Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates | Which One Is Better?

People usually enjoy skating, there are various types of skates. The most common is figure skates Vs hockey skates that differ from one another in several ways.  Especially, the shape and features of the blade and the boot alignment.

These differences adapt each skate to its particular sport. Understanding the variances can help recreational skaters decide which type of skate is right for them.

Difference in figure skates vs. hockey skates

Figure Skates

  • For maintenance of balance, the figure skates are best because of their straight & long blade one can maintain balance perfectly. It is essential to know hockey skates Vs figure skates.
  • They come with toe picks, which contribute to a better performance of advanced figure skating maneuvers like jumps and spins.
  • However, the figure skater can often trip over the toe pick.
  • Figure skates are made of genuine or synthetic leather.
  • Leather is used for more expensive figures skates (for professionals)
  • It is best in ankle support.
  • Figure skates are harder and thus less comfortable to wear.
  • In this case, synthetic leather boots are more comfortable to wear with ankle support with better padding.

Hockey skates

  • Hockey skates a slightly curved and short blade that provides more power, speed, and turns.
  • These skates are not designed for extended rides, and they might unbalance.
  • They don’t encourage toe pick and there is less stumbling, but nothing prevents you from falling forward.
  • Hockey skates are ideal for regular skating and speedrunning for novices.
  • The hockey skate’s rigid shell protects your feet from impacts during a game.
  • The boots provide a great source of support for the ankle and foot.

Tips For buying skates

Here, some necessary things need to be considered, for buying a good pair of figure skates. First and foremost, quality speaks to the authenticity of the skates and next to it safety is another aspect to consider.

The function of figure skates and hockey skates

Figure Skates Hockey Skates
  • If we talk about the function of these two skates, both works differently because of their features. First, figure skates have a long, softly curved blade, toe picks, and leather boots with the helpful support of deep knee bends
  • On the other hand, Hockey skates have a shorter, steeply curved blade, no toe-picks, and a stiff boot made of hard synthetics such as nylon or polyester made of hard plastic.
  • These characteristics aid in the sport’s signature jumps, spins, and long sweeping arcs.
  • The characteristics of a hockey skate are designed to let hockey players gain speed, turn and stop quickly on the ice

Figure skates and hockey skates’ types

Figure Skates

  • Skates for figure skating and hockey come in a variety of styles.
  • Figure skates come in a variety of styles, including freestyle, synchronized skating, and ice skating.
  • The blade for freestyle skaters is longer than the blade for synchronized skating or ice dance, which has a small tail to prevent skaters from accidentally stepping on each other’s blades. So, it is better to know hockey skates Vs figure skates.
  • The tops of ice dancing boots can also be cut lower.
  • The tops of ice dancing boots can also be cut lower to allow for deeper knee bends.
  • Ice dancing boots may also be cut lower in the top to allow for deeper knee bends.

 Hockey skates

  • Forwards, defensemen and goalies can all wear hockey skates.
  • Forwards’ skates are normally lighter to allow for quick footwork, but defencemen’s skates are stiffer to allow them to use their feet to block the puck.
  • Detachable pads may available for hockey players who want to play defense.
  • Goaltender skates keep a lower boot and wider blades, making it easier for the goalie to shift side to side and stop shots with his feet.

Features of figure skates Vs hockey skates

There are a few differences, but the differences between a hockey skate and a figure skate may not be easy to recognize. 

  1. The primary distinction between figure skates and hockey skates, their use, and function.
  2. Figure skaters rely on their blades and boots to slide and perform jumps, spins, and other acrobatic moves on the ice. Ice hockey players require skates that are both durable and comfortable.
  3. There are variances in the design and blades of both skates. Figure skate blades are longer, straighter, and feature more edges. The blades on a hockey skate, on the other hand, are shorter, more rounded, and have fewer edges.
  4. A toe pick, a serrated blade at the toe section of a pair of figure skates, is frequently required. Because of their rounded blades, hockey skates rarely require toe picks.
  5. Figure skates are typically composed of leather with no padding, whereas hockey skates are a mix of leather and plastic. They also need cushioning and boot protection.

Size of the skates 

One can purchase hockey and figure skates in sizes from progenies through grown-ups, and for both males and females’ styles.

First and foremost, the smallest size knew the correct size for both that allows the toes to lie flat inside the boot. Whereas, big size skates result in poor skating that may cause injury. So before, one should know hockey skates Vs figure skates.

In comparison to men’s hockey skates, women’s hockey skates come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Women’s hockey skates come smaller to accommodate the shape of a typical female foot. Men’s and women’s figure skates come in size differently, however, men’s and women’s figure skates are normally made in the same standard widths. But before it, try to know hockey skates Vs figure skates. Skate makers can make customized widths for advanced skaters.

Shape of the skates

First-time skaters ask to start in figure skates. The shape of a figure skate blade distributes the skater’s weight more evenly over the foot and encourages proper balance on the ice. However, first-time skaters may be tempted to use the toe-pick incorrectly. 

The toe-pick should not be used to push off or to stop the skater. Because of their more steeply curved blades, hockey skates are not recommended for first-time skaters unless the skater is comfortable on inline roller skates. These skaters may be more comfortable on hockey skates because the distribution of weight is similar to that on inline roller skates, and the skater will likely understand the need to push and stop with the length of the blade.

How Hockey Vs Figure Skates better for learning

For learning skating skills, the skates are recommended that are readily available and fit well. So, one has no reason not to simply purchase skates that correspond to the sport that your youngster is interested in. Nothing prevents a youngster from transitioning from figure skates to hockey skates and vice versa. But to know about hockey skates Vs figure skates is essential. In the case of buying figure skates and hockey skates, see these things:

  • Hockey skates are known for their quick spin, stop and accelerate.
  • A toe pick can be misused by a beginner skater.
  • Hockey skates are known as easy to handle, so skaters can practice for long periods before becoming fatigued.

One can find numerous benefits of learning to skate on either figure skates or hockey skates. The style of skate you choose is irrelevant if you simply want to get on the ice and have some fun. Start with figure skates if you or your child is interested in figure skating. It is recommended for every age, but to know the difference between hockey skates Vs figure skates is essential. Start with a pair of hockey skates if you wish to play hockey. Also, don’t be embarrassed by your footwear.