How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost

How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost?

Buying a skateboard at a minimum price with maximum quality is a real talent. But It doesn’t matter how much does a skateboard deck cost. Think about the quality! There are differences in the prices. For instance, you can get it in between $50-$120 or maybe more. But the difference in prices does not mean the quality is cheap. 

Usually, it is tough to get the best one but when you have your choices clear then it gets easier. There are many brands out there selling different skateboards. 

Skateboard Overview

Skateboard consists of a wheel, a deck. As well those graphics are also embedded on the board but it’s optional. Skateboards come in different sizes and widths. People who have 5 feet height can get a full size which is (7.5” and higher). 

A person whose height is around 50-60 inches can buy a mid-size. Midsize is about 7.3”, as well as that skateboard consists of many more sizes. For instance, the mini has 7”, and the micro has 6.5” width.

Let’s Start Discussing How Much Is A Skateboard Deck Costs

Don’t panic or confuse. In this article, I will be telling you the right quality, cost, and most important consideration of the skateboard.

You will get all your answers here, for instance, how much does a skateboard deck cost? Or how to build a skateboard. Here you go!

Genus Of The Skateboard

There are few groups or genus skateboards have with different properties, here you go

  • The cruiser is simple to carry on the streets and comes with a kicktail. A best for cruising around. 
  • Shortboard is best for enjoying different skateboarding tricks. 
  • Longboard longer than others. Created in symmetrical shape for downhill racing. 
  • The old-school board consists of a kicktail and flat nose. Created asymmetrically with a broader nose. If you like pools or ramps, then go for it.

Important Considerations

Nothing can be tricky but to get the right thing is. Consider the piece that has a deck, wheel, and complete board. This consideration can be seen in both situations whether you’re buying a completely readymade skateboard or thinking to build your own.

Choosing or assembling the parts to customize your skateboard is actually money-saving. For instance, pick a truck that you can afford. Buy a mini logo, all-around wheel such as bones for 100s, and bearings that are cheap such as spitfire cheapshots.

If you’re wondering from where how much for longboards then keep in your one thing. Longboards are more costly than others. It may cost you around $60-$500. But they are ideal for bombing hills.

You can enjoy your hard tricks with a longboard. They come in classics that are for $60-$400, and street/verts are around $70-$200.

One more important thing, I prefer skateboard shoes which are necessary for protection. The average cost for them is around 30-60. Get a durable skate shoe and comfort that lasts for a long time. It saves your feet from an injury.

Trucks Are Important!

Every skateboard needs at least 2 trucks, 2 hangers, and 2 kingpins. And trucks are for 40 USD. You can get more expensive ones but less expensive will be fine. Depend on the material and design.  

Trucks constructed with forged titanium and plain aluminum. Make sure about the size that fits in your truck. While purchasing a truck consider some of the characteristics. Such as 

  • Length (10 inches and 25.4 cm)
  • Width must fit the deck (7.5 trucks on 7.5 deck)
  • Design according to your choice
  • The truck must be lightweight so you can carry
  • Make sure it grinds well
  • Durability does matter
  • Pick up a truck without design and color if you’re out of budget but that work as the same

Accessories Cost Of Skateboard

Accessories of the skateboard do matter and protect it from many harms. Skate tools cost between 10-20 USD. You can assemble it with a screwdriver by yourself and the skate tool is pretty much handy. Not a regret buying thing I must say. 

Riser pads cost 2-3 USD and help to lift the trucks from the board. Also, it prevents wheel bites and creates a full stop to your board. Brushings are flexible pieces in between the trucks.

Stock brushings get stiff and make your ride uncomfortable. So keep changing your brushings. It costs 10USD.

Nonetheless, skateboard bolts and nuts cost between 2-5 USD. They come in different colors and sizes. Colour ones are handy and make sure about the bolt. Bolt must be fit in the truck with a riser and 1 will be ideal for that. 

Size And Cost Of The Wheel

Wheels are the most important part of support in the skateboard. As you start learning and progressing you may switch the size. For beginners, 50-53mm will be fine. Small wheels that stabilize the riding on the streets, skate parks, or bowls.

For average wheel size I recommend 54-59mm for everyone. People can ride on parks, streets, and vert ramps with this one. 

And wheels of the deck cost around 25 USD and it may go up to 30 USD. for a good quality price might be high. As well as that wheel cost varies according to size.

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Deck Cost?

Skateboard deck made up of 7 layers with Canadian maple. The blank skateboard deck is the cheapest option which is 39 USD. blank decks don’t have any graphics and colors. Branded boards cost around 49 USD, come with design, color, higher quality, custom dimension. 

Overall Skateboard deck usually costs 170$. But in the market, they are available at different prices. With complete packages, you can get all the components that are required.  The cost of the skateboard never goes up to 200$. 

If you go to the local shop then keep things in your mind. Due to the ecosystem, their skateboards are a bit fragile. Yeah, they need more attention and care but go for it.

Shopping online, then order it from authentic stores. Also, every shopping brand has its own different system. Check the reviews before getting it. Buying online will also be a reliable and fast Experience.

How Much Is A Skateboard Deck? 

Get Quality Skateboard Deck

Decks should be high quality because the performance matters so do the deck. Deck cost must be around 50$- 80$. Keep it in your mind low-quality decks have cartoon characters on them. 

Pick up the correct brand that comes in the top 10 brands. For riding on the streets 7.5 to 8.0 deck, for vert 8.0 and up will be the best pick. Their manufacturers made different skateboards for different people.

For instance, Rodney Mullen made the style of the Board between 7.5-7.75. The thin board helps in rotation. As well as that Jamie Thomas set an example of a classic “go big” guy. 

Wondering how? Here you go, the size for this is 8.0 and up and a heavy skateboard gives self-satisfaction to your feet. But for kids, pick up a 7.66 or smaller.

How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost To Make?

Building our own skateboard is fun yet amazing. Making a basic level skateboard costs around 10 dollars. Making your own skateboard is costly than getting a ready one. Prices vary from around 140$-250$ and it depends upon the specification. Elements include the deck, truck, wheels, bearing, grip tape, bolts, and nuts. 

How much should a skateboard deck cost minimally? 

Tips For Saving Money

If you’re thinking of adding graphics on your skateboard then it costs you $1-$10. But depends if you’re buying stock or customized decals. I would say it is optional you can leave it. 

If you’re getting a separate skateboard wheels will charge you extra. For saving money you can make a smart move. Try to avail discounts, yeah you might have to be attentive to the sales but it is a very great time to buy a skateboard.

Blank gears and decks made with a company’s logo then go for it. Because they are money savers, affordable than the branded skateboards. Available in colors as well. 

And whenever you are going to shop for yourself. Make your choice clear why you are going to buy. For instance, if you’re going to buy a skateboard for learning or for riding as a professional. 

How Much Does Bearing Cost?

 An important part of skateboarding. Bearings help the wheel to spin and they are small metal balls. It cost 10 USD but it can be more or less costly. Depends upon the quality, material. An expensive one works the same as the cheapest one. You can get it from trusted brands to be delightful.

How Much Does Griptape Cost?

Griptape safes the board from sliding off and helps in different tricks. Brands don’t matter for grip tapes. You can go with any brand. The more you ride the more you feel the difference. 

Although there are few brands for grip tape in the market such as shake just, grizzly, mob, Jessup, and black diamond. Also, they come in different colors. Get your favorite one. 

Griptape costs 5-15 USD but often it comes with a skateboard. The grip tape with design and different colors is expensive. Griptape always protects the skateboard from getting scratched. Highly recommended!

Can We Buy A Walmart Skateboard?

No, they made it cheaply and in low quality. They constructed skateboards as dangerous toys. And skateboards must be strong and high quality to make skating comfortable. 

They use low-quality components that are manufactured badly. They made their components with cheap material. For instance, skateboard trucks are made up of cast aluminum that is lightweight but strong. And Walmart made trucks with cast iron and plastics. 

As well as that Walmart constructed decks with uncomfortable shapes and cradles. This makes riding difficult and risky.

Get Your Answers Here-frequently Asked Question

What is cheaper? to buy or build a skateboard?

Composing your own skateboard is a bit more costly than getting a skateboard. Assembling yourself a skateboard is fun but if you’re already pro. And if you’re a beginner then I would recommend you to get yourself a ready-made skateboard. Once you learn to ride a skateboard then you can start assembling it. As well as that, earn the profit and run it as a business. 

Why are skateboard decks so expensive?

Skateboard decks are made with many pieces of wood. And also they were constructed with plastic decks. Plastic has a premium quality and is a bit expensive. Moreover, it consists of many layers of sheets that take a lot of effort. That’s why skateboards are expensive.

Are Walmart skateboards bad?

Yes, because they made skateboards with cheap components. And skateboard components should be reliable. Riding a skateboard is fun yet risky. They make skateboards with fancy things but they are not amazing in quality. Skateboarding from Walmart wears out quickly and makes riding more difficult to learn.

Is a skateboard worth it?

Definitely, yes because it makes a body active and kids learn how to balance their body. There is a chance of getting hurt. But once a kid will progress and learn to skateboard he will enjoy it. Furthermore, maybe it is out of their comfort zone but the more they learn, it will work as a stress reliever and it also works as a fat and calorie burner. Skateboarding is a healthy way to stay fit and sound.

How long should a skateboard last?

Although depends upon you usually it lasts for 2weeks to 6 months. The way you style your skateboard and you do care for it tell the life of the skateboard. Suppose if someone rides on a mini ramp their skates last for a year and if technical street skaters skate for weeks. 

Hard is skateboarding hard to learn?

Nothing is hard to learn so is skateboarding. Condition is to stick with the basics. Practice how to ride and balance the body. And progress with the time don’t rush, the more you practice the more you learn. Never give up because it may seem hurtful and painful but it isn’t. Definitely, skateboarding requires patience and peace. 

Rain ruins grip tape?

Griptape is necessary but it may lose its adhesion due to the wet and dry part. Although grip tape gives proper traction to your feet on the skateboard. Due to rain, the grip tape starts peeling off from the deck. Also, never skateboarding in rain. Because the rain floor gets wet and it is risky. There are strong chances of falling. The wood of the deck may warp, or fall out from the board. 

Does old age matter for skateboarding?

No, never too old to learn anything so is skateboarding. But make sure you’re healthy if you’re physically ready to learn. Although there’s no restriction on age. For some people this is embarrassing but no it shouldn’t. Live the moment and life according to your vibe.

Can we wash my skateboard?

Try to keep away your skateboard from the water. Because water may cause harm to bearings, boards, trucks, and bolts. Moreover, it may cause hydroplaning so it gets hard to deal with it. As well as that never do skateboarding in rain. You can clean your skateboard with a toothbrush, and a little bit of scrub. Just to remove mud from it but never put your skateboard beneath the water.

Can we put Griptape over griptape?

No, never put a grip tape on grip tape because rough surfaces never allowed it. Peel off the old one and Tape a new one if you need to. To remove grip tape use a razor blade. But make sure about the angle and prevent your hand from cutting. As well as that, be careful with your skateboard, it may get damaged due to harsh blades. Moreover while heating the tape you may cut the edges. Never force the blade, it may tear the tape. Still heat the tape for removal. 

Summing Up – How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost?

Never get your hands on the incomplete skateboards. For instance, a skateboard with a quality, incomplete component is nothing. Never spend money just because of the brands.

Always go for the best equipment that includes, truck, deck, and high-quality construction. A major issue is how much does a skateboard deck cost? it is in between 50$ – 120$. 

Depends upon which store you’re going to buy. Also, skateboarding helps in different life circumstances. Such as it is very healthy because of calorie burning and making the kid’s proprioception better.

In this article, I have mentioned all the important considerations, and foremost elements to check in the skateboard package. Do remember, never expensive things are the real gem but the best quality does matter! Happy shopping!