How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burn

How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burn

People frequently ask this question; how many calories does rollerblading burn? Among all, rollerblading is one of the best ways to burn calories. If you are searching for a healthy exercise to burn calories, it is an exercise and outdoor activity that allows you to burn calories fast. Here, we have brought a guide about calories burned in rollerblading.

Best guide to burn calories by Rollerblading

Rollerblading is the healthiest way to keep your body toned and healthy. As we see in developed and undeveloped countries, people suffer from obesity of all ages, especially the young. According to a UNO recent survey, every four out of five adults suffering from obesity. 

So, in this serious condition where Jim, jogging, diet plan and customized meal plan to lose weight are available for the people. In addition, rollerblading is the optimum hale and hearty way to keep your body timelessly fit by burning extra calories.

 Advantages of Rollerblading

We are living in a calculated and fast-paced world where everything can be counted and measured, the same is with rollerblading. It helps in bringing the best solution to your problems, including fat burn.

  • Rollerblading is the ultimate means to strengthen muscles and increase stamina.
  • It strengthens the muscles, hips, buttocks, and upper leg muscles.
  • Stress is a common issue nowadays in all age groups, which causes health issues. Upset stomach, high blood pressure, nuisances, and sleeplessness are common. So, rollerblading is best for stress management.
  • This kind of workout improves your balance and helps to take the edge off your fatigue.
  • Heart disease is the major death cause, so rollerblading is helpful to minimize heart disease.

Lose weight and have fun with rollerblading

Rollerblading has become fun itself. Moreover, you can go for a long walk and wander anywhere on busy roads, mountains, hills, and more.

Running Vs Rollerblading 

Rollerblading is nearly as beneficial in almost every category and other fitness types, such as;

  • Running and rollerblading burn calories in the same volume of time: on average, 300-600 calories are burned when rollerblading, and 200-400 calories are burned while running.
  • University of Massachusetts: ‘rollerblading has a 50% lower impact on joints than running. Rollerblading is for those who want to do low-impact cardio and muscle-building workout.
  • Unlike running, rollerblading, lets you go uphill or at a quicker speed in general.
  • Moreover, rollerblading is a better alternative than running. It is useful in sudden and jerky motions that occur during jogging.

Benefits of Rollerblading

Think about it, exercise, tight-house in the gym, working out in the office, or avoiding your favorite meals for burning your calories is not easy. Here’s why people invest huge amounts of money to shed unwanted weight. You see, to achieve fitness goals, weight-watchers do maximum efforts to burn calories. 

Apparently, things seem hard, it takes a physical and mental struggle to sizzle away calories. Among all, aerobic exercises improve metabolism and get their heart pumping. So, for this cardio workout: walking, running, and cycling are best to reduce weight and burn calories.

  • Muscle Transmutation

Firstly, all the exercises help build muscles, but some of the exercises are best. That’s why rollerblading is best for strengthening the body muscles. As a result, if a person does thirty minutes of exercise daily it helps surround joints, ligaments, and tendons with the arm. Backward and forward skating moves help firm up hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. Therefore, rollerblading involves the legs and lower body muscles parts. It also involves the inner thigh and glute muscles.

  • Aerobic exercise gains

Aerobic exercise is a cardio-respiratory exercise based on an energy-generating process. By practicing it, we cannot get the best outcomes from running, but for cycling, it is better than cycling. For increasing effects, one can get the aerobic benefits by skating uphill or at a faster pace. Subsequently, for generating resilience it is best for slow and steady pace for a longer distance.

  • Joint safety

Rollerblading is considered a secure option for people who suffer joint issues. While skating, a person’s joint is at less risk in comparison with other exercises. So, skating on plain surfaces reduce the turn and twists also impacts your smooth ride.

How far should I go rollerblading?

No doubt, rollerblading is a simple and effective way to burn calories. To calculate the proper quantity of calorie-burning, one must know his body weight and running pace. Rollerblading, according to current updates, burns approximately 65 calories every single mile. 

If the speed per mile increases, the calories feasting may be increased to 11mph, 13mph, and 15mph. Calories’ consumption remains the same in almost all cases. Moreover, it burns about 913 calories per hour. Whereas, a person running at 8 mph burns about 986 calories per hour.

How to burn calories weight

Ashley Borden a personal trainer and author of, ‘Your Perfect Fit’ rollerblading helps to work your muscles differently when one pushes his legs to the side instead of back. This strengthens one’s glutes more than any aerobic exercise. In terms of burning calories, rollerblading involves various factors. Currently, online calories burned calculators are available that can help the skater to quantify the calories.

Here the question arises, how many calories does rollerblading burn?

In terms of body weight, a person who is;

Weight Calories consumption Time
160 pounds 913 cal 1 hour
200 pounds 1,138 cal 1 hour
240 pounds 1,363 cal 1 hour

The number of calories burned is determined by skills

First, it is significant to know the way you skate can affect your calorie burn-out. In addition, slow gliding on the flat ground cannot help you burn a lot. Consequently, the more you intensify training the more it will influence your performance the faster you are, the more calories you burn.

Calculators available online

If you want to find out the exact volume of burnt calories, you can use calories burned online calculators. So, for this input the number of minutes of rollerblading you have done and your weight, and you can get an average number of burnt calories.

 Muscle supporting

Rollerblading helps to strengthen muscles of various body parts, such as primary muscle, support muscles, and auxiliary muscles;

  • Primary muscle groups:

Hips, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteus maximus and calf

  • Support muscle groups:

Biceps, upper abdominal, and lower abdominal

  • Auxiliary muscle groups:

Anterior serratus, and latissimus dorsi


Burning calories by rollerblading is like a dream comes true. Moreover, it allows you to get maximum outcomes by exercising regularly. However, resistance, perseverance about this brings lifestyle changes. So, for this, it is vital to be cautious and vigilant. If you have chosen to give rollerblading a try, make sure to seek medical advice before starting your training sessions.