how to stop on roller skates

How to stop on Roller Skates | Learn within 5 minutes

Are you a beginner at Roller skating? Do you know how to stop on Roller Skates? Before you start skating, you should take all safety gear to prevent any injury. But if you master the skill of stopping on Roller Skates while skating, the chances of falling decrease.

We can learn this by various methods, firstly through beginner stops technique like using knee pads or the heel or toe brake or via spinout stops. Then you can further extend your skill of stopping by plow stop, T-stop, or any other stopping method. Stopping at skates is as necessary as taking safety gear, although it takes some time. But you should have patience and keep on practicing until you understand it completely.

In this article, we will discuss all aspects of stopping on skates from beginner to progressive stages.

How to stop on Roller Skates-Easy Basic Stops Techniques

If you are a novice skater in the skate world and have learned basic skills like how to transfer your body weight, where to rotate, and know-how to concentrate the center of gravity. Then you are now ready to learn these methods of braking on skates. These are all basic and essential methods of braking, which you should know if you are a beginner skater.

  • Knee pads use to stop
  • Heel or toe brake
  • Spinout stop

Knee pads use to stop

Using your knee pads to stop is one of the easiest ways if you are a novice skater. However, the most important and only thing which is essential for this stop is the knee pads. The knee pads should be of good quality to ensure a good halt of movement and safety.

Another good aspect of this type of stop is that it can be done with all skates like Inline skates, quad skates, or rollerblades. As it puts a lot of pressure on your knees so use this stop if you are not aware of any other technique.

  • First of all, put your feet next to each other
  • Then arms stretched in a T to balance well
  • Slowly bend your knees
  • and finally, scrape your knee pad with a surface standing at one foot slowing down
  • and eventually, stop the move

Heel or Toe brake- Safe way of stopping on Roller Skates

If you have got a hang of roller skating, you should also know how to stop roller-skating with heel or toe brakes. When we talk about skates then almost all pairs of affordable skates have toe brakes. In the case of Inline skate, there would be a single brake. While quad skates featured two brakes, stopping via toe brake on roller skates will be relatively easier than rollerblades.

  • On inline skate, if you want to use a heel brake, you should keep your heel brake having skate forward.
  • Then lift your front toe
  • And softly apply pressure on the heel brake.
  • To use toe stop, you should know how to shift your body balance on both feet.

One Toe Stop

When going reverse, one toe stop method can be used. To do a Toe Stop.

  • Roller Skate in a backward position
  • Then, bend your knees
  • Slightly forcing the heel on single foot on toe stopper and lift your toe portion up
  • It will slowly minimize your speed and will end up in a still position.

Two Toe stop

If you are going backward, the braking methodology will be the same. However, in this method of braking, we use both brakes at the same time for this stop.

  • When going reverse, bent your knees,
  • Tilt in an upright position with one foot, but don’t lean too far or else you will fall
  • And keep this foot behind yourself
  • Press it into your front knee
  • firstly you will slow down and come to a stop

Spinout Stop

Spinout is an effective technique of stop, firstly you slowdown your speed and then come to a halt. It is also a good beginner technique if you only want to slowdown rather than a quick stop. And if you are an avid skater then also it would be one of your favorite techniques. To perform this technique.

  • Keep your dominant foot down, forming a large circle around it with your non-dominant foot.
  • This circular movement will shift the motion of skating from forward to circle position.
  • Resulting in a slowdown of movement and eventually halt you at the same place, where you want to be.

How to Break on Roller Skates-More Advanced Techniques

If you have a hang of skating beginner skills in stopping and know how to stop on Roller skates, you can further enhance your stopping skills. By learning these advanced techniques, experienced skaters can enjoy even awkward angles of moves. These are the techniques that will add fun to your skating. And these enjoying hours of skating will be incredible.

  • Plow stop
  • T stop
  • Slalom Stop
  • Power Slide
  • Hockey Stop
  • Lateral Brake

Plow Stop- A smooth of stopping on Roller Skates

In case you might be asking yourself, what cool skill I should add to my stopping skills, here is an effective technique of stopping on skates. Yes, I am talking about Plow (Plough) stop. Plow stop has two variations.

  • Sliding Plough Stop
  • Stepping Plough Stop

Sliding Plough Stop

In this variation of Plow stop, the most critical part is to apply pressure through your heels by keeping the heels out and toes in. In a sliding Plow, all you have to manage is

  • keeping your body in an A-shape frame
  • keep your feet wider than your shoulders
  • both skates should be in a parallel situation and bent your knees
  • likewise, the body should remain in an upright position
  • and keep rolling in this position until you stop

Stepping Plough Stop

In this variation of Plow stop, you will also manage your body in an A-frame, keeping your feet wider than your shoulders and bending your knees. But to reduce speed.

  • You have to lift both skates alternately
  • And whenever you change, feet keep each skate in inward angle (heels out and Toes in)
  • Rolling in a slightly angled way produces friction which ultimately stops your move when you slowly close your feet together.
  • Let the inside wheels rub each other to minimize the speed, it will stop you eventually.

T Stop-A proper way of stopping on Roller Skates

This method is known as a T stop. Because when we perform this method, skates make a T-shape. This method of stopping is also a good one. It can be said as a beginner to the intermediate skill of stopping and can be used with inline quad or rollerblades. To perform this, you should know how to balance your body weight and stand on one foot. For doing this what you all need to do is.

  • Bend your knees in a slight sitting position to give you a lower center of gravity, bending will affect your balance so beware if you are not bent in the right way, a wobbly situation may occur.
  • Now you will slowly roll, slowly scissor your legs in a way that your non-dominant foot slid backward.
  • Simultaneously, move your dominant foot a bit forward.
  • Transfer your body weight mainly on the front foot and less on backward to keep a good balance. This part of the move needs practice because the whole technique of this kind of stop depends on it.
  • To turn your foot laterally you will have to lift your back foot off the ground.
  • At the same time when you are lifting your foot, turn your front foot perpendicularly to generate a smooth move of turning and lifting.
  • Your toes should be pointed outward when you are turning your foot sideways to produce an angle of 90-degree.
  • Now your front foot is at a 90-degree angle, legs are in a scissor position, adjust your hips at a squared posture forward with your front foot.
  • Finally, drag your back foot by applying pressure accordingly to how much room you have.

Slalom Stop-An effective of stopping on skates

This method of stop can work at any speed. It additionally, work if you are coming downhill or want good control over your speed. By stopping with this method.

  • First of all start by skating in a forward direction.
  • Next, turn skates to one side, keeping your feet parallel to each other.
  • Then change your directions by quickly changing your direction.
  • When you turn each time keep your bodyweight inside.
  • The outer skate will be in a sliding position while your balance will shift on the inner skate.
  • Eventually, slow down and come to a halt.

Power Slide

Power slide is another advanced method, you should be confident in your backward skating and balance. What you need to do is.

  • Turn around and sate backward
  • Bent your knees leaning forwardly
  • Turn your one foot at 90-degree, placing it behind you to press it into your front knee
  • It will slow down you and results in a halt of movement

Hockey Stop

Next, we have the Hockey Stop. This method firstly focuses on a slowdown then stops. In this method.

  • Start by skating forward
  • when you reach a full speed, curve your feet
  • Leaning slightly back, keep your feet in front of you in a parallel position
  • Now skate wheels will slide across, going to slow down and then to a stop of movement

Lateral Brake

If you want to execute this you need to be move at a slow pace. Keep your feet parallel to one another. Then keep your one foot forward aiming the opposite way, while other feet will move down in a way that you are taking a side step, you will come to a stop.

How to stop on Roller Skate when going fast?

Do you know how to stop on Roller skates when going fast? Is it difficult? No, it is not as hard as it seems. All you have to do is keep yourself confident, let your toes move inward until it touches inside wheels of your skate.

When wheels rub, friction will produce this will combine with the traction of your angling skate and eventually stop your movement.

With that said, avoid smashing your skates harder because it may result in a fall rather than stop.

How to stop without Toe stops?

Supposing you have mastered all stopping techniques. And you are an experienced skater then toe stop will not be an issue for you. You can carry out a stop without any problem. Beginners can also perform this just by doing some practice. All you need to do is begin with skating forward. Then take one foot and slightly lift it producing an angle of 45 to 90- degrees. And drag your outside wheels until you succeed to halt your move.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to stop on roller skates? It will decrease your chance of fall whether you are a novice or experienced skater. Nevertheless, which method you use for stopping while Roller Skating, the most important thing is to practice. Practice your chosen method and learn it perfectly or you may use different alternately.