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Best Hockey Helmets in 2023

Hey folks, if you are looking for the safest and best hockey helmets, you have to do in-depth research about this protective equipment.


Do you have enough time to do this?

If not,

Don’t worry.

This best hockey helmet guide will save your time and money as well. All you should know about hockey helmet concussions and how to avoid them, what to consider buying the best hockey helmets, how to maintain and use them, and all necessary things you should know about this gear are discussed in detail.

So let’s get started.

Best Hockey Helmets Review at a Glance

Brand Size Weight  Ratings Color
Franklin Sports  One Not available  86% Team Specific
Bauer Small 2.6 Pounds 83% Black
CCM Small 2.3 Pounds 79% Black
CCM X-Small 1 Pound 100% Black& White
  • Franklin Goalie Mask for Kids Street Hockey
  • Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo
  • CCM Hockey CCM 50 Bull Riding Helmet
  • CCM Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet Combo with Cage

Franklin Goalie Mask for Kids Street Hockey


Best Hockey Helmets

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  • Size: One size
  • Color: Team Specific
  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Sports type: Hockey
Adjustable Backplate

Hey little goalies, go for this Franklin hockey goalie mask if you want to look like your favorite hockey players. These are wonderfully designed to give you an amazing look plus comfort. The adjustable backplate of this goalie helmet gives you a snug fit, and if you are an athlete, you will not regret buying it due to its convenience. Enjoy your street hockey having a snug fit whatever head size you have; the adjustable backplate is here to take care of fit.

Premium Protection 

Furthermore, they provide premium protection via their chrome welded steel cages that are durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

Easy Fastening

Moreover, it is featured with easy-to-use elastic straps for convenient fastening within seconds; no need to take off the whole helmet.

Street Hockey Special 

These best hockey helmets are made for street hockey and not for any other type of hockey.

  • For all NHL teams
  • Best for street hockey
  • Quick-fastening
  • Adjustable
  • Not HECC/CSA certified
  • Be mindful about sizing

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo


  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Bauer
  • Item weight: 2.6Pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 11.5×9×9

Bauer is the name of quality and style in the sports industry. Their sleek and personalized designs, advanced technologies, and budget-friendly prices make them superior to other brands.

Free sizes

These best hockey helmets with cages you can buy. They are easy to use with their free size adjustment. They are best suitable for oval-shaped heads, according to an Amazon buyer. This great fitting Bauer helmet is very protective and snugly fitted to the head of the hockey player.

Facemask Included 

Furthermore, it includes Bauer 2100 facemask, which gives you extended face protection, maximum visibility, and clear vision.

Ear Protection 

Moreover, they come with integrated ear wears to maximize your ear protection in case of a fall.

CSA/HECC Approved

In addition; these best hockey helmets are CSA/HECC certified with a professional look and protection. That means you are getting a product that is less risk of concussion and can be used internationally.

Not Field Lacrosse Helmet,

One more thing about this Bauer helmet is that the Bauer IMS 5.0 are not fielded lacrosse helmets.

  • Exclusive ear protection
  • CSA/HECC certified
  • Worth the money
  • Great visibility through the cage
  • Check the expiration date of the certification before buying.

CCM Hockey CCM 50 Bull Riding Helmet


  • Size: Small
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CCM

The CCM 50 is one of the best hockey helmets you can buy if you are willing to get a reliable product within your range. It never disappoints you in any aspect from style to protection; all the features are up to mark.

Best Designed Hockey Helmets

CCM 50 is designed keeping all the standards and style in mind with a cage in a traditional black color according to your aesthetics. The face masks provided are for your protection, but you can take them off.

 Dense Foam Liner

Furthermore, the helmet’s foam lining is great and provides the face and head the best way. Thick foam not only protects but also is very comfortable and adds plushness.

PE Shell

Moreover, if you are looking for a durable, lightweight, and versatile helmet, this PE shell helmet is for you. In addition to this, strategically placed air holes are meant for adequate circulation.


These best hockey helmets are featured with a Silver FM50 facemask, which means bye-bye odor and germs. Silver-containing masks are best in this pandemic situation.

Best Fitting Hockey Helmets

Another great feature is their tool-free fit adjustment that provides top-notch comfort and perfect fitting.

Best Bull Riding Helmets

Similarly, the comfort and protection are at their peak, and you can easily use them for bull riding for a safe and protective sports activity.

  • Great for the price
  • Excellent quality
  • Antimicrobial Silver FM50 facemask
  • Dense foam liner
  • Fits nicely
  • Be mindful of the Chin guard size.

CCM Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet -Best Hockey Helmets Combo with Cage


Best Hockey Helmets

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  • Size: X-Small
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CCM

CCM is the name of quality and style in the sports industry. CCMis designed to provide a snug fit and easy fitting to facilitate comfortable gameplay.

CCM Mask

These best hockey helmets are provided with CCM masks to give you maximum protection and safety. The CCM 580 face masks benefit you a lot by providing dependable protection without compromising visibility.

The thin round wires never interfere with your vision and are designed straightforwardly for your convenience. These CCM masks are engineered with a carbon steel material which means you will get a durable and safe product.

Likewise, a dual-density floating chin cup ensures comfort and dryness with Nylon webbing straps for a snug fit.

Best Adjustable Fitting Hockey Helmets

In addition to this, the adjustable fit also attracts buyers to get it at their most priority. Who doesn’t want an easy and quick-snap installation? So this is a very demanding feature for a comfortable sports activity.

Different Sizes Available 

Furthermore, these best hockey helmets are available in different sizes.

Protective Shell

Likewise, the protective shell is engineered for best protection and to absorb shock impacts with a head-hugging grip.

  • Thin wires mask for maximum visibility
  • Great head impacts protections
  • Customized snug fit
  • Dual-density foam liner
  • Pricey

Virginia Tech Hockey Helmet Ratings

Virginia tech provides research-based ratings for sports products to reduce concussion risks. These helmet ratings are necessary to satisfy customers that the products they buy are manufactured with safety requirements specified by the standard organizations. Products with more stars will be considered more reliable and reduce concussion risk.

Helmets are evaluated based on impact and weightings. But one thing that should bear in mind is that no helmets are concussion-proof. These ratings are only a piece of information that can help you find a relatively reliable product. Still, to minimize concussion, proper coaching techniques and head protection gears collectively work together.

Importance of wearing a Hockey Helmet

For any recreational activity, taking protective gear is the most crucial and unavoidable part of ensuring safety. Whether you are a professional or novice, helmets are recommended for all ages and skill levels because they prevent serious head injury.

What do they do, and why are they important?

  • When you fall, they absorb the blow and spread the strike’s impact on all of the helmets.
  • Reduce possible brain injury that can last lifelong.
  • Protect your head from bruises, cuts, and even fractures

Anatomy of the Hockey Helmet

  • Shell
  • Liner
  • Cage and Visor
  • Chin Strap
  • Ear guard


The most exterior and important part of the hockey helmet is its shell. It is usually made up of different types of hard plastics like Vinyl nitrile.

It is often engineered with a two-piece construction for a custom fit. The shell is further equipped with air channels and adjustment locks.


Another important component of the best hockey helmets is their liners. These liners are meant for providing comfort. To maximize its protection capabilities, they may be single-material foam liners or high density, i.e., a mixture of two to three advanced material variants.

Cage & Visor

The cage or visor of the helmet is another important part of the helmet. These are attached to the front of the helmet to provide protection and prevent direct hitting on the face.

These protection tools are more important to novice players to give them full-face coverage and provide any injury.NHL player uses half coverage visors because it provides better visibility options. 

Chin Strap

For better fitting and comfort, chin straps play a vital role. These are at the bottom of the shell to protect and provide a snug fit. And it also plays a role in adjusting the helmet on the head.

Ear Guards

Ear guards are additional protection, but you can deny their importance. It keeps you focused and prevents your ears from injury and shock in any accidental hitting.

Buying Guide for the Best Hockey Helmets

If you search for the best hockey helmet, you have to keep some important factors in your mind. Helmet buying can not be taken as an easy decision because it will protect your fragile head. Any injury to the head may be fatal if you are not wearing suitable gear. So, let’s get straight to the details.

Fit and Adjustability

The most crucial point is how your head fits into the helmet? A wobbly helmet will kill the purpose of its wearing, so be mindful when sizing the helmet.

They come in three sizes that are large, medium, and small. For further convenience, you can check your head circumference.

Small 20.4-22.4
Medium 22.2-23.6
Large 23.6-25.2

For further fitting information, you can check this guide.

The shape of your head

Another point of consideration is the shape of your head, i.e., wide head, oval or round. Different brands are made for shapes forms of heads. Like some fits best to oval and not good for the round head. So be cautious while buying a helmet because too big or too small a helmet will not benefit.

Protection Certification

Furthermore, you should check the hockey equipment certification council like the HECC or CSA certifications for better safety and protection. Certified hockey helmets will be the best choice to prefer to avoid any potential concussions.

Safety and Concussion Prevention

Moreover, safety and concussion prevention are the most important factors of consideration. Any helmet that is not standard can not be used as protective gear.


Similarly, paddings are also important for comfortable gameplay. So taking care of this aspect is also necessary. Many products are available in the market to maximize safety comfort and shock absorbance.

Face Protection

Another aspect you should not neglect is face protection. Whether you are an avid or a novice in the field, you can choose according to your gameplay level and comfort. Different visors and cages are available to give better visibility and premium protection. 


Another vital thing is the weight of the helmet. You should prefer a lightweight helmet for fatigue-less hockey games. The overall weight should be according to your physique because if you got a too heavy product to carry, then thére is no use to buy it. So for maximum mobility and easy carrying, a lightweight helmet will be the best. 

Chin Strap

Chin straps play an important role in providing a snug fit. Securing the fit via a chin strap will provide better mobility and performance to the player.

Removing the ear protection 

It will not be a good idea to remove the ear guard. Because it may harm in the long run and hinder focus on the game due to unnecessary noises you are getting in your ears. However, if you remove it, the helmet can lose some ounces of weight.


Likewise, don’t forget to check the product’s warranty after you are investing your money.

Avoid Buying a used Helmet

Never buy a used helmet because you can not compromise on your life just for a few bucks. Risking your life for saving money is not a wise deal. They can be used roughly or be expired. Parts may be damaged and can not safeguard your protection.

Maintaining Your Helmet

Now comes the maintenance of your hockey helmet. Don’t worry. It is not as hard as you are assuming. And to be frank, just a few things are required to keep it in good condition.

  • Keep it out of your backpack to dry sweat or any moisture to prevent foul-smelling
  • Keep an eye on the screw and periodically tighten them.
  • Don’t forget to keep a repair kit with you.

How Do Helmets Last and Do They Expire?

After using helmets for a long time, parts of the helmet may degrade, or exposure to UV rays, sweat, and moisture may affect their working ability to ensure athlete’s safety. HECC usually certified helmets for six to seven years from their manufacturing date. After that, they are considered expired to use in hockey leagues.

In Canada, helmets also have a certification, but they don’t give an expiration date.

Likewise, European players get stickers to acknowledge the safety and reliability of the product for the international market.

Furthermore, if they are damaged, worn down, or not properly fitting, then you should immediately get a new helmet.

Concussion In the NHL

NHL has a protocol to follow for possible concussions during the game to improve the understanding of the injuries. For management and evaluation of these concussions, players suspected of having concussions undergo a check-up by an on-site team physician.

FAQs Related to the Best Hockey Helmets

Best Hockey Helmets for wider heads?

Bauer helmets are worth buying if you look for helmets for a wider head. Furthermore, to make your helmet more comfortable, you can replace the paddings or shave off the padding foam to get your desired fit.

How safe are Hockey Helmets?

The risk of concussions in hockey is unavoidable, although many rankings and ratings are there to guide you while shopping for a hockey helmet.

According to studies, “over a quarter of all helmets worn by hockey players in professional and youth leagues are dangerous for the players. Yet previously, HECC and CSA certified them as safe.”

All you can do is choose wisely, ensuring that you are getting a certified product with the right fit and coverage on your head. Plus, you are getting a helmet with a snug-fit chin cup and neck guard.

What is the difference between the visor and cage?

The main purpose of both is to provide face protection from injuries. The cage offers full protection to the face, while the visor can be less protective if you use a half visor.

Furthermore, cages may be inconvenient for some athletes, while a visor provides a clear vision and may be preferable for athletes who don’t like cages.

Final Verdict

These are our best picks of the best hockey helmets. Check them out. We hope you will find this guide helpful for getting your desired product.

Buying a product according to your budget and preferences is not a piece of cake because a hockey helmet is as important as hockey gloves, hockey pants,  or other hockey equipment and can not be taken without prior research and investigation. 

If you don’t take proper safety gear, ahead concussion can damage your brain and paralyze you. Wisely choose a safe and budget-friendly hockey helmet if you don’t want to regret it.