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Top Health Benefits of Roller Skating You Never Knew

In these days of the pandemic, everyone is worry about its health. And due to the lockdown situation, almost all outdoor exercise places are closed. But there is good news for you. You can take the benefits of Roller Skating. If you want to maintain your shape you can do it by skating.

Because we can do it anywhere, without interacting with people, you can wander on your favorite paths. Only comfy roller skates are required for this fun activity. 

Furthermore, it is a perfect aerobic exercise you can do for burning the extra calorie. Which you have gained by eating your favorite chocolates or after-school cookies during the lockdown.

Furthermore, it is the best alternative to the old school exercise practices like jogging, walking, gym, etc.

In other words, you can give nuance to your exercise routine by replacing it with roller skating.

What does Roller Skating do for your Body?-Health benefits of Roller Skating

Do you ever think about what does Roller skating does for your body? Is it only a leisure time activity and sports? But what If I tell you it does more than you think of it. Well, here is a list of benefits of Rollerblading according to researchers and health practitioners. That emphasizes the importance of this sport in our everyday life as well and how we can use it for our wellbeing.

 Health Benefits of Roller Skating for Kids

Fun activity 

It is a great fun way to engage kids in positive activities. And you can make a good bond with kids through this activity by skating together. Go and cruise with them in the fresh air enjoying their favorite rhymes and having a break with their favorite snacks. It will create a strong bond between you and will help them cope with boring moods after lockdown days.

Say goodbye to Extra screen time- A Good alternate

During the pandemic, parents are too much worried about their kid’s physical health. Due to lockdown, all physical activities are almost ceased and children are feeling free to stick with gadgets. Which is creating obesity issues in children.

Further, with no physical activity and without following e-disciplines kids are becoming obese. How to overcome this situation?

Good question.

You can overcome this situation by replacing gadgets with skates. Skates can do magic which you can’t imagine. Your child will go skating without nagging.

Maintain Healthy weight

Furthermore, the benefit of Roller skating is that it will help to burn all extra calories which your child has gained from snacks and junk foods. Likewise, you can take it as your child’s exercise workout routine to get his body in shape. Studies show that this sport engages all muscles of the body and helps in shedding weight and reduces body fat.

Further, it is easy on joints and kids easily do roller skating without getting any injury. In other words, we can say that your child will get the same health benefits as he gets during swimming or running without getting hurt in a fun way.

Improves Mood

After long days of lockdown, your kids may become irritated about getting stuck at home. For changing their mood, you can take them out for skating.

According to research, kids need at least an hour of gameplay daily. And due to pandemics, their activities are limited. But say thanks to roller skating, because it can make your child happy.

Furthermore, it is a good exercise, and we all know that during exercise our body releases Endorphin(Happy Hormone) which is responsible for making moods better.

Teenagers and pre-teens have mood swings and hormonal changes, skating can make their mood better.

Mental Health

Similarly, studies show that regular exercise has a great effect on kid’s brain development .and also boosts their cognitive functions. But workout or traditional exercise methods are not fascinating for teens or pre-teenagers.

 Hence, adding moderate roller skating to their routine as an exercise will be the best physical activity. It builds kid’s focusing and decision-making capability better. And enables them to make their cognitive skills better and productive.

Confidence Booster

Another key benefit of roller skating is that when kids roller skate they learn new skills. when they find themselves good at it, their confidence level boosts up. Furthermore, they learn how to balance while skating or try a new trick. Whenever he learn or master new things his self-esteem pushes him to a new milestone.

Maximize Muscle Endurance and Stamina

One more benefit of Roller skating is that it helps in muscle strengthening and toning. If your child get hang of it and skillfully roller skate uphill and climb. It will help him to work harder. Especially when roller skating our whole body workout and maximizes our endurance. Adding more weights to your skating or racing is a good way to improve your child’s endurance. The more intense the session the more you will improve your endurance.

Promoting Healthy Habits

Another benefit of roller skating is that it is not only a sport but it also promotes healthy habits in your kids. They learn to focus, discipline, and make them socially active and polish their social skills.

Health Benefits of Roller Skating For Adults

Roller skating has also a great effect on adults. It improves your heart health, strengthens muscles, burns calories, low impact on joints, etc. It works on muscles of the legs glutes and core. Adults can make their fitness time a fun time as well by adding tricks and mastering these tricks. Following are the health benefits of roller skating for adults.

Get Back in Shape-Burn Your Calories in less time

If you are worried about the extra weight you got during the pandemic and want to shed off. Then there is good news for you. According to a research study, roller skating provides a complete aerobic workout and involves all body muscles. It is equivalent to traditional exercise methods and provides the same benefits in less time.

It is recognized as a fitness sport by American Heart Association. According to research studies, a 143-pound person can burn 330 calories while skating an hour moderately. If the same skater skates vigorously, can burn 590 calories in an hour.

According to information from the Inline skating Association website, an average inline skating for 30 minutes expend 285 calories and produce heart rate. Furthermore, according to Dr. Foster a professor of medicine inline skating is as beneficial as cycling swimming or any other traditional exercise is.

Similarly, according to Harvard Medical School, ice skating burns up to 200 calories/hour hence it is a great way to burn calories and maintains a healthy weight.

Perfect Workout- Strength Training

What do you think about skating? What does it do to your body? Do you know it is a perfect workout for your body? According to The Roller skating Association International, skating utilizes every muscle in your body and burns 350-600 calories per hour. Mostly work muscles in skating are your leg muscles and hips(lower body). Your glutes, quads hamstrings, and calves will also get a good workout.

Your Maximus gluteus helps to extend and laterally rotate hips. While when you have to rely on gluteus medius when pushing off. This means all gluteus muscles work together to create a well-balanced position and also decrease pain in the back which may cause by muscular imbalance.

Furthermore, the balance of the body also relies on your core. Likewise for keeping you in an upright position all

Your spinal, abdominal, and lower back muscles work together. Hence, it play role in leg strength development, core strength and provides all benefits which regular exercise provide.

Strengthen your Heart

Similarly, according to the American Heart Association, Roller skating is good for cardiac health. It is an aerobic exercise which can help you maintain your fitness. According to research conducted at the University at Konstantx, moderate roller skating session increases heart rate up to 140-160 beats per minute and makes your heart healthy, and minimizes death rate due to heart diseases.

Manage Diabetes

Moreover, Roller skating also helps in the management of blood insulin levels in diabetic patients. According to American Diabetic Association, it prevents and manages diabetes. Further, it decreases blood glucose, relieves stress, and maintains cholesterol levels in the body.

Low Impact on Joints

Some people are not fond of jogging or walking. Or maybe these mainstream forms of exercise are not easy for them due to any chronic joint pain. Therefore they can take skating as their fitness exercise. It is an excellent option for them. Because it is easy on joints and like running or jogging it doesn’t cause more pain. 

Similarly, It engages different muscles of the body i.e. for propelling your body use legs, and for balance engage your core to keep your body in an upright position and arms for building momentum. Furthermore, it provides fluid motion which prevents damage to your joints. According to research Inline skating causes less than 50% shock to joints comparing to other exercise methods. Hence it is less laborious and low impact on joints.

Improves Respiratory Health

Further, Skating improves your respiratory health. During this great exercise, respiration rate increases, and pulse rate also boosts. Which in turn improves the function of your lungs and heart.

Balance and coordination

Another important benefit of this aerobic fitness sport is that it improves your balance and coordination. In skating, you need to hold your body in an upright position by maintaining a steady core smoothly and efficiently. Good coordination is a vital part of skating and skill development. It is almost an effortless way to build up better balance and coordination through skating. All you need is your skating wheels under your feet.

Excellent cross-training Exercise

Likewise, if you are a sports person and involved in sports, skating will be the best choice as a cross-training exercise. It will facilitate your primary sport further by toning your muscles. And it also helps to boost your confidence in your primary sport.

Stress Reliever

According to the latest research, there is a striking correlation between skaters and their improved mental health. The study conducted by Instinct Laboratory and Flo Skate Park has shown that skating helps in reducing stress and increase confidence.

Imagine you are skating in an open environment on your favorite street or near a riverbank along with your favorite pair of Skate, How does it feel? Sounds good?? Yes, it will make you happy, reduces stress, and get rid of anxiety.

Moreover, during exercise, our body releases the happy hormone Endorphins, which reduces pain and boosts pleasure results in a better mood.

Socialization activity

Besides all the above benefits of Roller Skating, skating is a very good socialization activity. At the rink, while roller skating you can make new friends and can interact with people having the same interests as you. Interacting with new people at the skating rink may positively impact your mental health and reduces the likelihood of dementia.

Plus you can also do it outdoor, skating at new places and discovering new tracks and tricks, you can meet new friends and increase your social circle.

Everyone and Everywhere can be done_No Rink 

Furthermore, the best thing about skating is that you can do it anywhere outdoor or indoor. Whether you are an adult or a kid. Even if you are above 60 or so there is no age limit for skating. Hence all you can do is only with your inline skate or quad skates but don’t forget your elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet because fall is inevitable. 

Mean of Transportation

What happened scared of listening to skateboard as a means of transportation? Don’t worry I am not saying you to replace your car with skates, but you can use them for short distances.

Low on Budget

Additionally, it is a low-budget sport, it doesn’t burden your wallet. No need for fuel, or expensive equipment, all you need is your comfy skates along all protective gears require for skating.


Here are all the mind-blowing benefits of Roller skating. What skating does to our body? How it helps in managing good heart health and diabetes? Why we should take it as our workout? We have discussed all the key benefits of roller skating here. Now put on your favorite pair of skates, take a deep breath and feel the fresh air in. Now it is time to cruise and fly on your wheel to meet your fitness goals.