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Best Tennis Balls | 8 Comprehensive Picks

Hey tennis aficionados, are you looking for the best tennis balls? Balls with premium quality fabrics and fantastic felt?Maybe something for professional gameplay or just for training sessions in your backyard?

 Then what are you waiting for?

There is no need to look here and there to search for the best tennis balls. Because we’re here with various balls according to different preferences, styles, and budgets, if you have sunk your teeth into this search, don’t forget to look at our collection to get a fancy deal with all bells and whistles.

But before you buy, you should know some essential things about tennis balls to get a better product. Let’s jump straight into it.

Our Best Tennis Balls at a Glance

Product Brand Age Range Weight Color
WILSON Championship Tennis Balls WILSON  Adult .02kg Green
WILSON Prime All Court Tennis Balls WILSON  Adult .1 kg Yellow
WILSON US Open Tennis Balls WILSON Adult .2kg(3 balls package) Yellow
Gamma Bag of Pressureless Tennis Balls Gamma Adult 1.3 Pounds Blue
KEVENZ 12-Pack Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls, KEVIN Adult Green
Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls Tourna Adult ‎1 pound Yellow
Penn Pressureless Tennis Balls – Non-Pressurized Penn Adult 9.32 Pounds Yellow
Penn Championship – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls Penn Adult 12.04 Pounds Yellow

A Quick Look at History of Tennis Balls

In the 1870s, tennis evolved from royal tennis or real tennis, both games were similar in manner and consisted of two or four players.

In Real tennis balls were manufactured from a rounded, stitched envelope of leather /cloth or rag, horsehair, or similar material.

Clover-Leaf Balls

Initially, balls were made entirely of rubber for making wearing and performance quality better covered by flannel around the core. Further development was making a hollow core with pressurized gas.

The original version of the ball was based on the clover-leaf principle, which was used for many years to be replaced by the modern manufacturing process.

For further details, you can read this  ITF document.

The Color of Ball-Why Yellow

Initially, the balls used in tennis matches were white or black, depending on the court color. In 1972 ITF introduced a new color for the tennis ball Yellow. Because according to the research, this yellow color ball can easily be seen by television viewers. On-screen, viewers can easily spot the ball. However, Wimbledon continued for white balls until 1986.

Similarly, high altitude balls were introduced in 1989. Later on, type 1 and type two balls were introduced in 2002.

Further changes that occurred over time were:

  • Diameter of ball
  • Mass range

Best Tennis Balls Detailed Overview

WILSON Championship Tennis Balls-Best Overall

Best Tennis Balls

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Key Features

  • USTA and ITF approved
  • Extra duty
  • Commercial grade weaved fabric
  • Single can(3 / 4 balls)
  • Ideal for all levels
  • Good for recreational gameplay

Wilson is a well-known and trusted brand that never compromises on quality. They are providing USTA and ITF-approved balls at a reasonable price.

Extra Duty For Hard Courts

Furthermore, being a well-established brand, they provide quality products for all types of courts and levels. These extra-duty balls are engineered for hard courts.

Commercial Grade Fabric

Similarly, these are made from a commercial-grade woven material that makes fabric ideal for best performance.

Best for all types of gameplay 

Likewise, it is also a favorite of all tennis athletes because it has optimal features for all kinds of tennis gameplay. On the other hand, you can use them for recreational purposes rather than professional games.

  • Best overall
  • Value for money
  • Good quality, durable
  • Official ball of several tennis teams
  • Way more expensive than local stores
  • A bit hard to hit for some people 

WILSON Prime All Court Tennis Balls

best tennis balls

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Key Features 

  • All court tennis ball
  • ITF and USTA approved 
  • Durable felt
  • Yellow ball
  • Adult(men, women)
  • Good performing balls
Best for all Court Surfaces

These tennis balls have almost a 4.6 global rating in all aspects, including longevity, durability, sturdiness, and in terms of budget. Furthermore, these tennis balls are engineered to make them best for all court surfaces.

Best Adult Tennis Balls

Likewise, these are the adult tennis balls and are equally the favorite of men and women. Not only suitable for professional play but also good for other DIY purposes.

IFT and UST approved

Another good thing about these tennis balls is that they are approved for professional gameplay by recognized authorities.


Moreover, these balls are engineered for all your gaming needs hence made durable. The yellow ball is visible and lovely and doesn’t wear out quickly if you handle it carefully.

  • Durable
  • Approved by ITF
  • Sturdy construction
  • Economical
  • Best for all courts
  • Wear outs if not correctly handled

WILSON US Open Tennis Balls

best tennis balls

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Key Features 

  • Regular Duty
  • Single Can of 3 Balls
  • Yellow ball for adults
  • Official ball of US open and Australian Grand Slam
  • USTA and ITF approved
  • Premium performance
Great in Many Aspects -Recreation and Display 

Wilson is prevailing in the tennis sports industry for its tremendously excellent sports products. This US Open tennis ball is the favorite of all avid fans of the US Open, a terrific choice to please your kids, and great as a recreational and ornamental piece for your room.

Regular Duty for Indoor Courts

Furthermore, this regular duty ball is one of the reliable tennis balls for competitive and underplay. These balls are the best choice for prolonged play for clay courts and other indoor surfaces.

Best Tennis Balls with Outstanding Performance 

Moreover, they are engineered for pros and juniors to polish their skills at their best. Easier to hit, enhance learning capabilities, and improve a variety of tennis strokes.

Exclusive Felt Material 

Furthermore, the felt, a crucial part of a tennis ball’s anatomy, is engineered with exclusive tex tech material. Hence offers premium quality, durability, and the best-fabricated felt.

  • Best Performance
  • Ideal tournament balls
  • Durable
  • ITF approved
  • Bouncy as expected
  • Some quality control issues
  • Strong chemical odor

KEVENZ Standard Pressure Training Tennis Balls-Best Beginner’s Choice

best tennis balls

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Key Features

  • Green rubber ball
  • Made for adult
  • Long-lasting
  • Thick liner to secure pressure
  • Good for many surfaces
  • Standard pressure ball
  • Beginner training ball
  • Suitable for other purposes, i.e., occupational therapy and creative activities 
High Elasticity

Keven tennis balls are best engineered with rubber material to provide the best bouncy balls. And if fitness is your goal by practicing tennis, you must prefer them.


Furthermore, these pressure balls are best if you are a passionate tennis player and looking for durable products. You will be amazed by their longevity. These will positively impact the outcome of your game.

Ideal for Multiple Surfaces

Likewise, choosing these practice tennis balls as your gaming equipment, you have plenty of options for surfaces. Plus, if you think about practicing with machines, these best tennis balls will be a great choice.

Standard Pressure Balls-Best Training Tennis Balls

Moreover, these are the best pressure balls for training purposes because these balls are easy to handle for beginners. They come in slow compared to other balls, and they can be the best option for novice players.

  • Thick liner for sealing
  • Good on many venues
  • Deep elastic seams
  • Good for pets
  • Ideal beginner
  • Smells bad

Gamma Bag of Best Pressureless Tennis Balls

best tennis balls

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Key Features

  • Pressureless Balls
  • Ideal for Practice
  • Consistent on all court types
  • Reusable bag
  • Blue color and recommended for adults
Ideal Giftable item

Gamma bags of pressureless balls are the best balls as gifts for your tennis enthusiast friends. They can take them anywhere and have fun and practice to make their game better.

Maximum Performance 

Furthermore, these pressureless balls are engineered to provide outstanding performance without losing their properties, unlike pressurized balls.

Ideal Balls for Practice 

Similarly, these supercharged balls are prevalent among tennis coaches and pros for their ideal anatomy for practice. These tennis balls can also be ideally used with throwing machines and are loved by avid tennis players.

Great consistency on all Court Types

In addition, they have great consistency on every type of tennis court; whether you are practicing on hard court or coaching at soft clay courts, they will not disappoint with their durable and consistent performance.

Reusable Bag

Likewise, one other feature that makes them great and favorite of many budget-minded customers is that they arrive in a reusable bag, which is handy for transporting balls.

  • Packaging
  • Nice giftable
  • Good pressureless balls
  • Great bounce
  • Economical
  • Not suitable for pets

Tourna Mesh Carry Bag of 18 Tennis Balls

best tennis balls

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Key Features

  • Yellow tennis balls
  • For adults
  • Reusable bag
  • Pressureless balls
  • Durable
  • Regular size and bounce
Reusable Bag 

Tourna pressureless balls come in a reusable bag that can be used further. The mesh bag is handy for use and is best for transport and storage purposes.


Furthermore, these tennis balls are bouncy enough as regular balls bounce. Plus, this bouncing ability lasts and never goes flat quickly.

Best Reliable

Likewise, these are engineered with quality material for durability, and the extra durable felt on the TOURNA pressureless tennis balls makes them long-lasting.

Tennis Balls with Regular Size and Bounce

Moreover, this pack of 18 balls is engineered the same as a standard regular ball in all aspects, i.e., size and bounce. You can confidently use them as regular tennis balls for your gameplay.

  • Never go dead
  • Pets love them
  • Durable
  • Mesh bag for storage
  • Small
  • Not for pros

Penn Pressureless – Non-Pressurized Training Tennis Balls

best tennis balls

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Key Features 

  • Long-lasting
  • Great for practice
  • Reusable bucket
  • Durable
  • Best selling

Penn, a pioneer, produces reliable sports products like these durable pressureless balls that never wear downs. These balls are engineered with durable felt that facilitates extended gameplay without worrying about changing the ball.

Reusable Bucket 

Each set of 48 balls arrives in a beautiful, tough bucket for transport and storage.

Great Practice Balls 

Furthermore, this pressureless tennis ball is best for practice rounds with machines or a trainer. 

Best Long-lasting

Moreover, they are made for extended gameplay and, due to quality materials, last for longer than other tennis balls.

Best Selling Product 

In addition, these Penn balls are America’s number one selling balls. The 100 years of excellence and productivity in the tennis field is another achievement of Penn hence no doubt on the quality.

  • Best Selling
  • Great for money
  • Ideal for practice
  • Pressureless balls 
  • Quality varies from ball to ball
  • Bit heavy

Penn Championship Tennis Balls – Extra Duty Felt

best tennis balls

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Key Features 

  • Durable
  • Official ball of USTA leagues
  • Rubber balls 
  • Long-wear fiber
  • Deep elastic seams
  • Extra duty balls

Penn pressureless balls are one the best-selling products in America, and every other player wants to use them as they last long. Their best performance helps them to make fruitful strikes.

Official Ball of USTA league

Furthermore, these pressurized balls are official balls of USTA and ITF approved. They offer great bounce and help to maintain fast-paced gameplay.

Long-wear Felt

Likewise, these extra-duty tennis balls are engineered with quality felt fabric that is gaining popularity among tennis enthusiasts day by day. The fiber used in the construction is interlocked wool that ensures a consistent feel and doesn’t wear out quickly.

Deep Elastic Seams

Furthermore, the deep elastic seams also facilitate unmatched performance. These seams provide long-lasting pressurized conditions.

Best for all Court Types

Moreover, these extra-duty high-altitude balls are great for all types of courts.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Best combo of budget and quality product
  • Good bounce
  • Durable
  • Some balls may be flat
  • Packaging problem reported by some buyers

Buyers Guide Regarding the Best Tennis Balls-All You Need to Know

Choosing the right ball for you is a crucial step, and you have to keep a lot of things in mind while shopping for the best tennis ball. For gaining potential advantages, court surface, anatomy construction, type of ball, and many other factors are significant and discussed below.

Types of Tennis Balls

There are several types of tennis balls for various court surfaces, skill levels, and play styles. Choosing the right type of ball can upgrade your game. Here are some categories of tennis balls.

  • Tennis balls have many types and options such as regular duty, extra duty, high altitude, pressurized, and pressureless. 
  • Training Balls for Beginners or Kids
  • Non-Pressurized or Pressureless

Types of Tennis Balls According to the Surfaces You Play

  • Regular Duty Balls 
  • Extra Duty Tennis Balls
  • Grass Court Tennis Balls
  • Hi-altitude Tennis Balls
Regular Duty Balls 
  • They are meant for soft clay courts and indoor courts.
  • They are made from soft felt.
  • Don’t last longer on hard courts.
Extra Duty
  • These balls are engineered for hard courts.
  • They are made from thick felts.
  • Best for outdoor hard courts.
Grass Court
  • These are regular-duty balls.
  • Treated with a unique stain-resistant treatment to retain their color.
  • Grass doesn’t alter its color.
  • These balls are engineered to bear high altitudes.
  • They are used at 4000 feet high altitudes or above.

Pressurized and Non-Pressureless Balls

Choosing the right tennis ball is crucial because it can make or break your game. From different performances, the balls chosen can be pressurized or pressureless.

Pressurized Tennis Balls

Pressurized tennis balls have internal air pressure of about 10-12 psi. The diameter of the pressurized ball varies between 2.57- 2.87 inches. The weight of pressurized balls ranges between 56-59.4 grams. When a rebound test is done, the bounce is between 53-58 inches from 100 inches in height.

Pro and Cons Pressurized Balls Offer

  • The new ball bounces well. 
  • Play dead after some time due to escape of air 
  • Expensive

Non-Pressurized Tennis Balls

Pressureless balls are the same as pressurized balls but with some differences.

  • They have no internal air.
  • Thick rubber and more hard
  • Bounces 53-58 inches when dropped down from 100 inches height

Some Pros & Cons

  • Good aa practice balls because they retain their bounce
  • More lively than pressurized balls
  • No need to pack in a vacuum-sealed canister 
  • Over time it becomes lighter and bouncier.
  • Sold in mesh bags or boxes
  • Economical

Training Tennis Balls for Kids:

Likewise, tennis balls have a category for kids tennis balls based on age. A good tennis ball will boost your child’s performance and make the training easy.

For training purposes, balls fall into four categories.

  • Foam– Largest and lightest, designed for 36 courts and appropriate for age eight-year
  • Red-These are slightly larger and slower than standard balls. They are also made for court 36 and optimal for an eight-year-old child.
  • Orange-These are the same in size as standard balls. They are designed for court 60 & best for 9-10 year kids.
  • Green dot-These are also the same size as a standard ball but optimal for ten or older. These are engineered for court 78(Full-length court).

Required Attributes of Ideal Tennis Balls


The size of the ball directly impacts how well it performs. More petite balls are easier to control but have less bounce than larger ones. More giant balls tend to travel further and have better rebounds. If you want a ball that travels farther, go with a giant ball. If you want a bouncy ball, choose a smaller one.


Density refers to the weight of the ball relative to its volume. A higher density means the ball is heavier and, therefore, harder to control. A lower density means the ball is lighter and bounces higher. You can utilize this knowledge to your advantage if you’re looking for a specific type of feel. For example, if you like playing with a soft, slow-rolling ball, look for a low-density ball. but, if you prefer a fast-bouncing ball, then look for high-density balls.


Bounce is measured in the height at which the ball rebounds from the ground after being hit. This number is usually expressed in millimeters (mm). The higher the number, the greater the bounce. Most balls fall between 100 and 120 mm.

How A Tennis Ball is Made

Raw Materials

The main raw materials required for the production of tennis balls are rubber, rubber chemicals, felt(cloth or wool), pressurized gas(for pressurized balls), etc.

Manufacturing Process

A tennis ball is manufactured using soft rubber, pulverized between the two rollers to give the material longevity. Once the plug is ready, the manufacturer forms half-shells. When the shells are coated with adhesives, they go through a series of machines, vulcanized(intense heat and pressure for bonding) and then tumbling in a drum of glue to produce a rough structure ball. The pressure of the ball is also adjusted accordingly then. After this process, the dumbbell shape material is used to make felt. Felt covered either manually or by machine.

Next, go for bubble removal in a rolling machine. After that ball goes for another vulcanizing process to make the covering firm. Then tumble dry and go packing.

Quality Control

After the manufacturing process is complete, the company sends the balls off to a quality control department. Here, workers check each ball to assure that it meets the standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). If the ball does not meet these criteria, it is sent back to the manufacturer, which is reprocessed until it passes the ITF’s requirements.

What is Your Skill Level?

Another thing that matters the most is your skill level. Although all balls may seem the same to you, you can differ from the importance of your skill level and right equipment relationship. It is better to buy a better one according to your expertise.

According to a study, beginner tennis players’ type of ball (LCBs) has a positive effect on correct technique development.

What Court Surface Are You Playing On?

The type of court on which you are also playing matters. There are several types of courts like

  • Carpet courts-For Indoor usage, rigid concrete surface, and best for practice gameplay.
  • Clay courts- are relatively soft courts and require proper maintenance for better gameplay.
  • Grass courts-It provides fast-paced games hence better for professionals.
  • Hard courts- It’s also a hard concrete court surface with smooth ground that provides the best gameplay and is widely used.

What is Your Budget?

One more thing, fellows, definitely you would not like to invest your hard-earned money on garbage products with high prices. The market is overwhelmed with pricey products, but you want the best buck for your deal. That’s Why we have culled out the best tennis balls within your budget, and after going through the whole article, you can get a good heck of a deal keeping your budget in mind.

What ITF looks for in Tennis Balls

ITF looks for the following features in a tennis ball to approve as the best ball.

  • Mass
  • Size
  • Deformation
  • Rebound 
  • Durability

What Sort of Tennis Ball To Avoid

There are some types of balls you should avoid when buying.

  • Unbranded Balls-May affects your gameplay because they are heavy and hard to hit.
  • Pressureless– Practicing with pressurized balls is good because pressurized balls are used in all league matches. And if you practice with less pressure and at the game court, a match with a pressurized ball can end up in a disaster.
  • Shops that don’t frequently sell tennis balls- Avoid shopping from a seller that sells tennis balls once. In a blue moon, the balls lose their pressurized air and turn into useless garbage over time. So playing with a dead ball ruins your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Best Tennis Balls

Why are some tennis balls numbered?

The presence of numbers on balls is not of great importance. The only reason for numbering on the ball is to recognize them if they accidentally get mingled with other close vicinity court players’ balls.

What do Extra Duty tennis balls mean?

Extra-duty tennis balls are those balls that are designed for concrete, asphalt, and other hard outdoor surfaces. They have thick felt.

Why are tennis balls pressurized?

Tennis balls are pressurized to make them lighter and more bouncy, which is the industry standard.

What are the Differences Between Regular Duty & Extra Duty Tennis Balls?

Regular Duty Extra Duty
Comparatively less thick felt Much thicker
Versatile and can be played on clay court Made for Hardcourt
Less durable, wear out quickly  Lasts longer

Wrap Up

Don’t forget to try these best tennis balls for your thrilled little ones to delight, please, and cherish them. Or, if you are an avid tennis sportsman, these tennis balls can maximize your performance. Grab them according to your budget style and needs. Whether Wilson, Penn, Gamma, Kevin, Tourna, etc., all brands discussed above are trustworthy and well known for their products, and many Amazon shoppers have recommended them. Now it’s your time to make the best decision for yourself according to your preferences.