Best Scooters For Big Guys

Best Scooters For Big Guys of 2023 | Top 10 Scooters

Finding the best scooters for big guys can be a problem. It is good to have a scooter that has maximum weight capacity. Also, the design, size, and lightweight add more appeal to a scooter.

So, to save your time and to help you buy the right scooter, I have reviewed the top 10 best scooters you can choose any of them according to your preference.

Best Scooters For Big Guys 2023 – Quick Guide

Products Maximum Weight Recommendation Age Recommendation Price
Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter 220 Pounds 6 to 9 years Check on Amazon
HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter 220 Pounds Age 12 and above Check on Amazon
Kids/Adult Scooter 220 Pounds Above 12 years Check on Amazon
Micro Kickboard Foldable Micro Scooter 220 Pounds 8 years and above Check on Amazon
Hikole Scooter For Adults Teens 220 Pounds 10 years and up Check on Amazon
Lascoota Scooters For kids 220 Pounds 8 years and up Check on Amazon
Apollo XXL Scooter 220 Pounds 6 years and up Check on Amazon
Beleev V5 Scooter 220 Pounds 8 years and up Check on Amazon
Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter 220 Pounds 8 years and up Check on Amazon
Scooter – Scooter For Teenagers 220 Pounds 8 years and up Check on Amazon


Top Best Scooters For Big Guys To Buy In 2023

After so much research, I have finally come up with the top 10 best scooters for big guys that are nothing but the best for you. Choose the one that suits you the best. So let’s begin.

Mongoose Expo Youth A Scooters For Big Guys

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features       

  • 12 inches bike style tires
  • BMX bike style handlebars
  • Wide foot deck
  • Includes two axle pegs
  • Steel traction coated deck
  • Alloy caliper handbrakes
  • Age Recommendation: 6 to 9 years
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Mongoose

The brand that I trust the most is Mongoose. They are the manufacturers of  high quality products. This scooter by Mongoose is all ready to save you from frustration. Mongoose never compromises on safety. To save your child bumping, it does not clunk over sidewalks. Also, it does not disbalance on small pebbles. So, no fears about falling at all.

With its 12 inches inflatable tires, your child can go anywhere. From rollover grass to loose pavement with grit, it does not lose balance and is big enough for small and big kids to have some fun. It offers a smooth ride without bumping into the surroundings.

In case if your child wants to grind a sidewalk on the way to the park, it includes two axle pegs. This is among the best scooters for big guys and it rides all over the stuff that can’t be ridden with incline skate wheel scooters.

For a more efficient kick, you can easily adjust the height of the handlebars. The freestyle handlebar rotor of this scooter is easy to use and builds up confidence in children. Also, you will love the easy and comfortable grip of the alloy caliper.

It features a brake cable motor that offers 360 degree bar spins and makes turning easy. This scooter by Mongoose is one of the most uncomplicated scooters that you can own.

The wide foot deck of this scooter is a real deal breaker. It maintains stability and balance at high speed. Also, these are engineered especially for heavy bodies making them the best scooters for big guys.

Without putting much stress on the knees, the 3.5 inches height of the floorboard from the ground allows the rider to scoot freely. What I love the most about this scooter is that it is easy to assemble and does not require too much effort to put together.

  • Comes in three colors
  • Wide deck
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Highly stable
  • Sturdy frame
  • Versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inflatable thick tires
  • Sleek design
  • Greased bearings
  • Wheels have a plastic rim

Final Verdict

I must say that this scooter by Mongoose is for extreme sports lovers. It offers a safe and secure ride.

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding – Best Scooters for Big Guyz

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • 205mm big wheels
  • Adjustable handlebars height
  • Easy folding design
  • Elastic wear resistant wheels
  • 3 color choice
  • Aluminum frame
  • Adjustable steering rod
  • Rustproof
  • Portable style
  • Age recommendation: Age 12 years and above
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: HUDORA

HUDORA with its roots in Europe is famous as a sports brand. Its scooters are unique and exceptional in design. Also, for their highly efficient scooters, they are ranking first in Europe.

The first feature that I would like to highlight is its 205mmbig wheels. With a 100kg load capacity, it provides a faster ride with safety.

You will love the practical folding mechanism of this scooter. It lets you fold the handlebars easily and carry them anywhere you go. Also, the scooter includes a strap for any kind of transportation.

Its three-color choice and durable design make it worth buying. The big elastic PU wheels are highly elastic, well built, and wear-resistant. They are wrapped with a soft sponge and reduce vibration while sliding down the hill. So you don’t feel any pain.

With its sleek and agile design, it is easy to ride HUDORA scooters around the neighborhood. With its high folding mechanism, it can withstand heavyweight and can cover long distances without any problem.

What I love the most about this scooter is that its handlebars are adjustable. You can choose the height settings according to your preference. The grips of the bike are nice and avoid any mishap.

If you are someone who loves on and off the scooter, then this HUDORA 205 adult scooter is perfect for you. The three colors of this scooter look stunning. Along with the rust-proof feature, its portable design is very eye-catching and attracts people towards it.

  • Easy to fold
  • Gives smooth ride
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Handy strap
  • More color options
  • High-quality scooter
  • A little high deck
  • Noisy

Final Verdict

This scooter by HUDORA is solid, well built, and secure to carry around. You will love all its features. It is a must have scooter.

Kids/Adult Scooters

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Oversized wheel design
  • 3 seconds easy folding system
  • Foam cover detachable T-bar
  • Anti-skidding feature
  • Frosting humanized design
  • Fashionable appearance
  • Age Recommendation: Above 12 years
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Fast 88

If you are someone looking for the best kick scooter then this kids/adult scooter by fast 88 is for you. Both the black and white colors of this scooter with an ergonomic design look elegant and sophisticated.

It is designed to adapt movement over all kinds of pavements. Whether it be pebbles, glass, asphalt, or square, it is safe to use over all kinds of surfaces. The simple operation with a kickstand is easy to control and will help in the development of balance and coordination.

With its 200mm oversized wheels, riding it with speed is not a problem anymore. For superior traction and smoothness over terrain, it features a foot rear brake. As its wheels are composed of polyurethane material, it can hold up to 220 pounds of weight. Therefore, it is suitable for adults, children, and teens.

The three-second easy folding system is convenient and easy to use. As it is compact, you can store it anywhere. With its easy folding system, it is convenient to carry around while traveling. Also, it hardly takes any space while storing.

Fast 88 always keeps customer satisfaction first. So, this scooter is made of 100% aluminum which makes it solid and secure. The front and rear suspension ensure safe and security right over any surface.

With its seven carbon steel bearings it has maximum durability for which it is loved the most. The feature that I adore the most about this scooter is that it provides comfortable and fast riding without tripping around.

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Dual suspension
  • Easy storage
  • Strong wheels
  • Expensive
  • Frame gets broken

Final Verdict

This scooter is from a very trusted brand. It gives an amazing and comfortable riding experience. You will never regret buying it.

Micro Kickboard Foldable Micro Scooters For Kids

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • Smooth gliding
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Secure fold
  • T-bar steering
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Stylish design
  • Age Recommendation: Above 8 years
  • Maximum weight recommendation 220 years
  • Manufacturer: Micro kickboard

When it comes to buying the best brand for a scooter, I would recommend Micro kickboard. It is a trustworthy brand. The micro kickboard scooter has some incredible features and also comes at a reasonable price. This Micro kickboard is loved for its exceptional cool colors and smooth glide. It is built with such components that last forever.

The wheels of this scooter are made of polyurethane material that ensures maximum stability and security even on the rough surface. With its built-in kickstand, you can park it quickly.

If you go on a picnic frequently, this scooter by Micro kickboard is the best for you. It allows quick and easy folding. For storing it conveniently on a family trip, you can simply fold it and you are on the go. For unfolding it, you can lose the clamp and job done.

This micro kickboard is ideal for teens and lightweight adults. It holds a rider’s load of up to 220 pounds.

This innovative scooter by micro kickboard is a long lasting scooter. With its construction of heavy materials, it has an ultra smooth slide which ensures a safe and secure ride every time.

Kids love this scooter for its colors and smooth gliding even on rough surfaces. It is designed especially for a stable ride with no shake or rattle. You can take it easily to the park or school.

The four colors of this scooter that are silver, red, blue, and black look stunning. You will love the

adjustable handlebar feature. Also, it is recommended to wear a helmet while riding this scooter for safety. This scooter by Micro keyboard is very handy and lightweight. It is for adults of up to six inches in height making it the best is the scooter for tall guys.

  • Quick folding
  • Portable
  • Secure right
  • Easy to carry around
  • Durable
  • Smooth glide
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Weak joint handles mechanism

Final Verdict

This scooter by Micro kickboard is a perfect option for people who are tall. It is safe and easy to use. So I would say that it is worth the money.

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Hikole Best Scooters For Adult Teens

Key Features

  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Front and rear dual suspension
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Patented rear Fender brake
  • Lower and white deck
  • Extra large polyurethane wheels
  • Carry strips
  • The retractable kickstand
  • Age recommendation: Age 10 above
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hikole

If you are looking for a scooter that looks dashing and stunning, then this scooter by Hikole is all set to provide a comfortable experience while using it. Its elegant and sophisticated design adds a classy look to it.

Whatever features that you want in a scooter, Hikole has all of that for you. The lower deck of this scooter can support a weight of up to 220 pounds (100kg). It is wide enough to give you space for foot and an easy kick on the floor. The durable metal construction makes it more long lasting than others.

With the front and rear dual suspension, it reduces bumps and provides a smooth riding experience. It gives an incredible ride over any pavement. You will love the large aluminum reinforced brake pedal. This gives a quick and firm brake to the scooter fastly and easily.

The adjustable handlebars have soft rubber covering and have a nice and comfortable grip. With its patented rear fender brake, you can stop the scooter only by pressing the foot rear brakes. The feature that I adore the most is its easy folding carrying mechanism. It lets you carry it for quick storage and transportation. Also, the carry strips are easy to use.

The three adjustable handlebars of this scooter make it even more in demand. Its height can be

adjusted for both growing teens and adults. The concern that most people have is related to the

handlebar locking mechanism, but not anymore. This scooter has a safe and secure locking mechanism and does not trip.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Thoughtful design
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Big wheels
  • Sturdy frame
  • Durable
  • Gets broken
  • Hard to fold next time

Final Verdict

You will love the sleek design of this scooter. It does not make noise while riding and have a comfortable soft hand grip.

Lascoota Scooters For Kids

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • Secure and comfortable rides
  • No assembly needed
  • Easy to transport
  • Wear-resistant PU wheels
  • Push to fold mechanism
  • Extra-wide deck
  • Carry on step
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Sturdy kickstand
  • USB charging
  • Heat-treated brake
  • Age recommendation: 8 years and up
  • Maximum weight recommendation 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Lascoota

You would be very pleased to know that this scooter by Lascoota features USB charging. It can be fully charged for 2.5 hours and have the coolest light accessory.

The premium brake light accessory kit of this scooter will make you visible in traffic. You will love the illumination of the light. There’s an easy to install USB charging brake system that makes it different from all other kinds of the scooter.

As it is made of high end aluminum and steel, its commuter is perfect for a fun activity and office as well. This scooter by Lascoota is a perfect combo of power and style. It has a stylish sleek design that attracts people towards itself. Riding this scooter is a fun activity with more endless adventures.

The most incredible feature about this scooter is that it does not require any assembly. It comes in a single piece, ready to go around.

With its high rebound wheels, it has maximum durability on all kinds of pavements. Also, the wheels are fast, powerful, and rear resistant. It features a long lasting braking power which gives a smooth riding experience without any risk of accidents.

The non slip wide deck gives maximum stability and is perfect to fit most shoes. It is an ideal scooter for transportation and storage. The easy to fold mechanism is like a Breeze. For more flexibility and easy traveling, it features a carry on strap. This gives an easy traveling experience with safety and security.

What I adore the most about this product are its ergonomic handgrips. They give a soft nice feeling to the palm and provide leverage while turning. With all its features and ergonomic design, this scooter is unique and incredible.

  • Sturdy frame
  • USB charging
  • Flashing light
  • No vibrations
  • No assembly required
  • Stylish design
  • Smooth ride
  • Worth the price
  • Not safe to use
  • Faulty parts

Final Verdict

This scooter by Lascoota is well built. I would say that this scooter is versatile and you can ride it safely and securely.

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Apollo XXL Scooter – Best Scooters for Big Guys
Key Features

  • Fast and safe scooter
  • Polyurethane LED wheels
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Soft hand grips
  • 2 high rebound wheels
  • Non-Slip step surface
  • Age recommendation 6 plus years
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Apollo

I know everyone hates old-fashioned boring scooters. So, for this Apollo is ready to give you the best fashionable riding experience with its XXL scooter.

This scooter by Apollo is a big wheel scooter. With its 200mm XXL scooter wheels, it features handles that turn easily and are height adjustable. The RGB LED lights give a cool look, especially in dark. Also, when the polyurethane wheels rotate, they light up and have a security advantage.

The large wheels and wide deck of this scooter add stability and safety to it. You can ride it at a fast speed across the city safely. This scooter is said to be a pro scooter for a reason. It offers three different height adjustments of handlebar that make it perfect for both teens and adults.

The main highlight feature of this scooter is that it folds with only one click. It allows you to fold it

without any hassle. You will love the handgrip of this scooter. It has a safe and soft touch to the palm.

With its folding mechanism of only a few seconds, it saves you valuable time on the go. It is a compact scooter which means that you can carry it easily and comfortably with the help of a shoulder strap. Also, you can carry it with you on a picnic.

This scooter ensures velocity and flexibility by its 200mm high rebound tires. The tires allow you to ride over any kind of floor. Apollo never compromises on customers’ safety. For this, the scooter has a non-slip safety grip. It handles you safely in heavy traffic. They can easily be regarded as amongst the best scooters for big guys.

With the foot stand, parking this scooter is easy and convenient. Also, the rear wheel friction adds stability and durability to it.

  • Cool and stylish look
  • Three adjustable height options
  • Durable
  • Comfortable padded grip
  • Sturdy
  • The lock of handlebars do not stay down
  • Not safe to use
  • Fragile

Final Verdict

A stylish-looking scooter with a safe and secure ride makes this scooter eye catching among the best scooters for big guys. This scooter by Apollo is much easier to use. You can use it over any kind of pavement.

Beleev V5 Big Guys Scooters

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • One second folding system
  • Easy transportation
  • 200mm high rebound large wheels
  • Wide and low deck
  • Age Recommendation: 8 years
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BELEEV

Beleev V5 Scooter is yet another scooter that performs efficiently. Beleev is a brand that has a

special place in our hearts. Their scooters are worth the price.

The aluminum frame of this Beleev V5 scooter is sturdy and durable enough to grow with your kids. That means that you can adjust its height with your growing kid. You don’t have to buy a new scooter again and again.

This scooter by Beleev is a perfect combination of safe and comfortable riding. Beleev always keeps safety in mind while manufacturing its products. It allows you to glide with ease and support for up to 220 pounds.

You will love the rubber handles. They provide a steady hold and have a comfortable grip. The

handlebars do not wobble over any kind of payment and give a safe and secure ride.

What I love the most about this scooter is that it takes only one second to fold. This makes it unique and different from all other best scooters for big guys present in the market. The folding and unfolding of this scooter does not need any tool and fold up easily.

With its easy to carry strap, you can carry it with you onto subways. Also, you can hang it on your shoulders like a backpack. This scooter by Beleev is a perfect example of an effortless ride. As it is made up of 200mm high rebound polyurethane wheels. It gives smooth and comfortable rides even on Hard and uneven surfaces. The shock absorption mechanism of this scooter keeps it away from all kinds of vibrations.

You will fall in love with the wide deck. It is designed especially to grip shoes for safety. Also, it

maintains balance on each kick and allows you to glide easily around. This scooter with its compact body is easy to store and is portable enough to carry around.

  • Durable
  • 6 colors available
  • Offers smooth ride
  • Four adjustable height options
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to carry
  • Effortless ride
  • Hard to fold
  • Handles pop-out

Final Verdict

The six colors of this scooter look stunning and stylish first stop this scooter by Beleev allows you all the features that you are looking for. Its versatility and stability make it worth the price.

Razor A5 Air Kick Scooters for Big Guys

Best Scooters For Big Guys

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Key Features

  • Air-filled tires
  • Anti-rattle system
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Rubber grips
  • Extra-long deck
  • Shock absorbing pneumatic tires
  • Age Recommendation: 8years above
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Razor

We all love Razor, don’t we? This scooter by Razor is not some ordinary kind of scooter that requires too much effort to use it. It has some unique features that will make you fall in love with itself. Razor offers safety, security, and style stored in this one scooter.

For reliable performance and stability, it features shock absorbing pneumatic tires. These tires are designed in a way that they can commute over all kinds of pavements. Also, it does not wobble on a Pebble path.

Built off a super strong aluminum frame, it ensures a smooth ride and adds durability to it. It is easy to operate a scooter that is ideal for both long and short distance rides. The super strong construction of this scooter makes it a perfect choice for tall guys.

It features an extra long deck that is designed in a way to meet daily requirements. You will

fall in love with its easy and enjoyable maneuvering. It doesn’t matter whether you are riding or

running errands, this scooter by Razor will serve you in every possible way.

This scooter is easy to fold and store. You can carry it with you whenever and where ever you want. The rubber grips give a wide soft comfortable grasp and control. You will love the black and silver color of this scooter. Its streamlined and ergonomic design makes it worth every penny.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless scooter
  • And vegetable height
  • Smooth ride
  • Improper wheel design
  • No bumping of tires possible

Final Verdict

This stunning scooter by Razor is perfect for everyday use. It looks absolutely elegant and Sophisticated.

Scooter – Scooter for Teenager – Kick Scooter –

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Scooter-Scooter For Teenagers
Key Features

  • Alloy deck
  • Folding 2 wheel scooter
  • Easy maneuver technology
  • Adjustable T-bar handle
  • Extending standing area
  • Lean-to steer functionality
  • 5 different colors
  • Front suspension system
  • Age Recommendation: 8 years and up
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hurtle

This Hurtle scooter is unique in its way. It is designed with high quality features. You will love the charming colors of this scooter.

The frame of this scooter is forged with alloy steel. As equipped with a front suspension system, it is designed especially to resist bumps and accidents. The frame of this scooter is very rigid and sturdy. It is strong enough to hold a weight of up to 220 pounds.

With its lean to steer feature, it gives a unique riding experience similar to a skateboard. Also, it offers to carve turns and adds security with the help of handlebars.

The unique style of this scooter can’t be beaten. Its concave wide deck makes pull off tricks as easy as tail whips and slides. It is easy to carry and lets you carry this scooter anywhere you go. The feature that I love the most about this scooter is its smart guard. This saves it from contact with rocks, mud, and dirt.

As it has an adjustable height feature, you can adjust the height of handlebars to 33, 35, and 38 inches tall. So, it will grow with you and is a long time partner.

The main highlight feature of this scooter is its aluminum brake with reflection. It absorbs the energy and lets you ride over even and uneven surfaces. 

You will love the non-slip wide deck of this scooter. It lets you put both of your feet on it while riding. As the wheels are made of polyurethane material, they are perfect for tackling dirt. You will love the folding and unfolding feature of this scooter. This compact kick scooter has some incredible features. You can fold and unfold it without any tool.

  • Easy fun ride
  • Well built
  • Durable
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Worth the price
  • Fragile
  • Cheap

Final Verdict

This cheap scooter for tall guys is loved for its efficiency. Its features make it more in demand.

Best Scooters For Big Guys – Buying guide

How to get the right scooter for yourself is a question that you must think of. So, to make your buy worth every penny, here are some features that you should always pay attention to.

Size of wheels

The wheels of the scooter are of two types that are big and small. Both types of wheels have their advantages.

A small wheel is lightweight and is easy to move. Whereas a large wheel has more shock absorption power and is more efficient in rolling.


Always look for a wide deck. A wide deck does not wiggle and is more compatible than a smaller one. Also, it is easy to change the position of the foot on a wide deck.


Suspensions perform the work of shock absorption. They are installed at the front or the back of the scooters. Suspensions work by riding mostly over an uneven surface is. So, it is important to look for a scooter that has better suspension and is more comfortable.

Foldable or Unfoldable

The folding mechanism is yet another feature that you should look forward to while buying a scooter. It helps you carry the scooter conveniently. Also, look for scooters that are easy and hassle-free to fold.


Handlebars are related to the height of the scooters. They let you use it for a longer time. Some scooters have adjustable handlebars. So, that you don’t have to buy the scooters again and again. Therefore, handlebars are also an important part of a scooter to which you should pay attention.


Here are the answers to some of the questions that people have in their minds while buying a scooter.

How do choose a scooter for adults?

While buying the best scooters for guys, enjoyment and comfortability should be the most prior thing. Also, it is important to look for a scooter that has high efficient performance and speed.

Are bigger wheels better for a scooter?

It is good to have a scooter that has big wheels. This is because they are fast and add stability to them.

Up to how much weight does a kick scooter support?

A kick scooter supports up to 300 pounds of weight. It is better to look for scooters that can support the high weight.

Final Thoughts

What is the best scooter for adults is a question that you must have thought of. So, for a clear vision about a scooter, here I have reviewed the top 10 best scooters for big guys.

For me, Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter is recommended among the best scooters for big guys. It has a beautifully elegant and sophisticated design. So, now choose the one that is best for you. Happy shopping!