How to Make a Wakesurf Board

How to Make a Wakesurf Board | A Complete Guide

Wake surfing is a very famous water sport. But to enjoy it in the right manner, it is necessary to have the right wakesurf board. To help you know about how to make a wakesurf board, this article will help you with it.

Instead of relying on any brand for a high-quality wakesurf board, you can have one of your own. It will not only give you the high-performance wakesurf board. But building it up will be a fun activity for you too. So, let us begin to know about how to make your wakesurf board, its tips, and mistakes to avoid during its build-up. So let us begin.

How to build a wakesurf board?

Making a wakesurf board yourself does not require skills. But all you need are some tools to make the best wakesurf board. Even if your wakesurf board does not turn out incredible, still you will be able to ride it. Choosing the right equipment and steps will give you the best wakesurf board for wakesurfing.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wakesurf board.

Step 1: Choose the Right Foam

To make a DIY wakesurf board it is essential to choose the right foam for making it. There are two different types of foam that you can use, an EPS and XPS foam. An EPS foam absorbs water whereas, XPS foam does not absorb water but delaminate it. You can use either of these two foams to construct your wakesurf board.

Step 2: Make the Stringer

Stringer is a wooden piece that is attached in the middle of a wakesurf board. It gives strength and flex characteristics to the wakesurf board. You can use any plywood for making the stringer. On the plywood make the shape of the stringer using a pencil. Now, cut the plywood in a narrow-long shape so that you can attach it to the blank foam.

Step 3: Gluing the Stringer in the board

Place the stringers over one piece of the foam and outline the stringer using a pencil. The outline of the string will help you in sticking it properly. Stick the stringer on the block of foam and leave it for some time. After it’s properly glued, use another block of the foam and stick it over the other side of the stringer. It gives strength to the wakesurf board.

To remove the extra foam, you can use the home wire cutter to remove it. You can also use it to give proper edges and shape to your board.

Step 4: Cutting the Blank

Now cut the blank in the shape of a wakesurf board. Give a proper shape to the board and design it for graphics.

Step 5: Marking of Rail Bands

With the help of the pencil, mark the rails’ position where you are going to stick them. When the marking of the rail bands is done, blend them properly to give it a smooth angle.

Step 6: Fin Attachment

Now stick the fin holders on the board for the attachment of the fins. Fix the removable fins in its

holder. Make sure that the fins are fixed properly and do not come out easily.

Step 7: Sealing

After shaping and attachment of the fin, now is the time for the sealing of the board. If you are using an XPS foam, then it does not require sealing. But in the case of EPS, it requires sealing so that the foam does not absorb too much resin.

Step 8: Designing

With the help of the paints and colors, you can give the board a colorful design and appearance.

Step 9: Glassing and Use of Resin

Now choose fiberglass and cut it into a proper shape. For the glassing of the wakesurf board, fiberglass is used. After cutting the fiberglass, use the resin for the glassing of the wakesurf board. You can use epoxy resin or polyester resin to use it.

Step 10: Making Cut-laps

Fiberglass consists of cut laps. This lap covers the top and bottom of a wakesurf board. Use the cut-laps to remove excess fiberglass from the wakesurf board. Now laminate the surfboard. This process needs some time. So, don’t hurry up while doing it. Once the glassing is finished you are ready to trim the cut lap.

Step 11: Trimming and Glassing of Deck

Repeat the same procedure for the glassing and trimming of fiberglass. The same cut laps process is used for the deck.

Step 12: Tapping the Rails of the Hot Coat

After glassing the wakesurf finally looks good. Now, it is ready for the hot cap. The hot coat is ready for use to mask the wakesurf board. Make sure that you use a good quality hot coat. This hot coat makes the board watertight. Now, similarly, coat the bottom of the board to make it strong.

Step 13: Fin Caps Installation

Once the coating is done, now your wakesurf board is ready for fin box installation. Install the fin box and leash plug into the board.

Step 14: Hot Coat Sanding

Now sand the hot coat on your board. This is one of the most essential parts of constructing a wakesurf board. You can use your hand, palm sander, polisher type sander, or random orbital for sanding it. It will take time but will give your board a smooth look.

Step 15: Seconding Coating of Epoxy

This step includes the coating of the board a second time with the epoxy. It gives extra strength and a glossy polish to the wakesurf board. Now sand this epoxy layer to give it a polished and shiny finish. Finally, your wakesurf board is now ready for surfing.

By following these steps, you will be able to make the best wakesurf board for big guys.

How to make a wooden wakesurf board?

To make a wooden wakesurf board is much easier than you think. Instead of buying a wooden wakesurf board, you can easily construct it and save money. Moreover, by making it you can have some customizable option in it. So, let’s begin to learn how to make a wood wakesurf board?


  • Wood
  • Planer
  • Sandpaper


Here are some of the steps regarding the construction of a wooden wakesurf board. Following them will help you in making the one for yourself.

Step 1: Ready the Wood

Choose an appropriate wood for the construction of your wakesurf board. It is important because the quality of the wood can make a big difference in the performance of your wakesurf board.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the wood for the various parts of your wakesurf board. For a suitable wakesurf board, prepare two planks of wood. You can use the two planks of wood for the bottom and deck.

Take a ruler and draw lines from top to bottom on wood to make the curve. It will help in making

the centerline of the wakesurf board. As the length of the wakesurf board is essential, place the curve on a wooden plank to make edges.

Step 2: Cutting the Edges

Before cutting out the shape, polish the rail by using a hand planer. Scrub the surrounding area of the board using sandpaper. It will give you clean and smooth rails. Moreover, by scrubbing it, the rails will cover the nose and tail too of the wakesurf board.

Now, place the curve on the wooden plank, cut the edges. Make sure that you cut the plank in the appropriate shape. Make sure to give a 175° trim to the nose. With the help of your hand, make sure that the board has an even and stable cut.

Step 3: Prominent the Performance

Finally, now it’s time to make the performance of your wakesurf board good. Measure the

center and make a channel over the tails. Use your finger grips on the base to make it more stable. Moreover, use the planer and sandpaper to give a proper design and shape to the board.

Step 4: Heat Lamination

Place the polished sheet over your board to give it heat lamination. Keep on pushing the slick slowly from time to time. This will help you in getting rid of the air bubbles. To get rid of undesired slick, you can use an x-knife or a razor. Moreover, to eliminate blemishes, pass the plane to the rails for some time.

Now trim the tails and give a proper shape to the wakesurf board. You can make a crescent tail, bat tail, square bat tail, or clipped crescent tail. After deciding the design of the tail gives it a proper shape. To keep your board safe from water impact, attach 4mm nose and tail bumpers.

Step 5: Final Lamination

This is the final step in the construction of a wooden wakesurf board. You can use polypropylene or polyethylene deck sheets. This final heat lamination will give your wakesurf board get rid of unnecessary materials. Tuck in the stringer by locating the center point of your wakesurf board. Finally, heat laminate

your board rails and ratify the edges. I hope by now you know how to make a wooden wakesurf board.

Tips for Building up a Strong Wakesurf Board

To make a high-quality wakesurf board it is necessary to take note of some of the essential points related to the wakesurf board.

Board Construction

The thing that matters the most for the construction of the board is its material. A wakesurf board can be constructed with either of the two boards:

  1. Compression-molded boards
  2. Composite boards

Compression-molded boards

The boards that are of compression mold are constructed by applying fiberglass. This makes two mold halves. These two halves are then put together. After putting them together, the two molds are filled in with polyurethane. For compression molded boards, you can also pack the layers of bamboo together and then use polyurethane to coat them.

Composite Boards

For composite boards, you can use carbon fiber or fiberglass. You can wrap any of them around an EPS foam core. The composite boards work better on any wave. But are less molded than compression-molded boards

So, you can construct any of the two boards to make your wakesurf board worth enjoying.

Shape and Length

The shape and length of a wakesurf board matter the most. It affects how the wakesurf board is

going to work on a wave. The shape and the length contribute to the maneuverability and throw some tricks. So, always make a wakesurf board with less surface area. This will make it easy for you to get out of the water.

Shape of Nose

You can make the nose of your wakesurf board in two shapes that are pointed nose and squared nose. The pointed nose of the wakesurf board will help you in getting through the choppy water. Whereas the squared nose offers more stability.

So if you want more stability, you can make your wakesurf board with a squared nose.

The Shape of the Tail

For a tail of the wakesurf board, you have two options, to construct it with a narrow or with a wide tail. A wakesurf board with a wider tail will help in lifting the board out of the water. On the other hand, a wakesurf board with a narrow tail sinks the board.

So to construct the best wakesurf board for heavy riders, it is necessary to make a wide tail of the wakesurf board.

Board Length

For making the best wakesurf board, the length of the board matters the most. A wakesurf board with more length helps in riding it in a pro-style. The more surface area of the board helps in controlling the speed and direction of the board. So, while starting the construction of the board, decide the board length beforehand.


You can attach two types of rails to your wakesurf board. The rails can be harder or softer. Hard Rails are of squared-off shape. Whereas the softer rails are of rounded shapes. If you want to make your wakesurf board carve or spin but less stable, then you should use harder rails for your wakesurf board. If you want a smooth and consistent ride, then you should attach soft rails to your wakesurf board.


The rocker of a wakesurf board determines how much the board is going to touch the wave. Rockers are of two types that are relaxed rockers and curved rockers. A relaxed rocket keeps the board more in contact with the water. Whereas an aggressive rocker lets you perform some tricks. So, it’s on you for what purpose you are constructing your wakesurf board.


How much your wakesurf board is going to be stable is determined by the type of fins that you have used for its construction. Fins of small size spin and turn the board easily. Moreover, fins of big size give traction and speed to the board. So, you can use any of them for constructing your wakesurf board.

How to make a wakesurf board faster?

You can make your wakesurf faster by setting up a twin fin. Fins give extra grip and control to stay in the same place. The fins let you ride it at a faster rate.

Final Thoughts

By reading the above article, you will know about how to make a wakesurf board. Moreover, you can make your wakesurf board faster and more enjoyable!