Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand

Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand

Many people, especially those who are new to skating, tend to ask this question “Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand? In my article, I will give you all the information you need to know to understand what makes birdhouse skateboards so unique. If you are new to skateboarding, I recommend you invest in one, but a good skateboard. The best thing about birdhouse skateboards is that the skateboard’s deck design is perfect for both beginners and professional skateboarders.

The brand birdhouse is famous for its quality construction of skateboards. You can even find a complete range of Stage 2 series of skateboards. The Lizzie Armanto Favorites Green Complete Skateboard by Birdhouse measures 7.75″ wide x 31.70″ and can be used by anyone at any skateboarding skill level.

What is Birdhouse?

Birdhouse is the brainchild of two skateboarders, Per Welinder and Tony Hawk. It was established about 25 years ago, back in 1992. Originally Birdhouse was named Birdhouse projects. The brand’s main focus was on street skating rather than vert or freestyle. Tony Hawk is the owner of Birdhouse and a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. He is also the pioneer of the modern, commonly known as vertical skating.

 Birdhouse is considered the topmost and hottest brand of skateboards. Initially, the Birdhouse team consisted of big names like Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, Matt Beach, and Andrew Reynolds. Later on, Steve Berra, Heath Kirchart, Rick McCrank, and Brian Sumner joined the team. In 1998 Tony Hawk released a video game known as “The end” and “Feasters.” Tony Hawk’s venture into video gaming made Birdhouse gain more popularity among both skaters and non-skaters.

Birdhouse remains the top skaters’ choice like Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Clint Walker, and Ben Raybourn. What makes the birdhouse skateboards so different from the rest is that they are perfect for any shredding. 

Birdhouse skateboards team

The leading member of the birdhouse team is Tony Hawk and always will remain so since he has a remarkable history of skateboarding achievements attached to his name. In the world of skateboarding, his name remains the most iconic. 

But that’s not it. The Birdhouse Skateboards team also comprises big and prominent names in the world of modern skateboarding. It includes legends and fan favorites like Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ben Raybourn, David Loy, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Mike Davis, Lizzie Armanto, and Elliot Sloan. 

What is birdhouse skateboards?

The Birdhouse team consists of all the big names in the Skateboarding world. Due to the names of skateboard legends’ affiliations, Birdhouse is a name that everyone can trust. But, it is not it. The impeccable deck construction of the Birdhouse complete skateboard is so unique. In case you are wondering, are birdhouse skateboards good? Then read on further below to find out.


Why is birdhouse a good skateboard brand? It is all about the Birdhouse decks. These are very different from the other types of skateboard decks available in the market. The most striking feature of the birdhouse skateboards is the vivid graphical features they have on the deck. You get a skateboard with various fun, cartoon-style images featuring animals, people, or even objects. You can also get a Grim Reaper and Hawk-style deck. 

All the Birdhouse skateboard decks are made using 7 ply maple wood. The Birdhouse complete skateboards come pre-assembled with all the essential items, including a deck, bearings, hardware, grip tape, and wheels. 


Investing in a Birdhouse skateboard is a choice that will prove pretty helpful for years to come. It aims to focus on easy cruising for riders of all ages and skill levels. Also, you can use the skateboard to learn and practice tricks in your neighborhood or the park. 

The wheels featured on the board have impeccable construction. Along with the other parts like trucks and bearings. These move in sync with how you want your skateboard to move. Trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a good skateboard brand. 

Are birdhouse skateboards good?

Searching for a skateboard, you may wonder, are birdhouse skateboards good? Of Course, Birdhouse skateboards are amazing. The decks manufactured by Birdhouse have phenomenal construction. Especially the width of the skateboard, it is perfect for cruising no matter what terrain. The skateboards have a concave shape with an optimized kick. 

Though, the birdhouse skateboards are a little on the heavy side compared to the other popular board. Even though many skateboarders think that the weight of the deck is just perfect. It is neither too heavy nor too light. 

The best thing about Birdhouse is that they have a very minimalist approach to manufacturing skateboards. You cannot find anything too flashy. Each and every skateboard in the Birdhouse series has a convenient and functional design. 

Some professional skateboarders believe that Birdhouse Skateboards are not as durable as they like them to be. It is because the skateboard tends to get cracks on the deck over the years. But, if we compare the performance of the decks of the most popular brands of skateboards. Birdhouse has a pretty fantastic construction.

Also, the skateboard has excellent pop. But, the problem with the pop is that it doesn’t last for a long time. It disappears after years of use. These are the only issues that people face when using Birdhouse skateboards. Other than these, the birdhouse complete skateboard is pretty amazing.

Final Thoughts

After going through the information in my article now, you know why Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand. 

Not only the brand but the performance of the Birdhouse skateboards speak for themselves. It enables you to perform tricky moves with ease and comfort. Some professionals are not very impressed by its performance, as it tends to wear down after years of use. 

Yet the Birdhouse skateboards remain among the most popular skateboard available at a very competitive price range, especially for street boarding and verts.