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Maple Skateboard Reviews | Review and Guide 2022

Skateboards come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Features of a skateboard can make a difference in skateboarding. Traditionally maple skateboards are used for manufacturing skateboards. This is because maple skateboards are flexible, strong, and are break-resistant. So here I have written about Maple skateboard reviews. You can buy any of them according to your preference.

Skating is an enjoyable and fun thing to do. A good skateboard makes a lot of difference in skating. It may help in learning new tricks and stunts. Also, it may pass your time easily. To become a better skater, along with the skills it is necessary to have the best skateboard. So read this article to know about maple skateboard reviews. You can get the best one for yourself by reading it.

Top Maple Skateboards At A Glance

How do I choose a good skateboard?

Before discussing the top 8 maple skateboard features, you should know which features and specifications of a skateboard make it different in functionality and appearance. 

Skaters are more interested in longboard skateboards. A longboard skateboard is more responsive in action than the short one. Skateboards should have a large and wide deck for a comfortable and smooth ride.

It’s tricky to choose a good skateboard. So, in addition to the deck, it is important to consider the axle, kingpins, wheels, and trucks of a skateboard before buying it.

Top Best Maple Skateboard Reviews In 2022

After so much research, I have finally come up with the top best maple skateboard reviews that are nothing but the best for you. Choose the one that suits you the best. So let’s begin.

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser Skateboard

Key Features

  • Aluminum trucks
  • Bamboo and Maple deck
  • You retain wheels
  • Laser at logo
  • Sand grit finish
  • Package Dimensions: 45.5 x 10.9 x 5.4 inches
  • Package Weight: 4.29 kg
  • Manufacturers: Magneto

If you are someone who loves multiple riding styles, then this Magneto 44-inch Kicktail Cruiser Skateboard is for you. Whether it be carving, dance, cruiser, or any other thing, you can do whatever your heart desires. This skateboard is designed, especially for multiple riding styles.

This kicktail cruiser is perfect for pros and beginners. It has a stable deck and does not have much flexibility that making it safe to ride. For an extra grip and easy turning around the corners, it is manufactured with urethane wheels. The wheels are designed in a way that they ride smoothly over rough roads. The wheels of this skateboard come in three colors that are red, black, and blue.

This skateboard by Magneto is said to be versatile for a reason. It is engineered to skate and cruise around the town. If you are into longboarding then the kicktail of this skateboard is functional for all kinds of riding. For more strength and stiffness, the deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and the bottom is made of maple core. Both the bamboo and maple core makes it durable.

It features a 7-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees which makes it strong and sturdy. You will love the tumbled finish of this skateboard. For more smooth cruisers, it has bushings of high rebound with medium stiffness. These bushings add more stability and security to this skateboard while riding. There is a sand grit finish over the top of the deck. This finish gives a translucent cool color to it.

Calling this skateboard stylish wouldn’t be wrong. Its color and design make it look one of a kind. This maple skateboard is made for adults, teens, and kids and it is perfect for longboarding. With this skateboard, you will freestyle and can do whatever you want.

  • Sand grit finish
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy rigid frame
  • No adjustment feature
  • Bad quality wheels
  • The deck gets cracked

Magneto Kids Maple Skateboard Reviews

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Perfect size
  • Durable stylish design
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Magneto

We all have heard about Magneto at some point in our life. They are the manufacturers of high-quality skateboards. Well, this skateboard by Magneto is designed especially for kids and teens.

The height of this skateboard is lower than all the other traditional skateboards. For which it is perfect to learn skateboarding. This skateboard can also be used by adults and advanced skaters that are looking for a small ride.

For comfortable skating, the deck of this skateboard is made with rock hard maple. Also, the shallow concave shape of this skateboard adds stability to it.

What I love the most about this skateboard is that it comes completely assembled. You will be surprised by the three different graphic options of this skateboard. You will love all of them. The 5″ gravity cast aluminum build of the skateboard adds extra strength and durability. Also, the bushing makes turning around the corners easy and convenient.

This skateboard has wheels made of polyurethane material. They make the ride on this skateboard extra stable and smooth. The 2.75 inches long and 7.75 inches wide deck of this skateboard is perfect to learn skating on. Also, the perfect size of this skateboard is different from all other skateboards present in the market.

With the seven plies of hard Maple on the deck, this skateboard is perfect for safe and secure riding. This makes it the best Maple skateboard. The perfect weight of this skateboard lets you put both of your feet on it. Kids are more likely to learn fast and ride securely on this skateboard.

This skateboard is covered in grip tape that protects it from slips. The ergonomic and stylish design of this skateboard makes it more in demand and is worth the price.

  • 200 pounds load capacity
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Stylish design
  • Poor bearings
  • Wavy design

Hawkeye 41 Inch Freeride Maple Wood Skateboard

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • High-density maple wood skateboard
  • Anti-shock PU wheels
  • Powerful grip
  • Super soft bushings
  • Includes all-in-one T-tool
  • Package Weight: 6-8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hawkeye

I know it’s really hard to find a safe and secure skateboard but not anymore. This skateboard by Hawkeye is made from high-quality components. It is perfect for pros and beginners to perform some tricks and stunts. As it is composed of eight layers of grade natural maple, it has a powerful grip that adds stability during skating. The non-slip surface prevents it from slipping on any kind of surface. This skateboard by Hawkeye can support up to 330 pounds weight that is suitable for both adults and kids.

For a smooth and speedy ride, the PU wheels of this skateboard have an anti-shock feature. The ABEC-7 Chrome steel bushings give a smooth and speedy ride even over rough surfaces. With its all-in-one skate T-tool, you can tighten and repair the parts of the skateboard.

As it is made of a thick aluminum truck with a steel axle, it is reliable and sturdy for professionals and beginners. You will love the fact that it requires no assembly and comes fully assembled.

This Hawkeye skateboard has a high-friction and waterproof grip that gives a safe and secure ride every time. Maple brand skateboard reviews show that this skateboard is designed especially for speedy skating. The unique shape and size of this skateboard give a smooth gliding.

Even if riding at a high speed, the faster roll maintains balance. It is a noiseless and wear-resistant skateboard. The steel truck bolt and plastic PU support pad give it a comfortable ride without any fatigue.

This 41-inch longboard skateboard with its colorful stylish appearance gives speed skateboarding in a free manner. You will love all the designs and functionality of this skateboard.

  • Freestyle skating
  • Soft bushings
  • 41 inches long skateboard
  • Stylish design
  • Worth the money
  • Smells like cigarette smoke
  • Not accurate weight limit
  • Design peels off
  • Flimsy

Minority 32 Inches Maple Skateboard Reviews

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Rock Maple deck
  • Soft PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7-ply hardcore maple
  • Steel kingpin
  • Manufacturer: HongHenry Distribution

This minority skateboard has a pretty attractive design. It ranges from trendy to vintage boards perfect for boarding around. With its white deck and strong PU wheels, it can support up to 220 pounds of weight.

As it is manufactured with seven-ply Hardrock maple, it is perfect to perform some tricks on. This Maple skateboard is equipped with a carbon steel kingpin that holds the deck together and prevents any kind of accident. You will love the epoxy glued and cold-pressed Maple deck of this skateboard. It has an eye-catching design and is wide enough to keep both feet comfortably on it.

The 65A polyurethane wheels have high rebound performance and do not trip over an uneven surface. As it is forged with genuine aluminum, it is highly stable and secure to ride.

The concave design of this skateboard is perfect for stunts and has a fast speed for tricks. There are 19 color and design options available for this skateboard. All the colors and the different designs available make it more in demand.

This minority skateboard for its elegant design and affordable price is perfect to gift someone. It is 32 inches long and 8 inches wide which makes it more durable. It gives a smooth riding experience. Along with the skate park, you can ride it anywhere.

You will be pleased to know that this skateboard is flexible. It does not shake while riding and has extra support through epoxy glue. The speed of the skateboard can be increased by using the kick tail properly. Also, the kick tail increases the efficiency too.

The shape, size of the wheels, and equipment of this skateboard make it perfect for use by kids, adults, and teens.

  • Wide deck
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect grip
  • Attractive graphic design
  • Wears out quickly
  • Lightweight

 BELEEV Skateboard For Beginners

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Double kick concave design
  • Heavy-duty skateboard
  • Easy to control
  • Easy commuting
  • 7 wholesome colors
  • Composed of 7 layers of maple wood
  • Symmetric concave design
  • Anti-slippery PU wheels
  • Manufacturer: BELEEV

If you love skating and skate frequently, then you must have heard about BELEEV. They are the manufacturers of high-quality skateboards. The skateboards manufactured by BELEEV are designed especially for everyday skaters.

With this skateboard, it is easy to keep control while performing stunts and tricks. It keeps balance and control during the ride. As it is equipped with five-inch thick aluminum alloy trucks, it gives an incredible turning and sliding experience. The space between the space and trucks is increased with the riser pads. It prolongs the life of the deck.

When it comes to braking, this is a skateboard by BELEEV that gives easy control. If you love board skating then this BELEEV skateboard is for you. It is ready to hit the skateboard.

With this skateboard, you will be able to focus easily. You will love the smooth ride and versatility of this skateboard. This skateboard is not only for beginners but can also be used by expert riders.

The compact and strong body of this skateboard is lightweight. It is fun and easy to ride this skateboard. This skateboard is composed of seven-layer Maple wood that adds stability and comfort while riding. It can support up to 220 pounds weight which is suitable for all kids, teens, and adults.

When gliding at a fast speed, this skateboard ensures easy breaking and prevents all kinds of mishaps. For a smooth and fast ride, it features 55mm PU wheels. Also, the steel ABEC bearings PU bushings allow you to cruise in a free manner.

You will love the double kick concave design of this skateboard. It lets you control your movements. Also, you can handle all the obstacles easily while traveling. This adds more fun and energy while traveling this skateboard.

What I love the most about this skateboard is that it comes fully assembled. You can ride it without bumping into the surrounding. The seven colors of this skateboard give a cool stunning look to it.

  • Comes assembled
  • Symmetric design
  • Great grip
  • Shock absorption function
  • Makes creeks
  • The sticker ruins paint

Easy Way Skateboard Complete Reviews

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Strong grip
  • Stainless alloy bearings
  • Aluminum truck with PU damping
  • Hardwood Maple construction
  • Non-slip grip tape
  • High friction
  • Double warped support
  • Flashing wheels
  • Item Package Dimensions: 32 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Package Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Manufacturer: Sangde

Who doesn’t love skating? It is fun to move around using a skateboard. This skateboard by saying Sangde is a combo of the stylish and efficient skateboard. What I love the most about this skateboard is that it is shock-resistant and does not bump into surrounding rocks. A carry bag also comes with it for its compact and convenient storage.

The hardwood maple deck of this skateboard can withstand up to 220 pounds of weight. For a more steady structure of this skateboard, an alloy truck is used in it. It provides a smooth and easy turn of the corners.

You will love the cool LED lights of the PU wheels. The high rebound wheel has LED lights to give a cool and stunning look to it. They make riding safer in the dark.

The ABEC-11 bearings of the wheels give a smooth and fast glide to the skateboard. The wheels are engineered especially to fit on all kinds of roads. With the resilience of thread wheels and the ultra-long voyage, it is fun to ride this skateboard. You will love the double warped design of this skateboard. It is easy to operate and turn around sharp turns.

The highlight feature of this skateboard is its waterproof emery and non-slip grip tape. This gives high friction and easy movement over all kinds of roads. For beginners, the double 20 degrees warped design is useful. You can easily learn to ride it fast. The double warped design gives more strength to this skateboard.

This Sangde skateboard promotes powerful kick movement that means you can kick the floor with force without tripping around. With the anti-slip feature, you can ride it in a free manner. Also, it adds more safety to board skating.

The 7 layer hardwood maple construction adds more stability and toughness to the skateboard. You will love the design of the PU wheels. This skateboard along with its features worth the price.

  • Flashing wheels
  • Fun riding
  • Professional skateboard
  • Perfect size
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Soft wheels

Chrome Wheels 31 Inch Skateboard

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Suitable for all level skaters
  • Durable and stable
  • ABEC-7 precision bearings
  • Anti-shock PU wheels
  • Thick aluminum drugs
  • Item Package Dimensions: 32 x 8.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Package Weight: 2.25 KGS
  • Manufacturer: Chrome wheels

First of all, let me tell you how cool yet elegant this skateboard by Chrome wheels looks. The 31-inch black color body gives it a classic look. This skateboard by Chrome wheels does its job well. This skateboard can be used by beginners or pro skaters to perform some basic tricks and stunts. It is a high-quality skateboard that can be used to learn and enjoy skating.

What I love the most about this skateboard is It comes with a carrying bag. You can carry it easily. Also, with the help of the bag, you can carry it on your shoulders and you are on the go with free hands.

The highlight feature of this skateboard is that it comes fully assembled ready to ride on the go. Also, the eight-layer cold-pressed deck can support up to 220 pounds of rider weight. This skateboard can be used by kids above 8+ years. It has high toughness that adds stability and durability to it.

As it is equipped with an anti-slip feature, it prevents slipping over rough surfaces and is safe to use. You will love the heat transfer printing pattern of this skateboard. It looks stunning and attracts people towards itself. The 90A high rebound wheels will give a smooth gliding over the surface and take the skating experience to a next level.

This Chrome wheels skateboard is perfect to perform 360 degrees stunts and tricks on it. It brings fun to skating and lets you learn new things. The 50mm anti-shock wheels are engineered in a way that they are suitable for all kinds of surfaces that are even the ground. You will love the thick aluminum truck of this skateboard. You can ride it at a faster speed with safety.

  • Comes assembled
  • High-quality skateboard
  • Anti-shock wheels
  • Attractive design
  • Awful bearings
  • Glued nuts and screws
  • Smells like cigarette smoke

WhiteFang Maple Skateboard Reviews

Maple Skateboard Reviews

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Key Features

  • Seven layers Canadian Maple deck
  • High rebound PU wheels
  • Double kick dissymmetric concave
  • Smooth ride
  • High rebound PU bushings
  • Item package dimensions: 31 x 8 x 3.7 inches
  • Package Weight: 2.26 kg
  • Manufacturer: WhiteFang

WhiteFang understands all your needs and that is why it has a variety of skateboards that meet all your fun requirements. If you want a high-quality skateboard then you should opt for WhiteFangs.

Whitefang skateboards are constructed by 7 layers of Canadian Maple deck. It is built in a way that maintains a perfect balance between toughness and weight. As it is equipped with five inches magnesium alloy trucks it can withstand up to 330 pounds.

For an ultra-smooth ride, it has high rebound PU wheels. Also, the ABEC-9 precision bearings add more to the smoothness and stability of the skateboard. This skateboard by Whitefangs is suitable for commuting and is best among all other maple skateboard reviews.

What I adore the most about this skateboard is that it does not trip on uneven and rough surfaces. So, absolutely no worries about bumping into surroundings. This skateboard by Whitefangs has a minimalist design and is perfect to bring talent out of kids without any risk of injury.

The arrow and geometric patterns and the printed diamond design of this skateboard add more durability to it. This skateboard is for both beginners and professionals. If you are a beginner then this kick dissymmetric concave design will help you learn new tricks.

The wheels of this skateboard spin at a high speed. It gives a feeling of racing with the wind. You will be pleased to know that the wheels are noiseless when they’re spinning.

The customized Emery sandpaper over these skateboards gives a locking feeling to the feet and prevents slipping. This skateboard comes completely assembled and does not require any kind of service. You will cherish every single moment after buying this skateboard. It is worth buying.

  • Minimalist design
  • Assembly required
  • Perfect size
  • Durable
  • Sturdy frame
  • The board gets cracked
  • Flimsy
  • Cheap

Maple Skateboard – Buying Guide

When buying a maple skateboard, there are certain features and specifications that you should keep in your mind. So, here are some tips that you should never compromise on. Just keep them in your mind while looking for a maple skateboard.


It is important to take the measurements of the deck before buying the skateboard. The length of a skateboard deck is measured from the nose to its tail. The longer the board, the wider it will be. So, the size of a deck is the most important thing that you should keep in your mind. It is also important to look for the shape of the deck. It adds more stability and durability to the Skateboard. So a deck of the right shape can make a huge difference.


Wheels play an important part in the functionality of the skateboards. They make it easier to flip a skateboard. Wheels are measured in mm. It is better to look for a skateboard whose wheels are around 54 to 60mm. They cover a large surface area and are also lightweight.


The size of the truck depends upon the deck size. Make sure that the size of the truck that you are buying should not stick out. Normally a truck of size 149mm is good to use.


Skateboards come with various graphics and designs. Also, they attract customers towards themselves. The design of a skateboard adds more fun to skating. So, for more fun and enjoyment, it is important to look for your favorite design and style.


It is important to look for the maple skateboard prices before buying one. Normally a skateboard cost between $70 to $150. The price of a skateboard varies depending upon its functionality and efficiency of a skateboard. So, for a more functional skateboard, you should keep the budget high.


Here are the answers to some of your most asked queries when buying the Maple skateboards.

Are maple skateboards good to use?

Skateboards that are made of Maplewood are good to use. Maple skateboards are durable and stable. Also, they last longer than other skateboards.

Why is Maplewood used for manufacturing skateboards?

This is because Maplewood is strong and difficult to break. Maplewood is flexible but at the same time, they are strong to use for a skateboard.

Why is 7-ply Maple used for a skateboard?

Normally a skateboard is off 7-9 plies of Maplewood. This is because skateboards made of 7-9 ply Maple are resistant to breakage, are more responsive, and are lightweight.

Which skateboard is good for beginners?

For people starting skating from beginning to pro, Maple skateboards are perfect to use. They are built solid and are of high quality to learn some tricks on.

Is it important to be skinny for skateboarding?

For skateboarding, there is no limit to weight. However, you may get injured if your weight is above 220 pounds. Also, for a fat person, doing kickflips and ollies can be difficult.

Final Thoughts

After the above maple skateboard reviews, For me Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser skateboard is the best. It comes at a reasonable price. All its features and design are stunning and incredible. 

So, now after reading the above maple skateboard reviews and their pros and cons you can choose the best one for yourself. Happy Shopping!