Jam Skating Moves

Jam Skating Moves | A Complete Guide

What is Jam Skating?

Jam skating is all about performing a dance, gymnastics, and skating moves on roller skates. It is gaining popularity, especially after the lockdown. Since you can perform dance moves even in a small space. It indeed is the easiest way to exercise and boost your energy levels for the entire day. 

Though jam skating originates from the disco era, it gained popularity back in the ’90s. It is because this was the exact time when the music started to evolve towards breakdancing. 

There are many styles of Jam Skating moves. But the critical thing when it comes to jam skating is to find what matches your groove. It is something that is just like regular dancing but with having skates on.

What are roller skating Jam moves?

You can perform many different tricks and moves while doing jam skating. Amongst all the different styles and movements. Five special jam skating moves stand out amongst many others. 

  • The Crab Walk 

Doing the Crab Walk is the first step in learning how to perform different jam skating dance moves. It is the safest trick that you can learn on your roller skates. The best thing about this trick is that your wheels don’t move from the ground. The crab walk is all about moving your heel and toes simultaneously with your knees bent. It is the perfect movement you can learn that is easy and helps boost your confidence to perform roller skating jam moves.

  • The Toe Jam 

Once you have mastered the Crabwalk, the Toe Jam seems like a breeze. It is more like tap dancing but on roller skates. In the Toe Jam, the movement is all about pivots on toe wheels on roller skates. It is also known as “Crazy Legs” because the movement is all about the legs. 

  • Traveling Toe Pivot  

Once you learn your balance on roller skates, you can efficiently perform all five different Jam skating moves. The Travelling Toe Pivot is an in-between move that helps your transaction from one move to another.

  • The Iceberg 

Now that you know your way around the primary jam, roller skating moves. Now you can learn some advanced tricks to add some roll. The Iceberg is a little risky. So, you need to make sure that you extend and stretch your ankles and legs. If it’s the first time you learn Iceberg, you may need to wear security gear like knee pads. 

  • The snake walk

The snake walk is the most exciting jam skating move to learn. It involves a swooping-like motion combined with a prairie dance trick on roller skates. Once you master yourself learning the snake walk. You can now call yourself a professional in jam skating dance moves.

Your jam skating depends upon your skating style and personal preference. It is why you need to be very mindful of what kinds of skates and wheels you get.

How to find the best skates for jam skating? 

When it comes to finding the best skates for jam skating. All you need to do is to follow some guidelines. Just take a look at the few important points you have to look for when getting roller skates for jam skating.

  • There is no separate category for skates, specifically for jam skating. It would be best if you looked for low-cut speed skates with small toe straps.
  • Since jam skating is all about quick dance-like movements. The low-top skates are ideal for jam skating as they give you the freedom to perform different movements. But, instead of toe stops, you should get them replaced with jam plugs. 
  • Also, for jam skating, get roller skates that have vivid and popping colors to match your dancing style. 

What are jam skating wheels?

Jam Skating moves are all about foot movement and shuffle movements. It is the reason why you need to have the right kind of jam skating wheels. Majority of jam skating wheels with a thickness of about 93A-96A in the durometer range. 

These wheels have a medium-hard feel to them, and this allows a much better grip. But the grip is not too much for hindering any movements. It is perfect for jam skating, as you get to have the agility to move and make sharp turns. 

Roller skates for jam skating normally come with large wheels in about 40-44mm. In comparison, the wheels also have a much larger diameter of about 62-65mm. 

Some Tips and Tricks for Jam roller skating 

Many people likely confuse Jam roller skating with the regular roller skating that we do. But, in truth, it is not so as both are very different from each other. Jam skating is a more complex version of roller skating. 

To help you learn jam skating, you need to follow the tips and tricks I have listed below.

  • Boot Type

Ankle movement is a significant part of jam skating. Almost all jam skaters look for roller skates that have room for additional skate movement. It is the main reason why many skaters prefer getting low-top skates for jam skating. Some people even prefer getting a custom boot to help in the agility of movements. 

Suppose you use a high top for jam skating. Just remember to keep only the bottom part laced up. It makes sure that the upper part of the boot is free to perform different movements.

  •  Wheel Type 

Thin and light wheels are perfect for jam skating. Trust me when I say you don’t need the extra weight and baggage to weigh you down.

  • Fall gracefully 

On your journey to become a professional jam skater, you will often fall during movement. It is because the different styles and movements feel very unnatural. For some people, it may take some time to get used to the movements.

Start your training on a carpeted floor. It shall help to restrict movement and also give a safe space to land in case you fall. Also, wear protective gear, including knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets. 

  • Plate Mounting 

Jam skating is more about balance instead of speed. So, the plate mounting helps you in finding the right balance. But forward plate mounting is ideal for jam skating.

  • Truck tension 


The perfect truck tension defines how well you move during jam skating. A truck too tight feels painful. At the same time, a truck too loose makes stopping very difficult. So, before you start to jam, skate. First, try out and adjust the truck’s tension according to your preference. 

  • Stretch 

It is always a good thing to get your body warm or warm-up stretching exercises before jam skating. Stretching warm-ups are essential in jam skating because you never know which direction your legs will move. It helps to prevent any injury due to muscle pull. 

  • Build lower body strength 

Lower body strength is essential for jam skating. Your movements depend on the muscle movement of your legs, upper thighs, and knees. Doing exercises like squats to build lower body strength comes in very handy when jam skating. 

Final Thoughts – Jam Skating Moves

Jam skating is all about your movement on the roller skates. With regular practice, you can transition from a beginner to a professional in no time. Remember, jam skating, if not done right, can cause serious injuries. It is why you need to follow the tips that I have mentioned in my article. Also, always wear protective skating gear when performing jam skating moves.