Best Roller Hockey Skates

Top 5 Best Roller Hockey Skates

Could you not wait to sink your teeth into roller hockey skating? Are you looking to buy new skating equipment and the best roller hockey skates? But don’t know what to do? Wandering here and there for the best products according to your needs, But finding no products according to your foot profile?

Then I will suggest going nowhere?

But why?

Because here I am with you with all you want and to make your buying decision the easiest.


You can go through my whole article to pick out not only the best roller hockey skates but also for all your queries related to fitting and other aspects of roller hockey skates.

Furthermore, if you want to have better performance, comfort, and longevity, you should buy a skate product according to your foot profile.

But how?

No, no, again worried?

Hey folks, why are you worried while I am here with these best roller hockey skates? Rest assured you will not be disappointed if you buy them.


Great, grab these best products from beginner to pros according to your need and budget.

So let’s see how you can make the most of it?

A Bird’s Eye View of the Best Roller Hockey Skates

Product Wheel Bearing Brand Best
TronX Adjustable Inline Hockey Skates 68mm ABEC 5 TronX Kids
Rollerblade Bladerunner Dynamo Jr Size Adjustable Hockey Inline Skate 72mm ABEC 5 Rollerblade For kids
Alkali RPD Lite R Senior Adult  80mm ABEC 7 Alkali Adults
Code 9. one Sr Hockey Skate-Heat Moldable 76mm Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated Chrome TOUR Adults
Tour Inline Hockey Skate-Beginner to Intermediate 72-76mm Bevo Gold 7 Race Rated Chrome TOUR Beginners to Intermediate

TronX Adjustable Inline Hockey Skates-Best Quad Roller Hockey Skates

Key Features

Best Roller Hockey Skates

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  • Size Adjustable
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Brand TronX
  • Bearings ABEC 5
  • Wheels 68mm
  • Durable Steel Chassis

TronX inline roller hockey skates are durable, reliable, and comfortable Quad roller skates. There are fantastic looks, and an adjustable fit makes them popular among buyers.

Adjustable Inline Skate

If you want adjustable footwear for your feet, don’t go anywhere. These skates with external adjustment dial control are the best fit for your inline skating journey. Furthermore, four different food beds for each size with an internal adjustable toe cap adds up more fascination. If you are buying this pair, that means there is no need to worry about a new skate for a long time.


Moreover, these inline roller hockey skates are made of aluminum alloy molded quarter package and add stiffness and support.


These quad roller skates fit men’s shoe size 3-6.5 and women’s shoe size 4.5-8. You can go for your size according to your feet.


Furthermore, the best hockey skills possess ABEC 5 bearings with durable Steel chassis.

  • Adjustable
  • Lace-up closure
  • Awesome looks
  • Durable steel chassis
  • Plastic is a bit hard
  • Wheel’s nuts are over torqued.

Rollerblade Bladerunner Dynamo Jr-Best Adjustable Roller Hockey Inline Skates

Key Features

  • Wheels inline skate wheel
  • Wheel size 72mm
  • Closure lace-up
  • Brand rollerblade
  • Skate Bearing ABEC 5

Dynamo junior skates are inline hockey skates for your growing ones. These roller blades best fit their growing feet, and they love to skate with these adjustable pairs. These are for non-competitive hockey rather than traditional recreational design.

The hard shell shoe cap adds up exceptional protection to these skates. Furthermore, the classical skates provide the highest comfort and are best suited for kids growing feet.

Youth favorite

Due to their superior features, these skates are most demanding among youth. Their support and extreme comfort level make it lovable and preferable to any other skate.

Best Adjustable Roller Hockey skates

Furthermore, dynamo junior roller skate has four different sizes that can be used for a long time.


Further, these junior dynamo skates are added protection with a padded term and hard shell toe cap. A Standard lace-up closure system provides comfort and security to young skaters. In addition, the brake is also standard to ensure your kid’s safety.


  Moreover, 72mm Blade Runner wheels and ABEC 5 bearings are a plus point for maximum acceleration and support without breaking your bank.

  • True to size
  • Best for growing kids
  • Traditional look
  • Economical
  • The boot is well constructed
  • Thin foam insole

Alkali RPD Lite R Senior -Best Adult Roller Hockey Skates

Key Features

  • Wheel size 80mm wheel
  • Material Nylon, Inline skate wheel
  • Lightweight
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Heat mobility
  • Hyper lock L pads
  • Nylon outsole with low profile wheel channels
  • Two pieces fully ventilated 7mm tongue
  • Brand Alkali

Alkali RPD Lite R senior skates are the best comfortable and reasonable product. It is also suitable for beginners due to its lightweight quarter construction, which provides added stiffness and the best heat mobility for enhanced comfort.

Furthermore, the Hyper lock L pad features secure ankles and stops the heel from lifting. These skates are roomier on the forefoot than any other skates.

Ventilated Tongue

Moreover, the alkali skates have a fully ventilated tongue that keeps your feet breathable, calm, and sweat-free.


Likewise, one-piece chassis provides excellent mobility, balance, and magnificent power transfer during quicker turning moves.


80mm/82A hardness wheels additionally provide the best performance on outer surfaces. Additionally, ABEC 7 608 bearings facilitate grip, control, and stability. These ABEC 7 bearings offer you the best long-lasting high-speed cruising.

  • Fit to size
  • Suitable for price and style, according to Amazon buyers
  • Provide comfortable,super-smooth glide
  • For not long-lasting skaters

Code 9 One Sr Hockey Skates-Best Heat Moldable Roller Hockey Skates

Key Features

Best Ice Skates for Kids

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  • Heat Moldable
  • Deluxe comfort padding
  • Frame power XT 2
  • Bearings Bevo Silver 5 Rated Chrome
  • Wheels 76-80mm
  • Brand TOUR

TOUR Hockey skates are a name of innovation and quality in the roller hockey market. They have unleashed TOUR 9 senior hockey skates with all features that skaters want to see in their dream skates.

These best roller hockey skates are not only stylish but also engineered to provide the best performance. These entry-level skates will be a great choice if you are a novice skater or a recreational skater. These beginner skates can help you improve your performance and stability.

Heat Moldable

The sizing and fitting of skates are not an issue now. Tour code 9 inline hockey skills are heat-moldable that provide a custom fit to your feet.


 Furthermore, they have a composite reinforced boat that means they are lightweight and durable. These skates provide you with a great fit without extra break-in time.

Ankle Support

Moreover, they are professionally engineered to provide maximum ankle support and comfort.


Likewise, aluminum frames are chemistry Niton and with Bevo silver 5 bearings which provide grip long-lasting speed cruising without sacrificing comfort.

There is no need to look further if you want a skate that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Their Pro-inspired high-end foot to protect provides a next-level cruising experience.


In addition, they also contain soft brush nylon liners, which makes them super comfortable and prevents unwanted moisture.


The outsole is with DPS technology which ensures maximum stability.

  • Heat Moldable
  • Awesome padding
  • All-purpose wheels
  • Best Recreational skate
  • Bearings are a bit slow as compared to ABEC 7 bearings.
  • Not comfortable for asphalt

TOUR Code 7 . One Inline Hockey Skate-Best Beginner Roller Hockey Skates

Key Features
Best Ice Skates for Kids

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  • Heat Moldable
  • Comfortable padding
  • Frame Tri Coil XT 2
  • Wheels Kemistry Niton 
  • Bearings Bevo Gold 7Race Rated Chrome
  • Beginner to Intermediate level skaters

If you want a perfect relationship between you and your cruising ground, then these Tour Code 7 inline hockey skates are the best choice for you. They provide you with top-level performance and engineering for beginner to intermediate level skaters.

Heat Moldable

Molding your skates to get a perfect fit is a great idea, and if you want heat moldable skates, then tour code 7 is one of the best choices. You can get more of them either by buying a heat gun ( If you want any specific area to mold )or baking them in the oven.

Break them in faster, so you get a customizable better Fit without hurting your feet.


Tour code 7 roller hockey skates have Bevo 7 race-rated Chrome bearings. This bearing is to surpass the quality of other bearings. The Chroma Steel of these bearings are remarkably durable and have maximum grip and a faster and smoother ride.

You can rest assured that your maximized performance will be better than any other skates if you are a beginner or an intermediate skater.

Ankle support

Furthermore, their H1 high-density padding provides the highest degree of support. It offers optimal support for ankles. Moreover, it also provides excellent Fit, comfort, and mobility.

Powertrack XT 2 Frame

Moreover are engineered with power track xt2 frames which facilitate direct transfer of energy.


Moreover, these best roller hockey skates have Kemistry Niton all-purpose wheels from sizes 1-4. They have 72mm,5 -6 have 76 mm, and 7-13 have 80 mm wheels.

  • Heat Moldable
  • Bevo Gold 7 Race Rated Chrome Bearings
  • FRAME Tri Coil XT 2
  • High-Density comfortable padding
  • Skate is heavy

Buying Best Roller Hockey Skates-Guidelines and World’s Best Tips 

Buying the best roller hockey skate is not a highly complex process. But it does not also mean that you can buy any pair from the market without knowing its pros and cons. Finding the right skate for your feet is the backbone of your whole skating journey because if you buy without understanding, the entire purchase will go in vain.

So the purpose of this guide is to make you understand all necessary aspects while purchasing a pair of Roller hockey skates.

Types of Best Roller Hockey Skates

There are two main types of Roller hockey skates

  • Regular/standard roller hockey skates
  • Roller hockey Goalie skates

Regular roller hockey skates

Hockey skills are very similar to Ice Hockey skates, but there are some differences in the wheel configuration for the boot of the skates. There are also some differences. Roller hockey skates are softer and have two additional lacing linings.


Frames of Roller hockey skates are made up of aluminum and help you to give maximum support for speeding at the rink.

More aluminum frames are engineered to provide stiffness and will not torque, so they are more performing and long-lasting than others.

Moreover, some frames have different configurations according to your preference to achieve more speed. They keep you low to the ground to increase speed while decreasing your stopping distance, crucial in roller hockey. 


These are also of great importance in Skating, and in fact, you can say they are the most vital component of whole skate anatomy.

The size and hardness are two essential factors that can change the whole game of Skating. Speed and grip are dependent on them. The optimal size should not be too big or small; it should be 76 to 80 mm. Also, configure wheels into different sizes (smaller wheels or larger wheels) to get good stopping power while you need to change your direction in roller hockey constantly.

Furthermore, the wheel’s hardness should be 76A ideal hardness of the hockey wheel to get proper grip and control while skating.


Liners of the skate also are of different materials and provide a great benefit to you skating comfortably. Moreover, they also help to fit your feet in the skate. Breathable liners keep your feet fresh and ventilated during cruising.

Other antimicrobial liners help keep your feet fresh and germs-free. Another type of liner is brushed nylon liners which can provide you comfort if you don’t like to wear socks.


Another essential part of a skate’s anatomy is bearing. Bearings are the Game Changers because speed and grip all depend on them.ABEC 7or 9, ILQ7 or 9, or swiss LE bearings are all good to achieve your goals of speeding. The higher-rated bearings allow you to cross faster and easier.

Roller Hockey Goalie Skates

Goalie Roller Hockey skates are precisely Engineered with a low profile ankle cut and a shorter tongue. Hence they provide more mobility in the ankle. They have 5 wheel chassis, 3 in front and two in back.

Searching for the Right Fit-Tips and Sizing

Fitting roller skates is the crucial stage of your buying. You should be aware of a couple of suitable techniques for sizing And getting the Right Fit. Because if you don’t get the right fit, maybe get blisters on your feet. You should know the shape and size of your foot. Furthermore, knowing whether your foot is high or low arch is also essential.

Pencil test

In this test, you place your foot into the roller blade and, along with the pencil, push the tongue forward, then check if the pencil rocks against your foot( about three eyelets down).

A pencil lies down in a reasonable depth skate, and if you touch both eyelets, the skate is too shallow.

Finger test

The finger test is also an excellent at-home technique to check your foot’s size and the right fit.

In this method, you have to lace the skate I tight that you will play hockey. Go in hockey stance and reaches back to the heel of the skate to see the gap between your heel and skate.

If it is not locking your ankle or heel, it is not appropriate.

For children, one finger gap is acceptable, but if you are and others, you should go for a snug fit.

Because loose skates may cause blisters pain, and they can affect your skating performance.

Toe Brush test

Another easy way to find proper skate size is where your toes lie in the skate. In the standing posture, your tools should brush the toe cap inside the skates.

 Sizing Charts

Sizing Roller Hockey is a bit different from skates and shoes. You need to be more cautious when buying roller hockey skates.

Skate length

Usually, you can take one size down to your regular shoes, but it is not sure that you will get your accurate size. So what to do to get proper sizing? You should follow the provided sizing chart of that brand you are buying.

Skater width

The Skate width of Roller hockey skates is measured in letters. They range from narrowest to widest.

The Classic range is C, D, E, EE, and another nomenclature is N, R, and W( narrow regular Wide).

Different manufacturers have different sizes, for example

  • Tour Inline skates– are about one size down than your shoe size.
  • Mission inline skates– offer a roomier fit,1.5 sizes smaller than your regular shoe.
  • Bauer and CCM liner skates– also run about 1.5 sizes down than your shoe sizes.

Your Skill and Need

Have you adequately sized your feet and have narrowed down the brand best for you? If yes, then now it is time to choose the level of your Skating. It may be a recreation performance or Elite.

If you are going to buy for recreational purposes, then keep your size and weight in mind.

For recreational skaters, the boot is softer than other chassis two pieces for these skates and is considered less durable than others. They are engineered for outdoor surfaces.

Performance-level skates are an excellent fit for confident skaters. 

Elite-level skates are for the best performance and comfort. Their oot is made up of composite or other high materials lighter, protective, and heat-moldable. The chassis is also more lightweight with indoor wheels, extra mobile grip, and stopping ability.

Furthermore, they are with high rated bearings, which makes them better from performance and recreational skates.

Budget For Best Roller Hockey Skates

Every penny you invest in your skates matters. Investing in a skate from well-known brands may be wise, but sometimes some cheap products also do magic that can change the whole game. Indeed, it is about money and the main thing to get a better quality product with minimum investment.

Heat Moldable Skates.

Sounds crazy? Don’t you want a custom skate fit? So buying a heat-moldable roller hockey skate is an excellent idea if you want a customizable skate fit for your feet.

Yes, some inline hockey skates are heat-moldable. They facilitate a customized fit to your feet. You can bake them in a conventional oven and take them out to let the foo form to your Fit.

It not only speeds up the break-in time but also provides a custom fit.

Changing out the wheel

If you are new to Skating and often skate with your favorite player, you know how important it is to change the wheels.

Wheels wear down after specific usage, so you have to change them. For this, you should know the whole procedure properly, So here it is.

Step 1

Play Store skate on a surface steady and stable.

Step 2

Take out wheels bearing from old wheels using axle because new ways usually don’t come with bearings.

Step 3

Wipe your bearings with a dry paper towel to remove dirt and see how they are spinning.

Step 4

Now install these bearings in new wheels by pushing them straight using any hard surface and flashing on both sides to spin quickly.

Step 5

Put new Wheels onto the bearing Hammer to stick to the cylinder.

Step 6

Now Hammer another circular piece onto the wheel. 

Step 7

Repeat the same setup with all Wheels on both skates. Don’t over-tight because it may affect rolling.

FAQs Related to the Best Roller Hockey Skates

How to size roller hockey skates?

When buying a pair of Roller hockey skates, sizing is a very crucial step. Each brand has different sizing guidelines, so make sure you know what to choose before getting a new pair. You can do a pencil test or maybe a finger test. For that, you should also keep general tips of sizing in mind, and you should also know the width of your feet.

Should I buy hockey skates a size bigger?

It depends on which brand you will buy. For  Tour, Inline skates, go for about one size smaller than your shoe size. If mission inline is your pick, then 1.5 sizes smaller your shoe will be better.

Likewise, if Bauer and CCM Inline is your choice, then by 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoe size.

What roller hockey skates are best for beginners?

If you are a beginner, then investing more money on roller hockey skates would not be a great idea because, at this stage, you don’t know what sort of beginner skates (recreational, professional, or speed skates)will work for you until you get to hang off roller skating.

After deciding your skating style and wheel alignment, you can spend more on your skate.

Well, to be straightforward, you can buy some cheap but good quality pairs like Tour code 9, CCM Tacks 9040, and Tempus,h Triton DSPs. They are all engineered to provide comfort and stability. Further, they offer outstanding performance for the price.

Can you bake roller hockey skates?

Baking roller hockey skates is not an uncommon practice, and you can bake it that is the right fit according to your feet. Due to the material used in skates, you can bake them in a regular oven for 10 minutes to get your desired Fit.

But don’t forget to check manufacturer instructions regarding whether your new pair can be baked or not.

What wheels do you need on roller hockey skates?

Roller hockey skates use a wheel between 72 mm and 80 mm. Different manufacturers use different wheel configurations and therefore require different-sized wheels.

What are Roller hockey skates?

Roller hockey skates are the same as Ice hockey skates but different in wheels as opposed to a blade. Furthermore, boots are relatively softer.

Final Thoughts 

When choosing the best roller skates, you should keep all the necessary factors in mind, like where you will cruise, your skill level and budget, etc.

Keeping all this in mind, Tour code 7 is one of the best choices for intermediate-level to beginner skaters. It has all the best performance features which a skater wants. 

Furthermore, many other skates are also reviewed in this article. You can have a look at them and can choose according to your needs, budget, and style.