women’s Ice Skate

Key Features

  • Boot made for firm ankle support
  • Closure: Lace-up with hooks for a tailored fit.
  • Blade: Made of stainless steel. Size is true to a women’s whole size