Are tennis balls bad for dogs

Are Tennis Balls Bad For Dogs

Are dogs playing with tennis balls good or bad? Does the ball‘s type impact the dog? Do balls only an option for the dogs for playing? There is heated debate stoke after having mix-up experience from pet dog‘s tennis ball playing. Here we try to figure out how the tennis balls impact the dogs’ behavior and health in one way or other. The best toy for the dogs is considered tennis balls playing for dogs when it comes to providing entertainment and exercise without cost effect.

Dogs’ obsession with a tennis ball is not new, even it causes them to be crazy merely at sight. But this compulsive reaction comes with some risks that need to be considered for your puppy dog. There are such positive things that we can count on, but we should not deny the pros and cons of tennis balls when grabbing the ball as a playing toy for a pet.

Advantages of a tennis ball

• Cost bearing and reliability.

• Enticing to most dogs while bouncing back

• They are simple to toss over long distances 

• If you accidentally peg your dog while throwing it, it is unlikely to cause major injury.

• It easily spotted with low flame and nights and grassy grounds

• Dogs’ smell sense is higher than humans’, so its unique odor helps the dogs to chase the ball promptly.

• Because of its floating capability at pool and beaches side help to grip the tennis ball.

Tennis balls are gripping the dogs to enjoy most while playing.

Harming effects of a tennis ball

At first glance, tennis balls seem pretty benign, but a deeper look will bring a few potential dangers to light.

Tennis balls, a bitter deathtrap

Harm is involved in every kind of playful activity of any age group then, so why not animals, especially dogs. Dogs, while playing with tennis balls, love to do work passionately. 

• Various things help us to win our favor about the tennis ball. Firstly, tennis balls are flexible and set according to dogs’ mouths for gripping when playing. Next to it, these balls suit the dogs’ crazy habit of biting and shredding.  

• Dogs tearing balls while playing that in some cases these balls trash can be risky for the dog‘s mouth which hard to swallow from the mouth path and stuck meanwhile that can be dangerous for taking a breath. 

According to Dr. Bernal, “Excessive chewing on tennis balls can destroy the enamel on your dog‘s teeth.” Moreover, it generally happens with dogs with strong jaws who easily break tennis balls causes, turning the ball into smaller pieces. This activity can bring intestinal nightmares in case of swallowing. So, it is essential to find balls that suit the dogs rather than the William sisters.

Why do Dogs ruin tennis balls?

It is better to look back to the history of dog‘s behavior of chasing; 

• Dogs are genetically inclined of chasing, and they love to find more often.

• Dogs’ predatory drive has been honed over centuries of breeding.

Tennis balls imitate the desperate actions of prey.

• There are numerous advantages for dogs who follow tennis balls. 

Tennis ball, a dental damage

We all know dogs interact the things with mouth teeth are the main component to deal with the situation. So, dogs’ teeth directly affect one or the other is playing with a ball

• Firstly, tennis balls directly or indirectly impact dogs’ teeth. The highest effecting part of the ball is the outer covering that damages the teeth. So, when the dog sinks the teeth to catch the ball through outward hair, its hardcover can harm the teeth, which may cause medication.

Tennis Balls Can Give Dogs Tunnel Vision

Dogs are ambitious and hyper-focused while playing with tennis balls. This cheerful activity brings heaven to them, and they get focused on the play and forget the rest. That is usually happening with the dogs. Do we try to measure how the dogs may protect in this situation?

• Surrounding is vital in this context. If your dog is playing in sensitive surroundings such as meadows, hilly areas, rooftops without sidewalls, and other places with numerous divots, rocks, or other obstacles. This can cause the dog to trip, sprain his ankle, bump his snoot, or suffer any number of other injuries.

• Avoid allowing your dog to play with a tennis ball near a busy street, a sprained ankle can be potentially tragic with consequences.  

Maybe or maybe not, a tennis ball for my pet dog

Tennis balls are the best option for you or not, yet it is totally up to you what best toy you decide to play for your pet animal. Tennis ball, like every toy, has pros and cons. We can look at them in the best interest of our dog

• In most cases, we observe dogs love to play with the tennis balls and feel comfortable. So, it adds value for dogs. 

• Dogs know tennis balls are not certainly the rabbits to chase, but it adds pleasure in hunting their skills and allow them to move freely. 

Some necessary precautions one should follow to secure them from unnecessary harm and danger.

• Avoid giving a tennis ball to your dog all day, and do not leave the ball in the place where your dog can access it. 

• Be aware of the place your puppy is playing around. The right place is close to you for your dog, for this backyard, and the front place is best. On the other hand, open grassy areas and nearby parks are best in this context. 

• The pet family should consider the tennis ball material and its durability. Another, purchasing the balls manufactured by the tennis ball companies for the pet dogs are best for dogs.