Artistic Roller Skating

Everything You Need to Know About Artistic Roller Skating

Well, your presence here clearly shows us that you want to know about Artistic Roller Skating. If so, then welcome you are in the right spot. Because in this article, we will be discussing it. And we will also tell you about different types of artistic roller skating and how much fun it can be. If that sounds interesting to you, let us begin this article. 

You have probably heard about roller skating, but now you want to know more about artistic roller skating. Before we move further, The people who do roller skating perceive artistic roller skating not as a hobby but as a way of life. Because it is just like figure skating but with minor changes. Which we are going to discuss and we will also give you some tricks as well. Artistic Roller Skating has multiple benefits on health. That is why now the young generation is getting attracted to it. 

What is Artistic Roller Skating? 

Just like us, I’m sure you probably heard about Figure skating, or you have watched it on TV various times. Artistic roller skating is similar to figure skating. Both are similar, but the significant difference between artistic and figure skating is that artistic skating is done on roller skates while, on the other hand, figure skating is done on ice skates.

Usually, people first learn about Figure skating. When they learn and master it, they move to artistic skating because some people say that figure skating provides a rigid base in the learning process of artistic roller skating. 

Figure skating is considered easier than artistic skating. People face difficulty learning artistic skating because they now don’t have the advantage of the ice they get on the figure skates. Ice helps in skating and spinning, and in artistic roller skating, you won’t be able to do it. That is why it is preferred to learn figure skates first because it will help you learn the disciple. 

Artistic roller skating is now played on a competitive level. People from the United States of America to Australia love to participate in it and show their talent. Artistic Roller Skating has become more than a hobby for thousands of people, and it is a growing sport. 

There are different types of dance performed in it. That’s why we have said earlier that it is the most fun type of roller skating. In artistic roller skating, you can do this in a duo, trio, or with a team as well. However, you can also dance solo, but most people won’t prefer that because who wants to dance alone.

What type of skates can be used in Artistic Roller Skating? 

As the name tells you clearly, you can use roller skates in it. Now the question appears what type of roller skates can be used in Artistic Roller Skating. Because as you know that there are hundreds of options available in the market with different kinds of roller skates in it. 

We have noticed that most athletes wear quad-core roller skates for better stability in artistic roller skating. But the rules also allow you to wear inline roller skates. It entirely depends upon you what type of skates you want to choose to enhance your core strength. 

How is Artistic Roller Skating played? 

We have told you what artistic roller skating is and what type of roller skates can be used. Now the question appears how artistic roller skating is played? This is what we are going to tell you now. 

As we have already told you above, artistic roller skating has become more than a hobby, and people from all over the globe play it on a competitive level. On the competitive level, assessment of the players, whether you are dancing solo, duo, trio, or with the team, is wholly judged on your accuracy and the moves. In easy words, your assessment in artistic dance is based on your moves, steps, etc. 

A free-style jaunora in artistic skating can be marked based on your creativity with the dance while music plays in the background. Some players love to dance in freestyle while others love to perform classical moves on skates. Such as they dance in patterns or shapes. Square, circle, or rectangle can also be performed in it. Your assessment is wholly based on your partner’s performance and the accuracy through which you match the music. 

Different types of Artistic Roller Skating

Now we have told you how roller skating is done, and now it’s time to let you know there are different types of artistic roller skating we will discuss now. Each of these types can be played on a competitive and international level. Where different teams all around the globe participate in it. Now without wasting any time. Let us start discussing these.

  • Figures  

Figures in artistic roller skating are one of the classical ways of roller skating. Still, nowadays people love to practice it and also figures can be played on a competitive level. Each player or team has to design any shape on the field and skate on it with complete accuracy. Points and judgment is made on the accuracy of the lines on which they are skating.

Figures can be of different shapes, but circles and squares are the most commonly used shapes of all time. Circle length can be reduced, and multiple circles or shaps can be made on the field depending on the competition. This makes figure skating more challenging. 

Assessment is wholly based on how much you have accurately followed the line and skates well. Your points will be deducted if you move out of the path or do skating but do not maintain accuracy. 

  • Freestyle 

Freestyle skating is the most challenging type of artistic roller skating. Because, in freestyle skating, players always require creativity. After all, these athletes are performing solo, and just one mistake causes their elimination. Hence, they won’t copy each other and always comes in a creative freestyle dance that allows us as an audience to see something new all the time. 

Freestyle skating includes different types. Of moves ultimately depends and varies from individual to individual, such as footwork, figure skating, dance, and spins. You can dance and perform all of these actions with your own chosen music. 

In freestyle, the skating athlete has to show their creativity every time to beat the competition, and freestyle skating is hard to judge; that is why judges have to stay alert to watch every move very closely and monitor the moves to make it fair. 

  • Solo dance 

Solo dance is another type of artistic roller skating. In solo dance, as the name suggests, you have to dance alone, but that is what makes the solo dance different and much more challenging than freestyle skating is that you can’t jump or take spins.

Instead, you have to dance to the specific song and showcase your move. Due to the lack of jumps and spins, solo dance feels a little more complicated. In solo skating, athletes have to dance in a specific pattern to look beautiful but follow all the steps within a specific time. 

You have to make sure that all the moves align with the music, match each pace, and complete at the same time as the music does. Just like free skating, judges also face quite a difficulty while assigning the score, and they have to be very closely monitored every step performed by the individual so that the marking would be fair. The people mainly prefer solo dance who would love to show their creativity and enjoy their own company. 

  • Couples dance 

A couple is similar to solo dance, but there is only one difference in it, and that is as mentioned in its name, the couple will be dancing to the song. Couple dance allows you to enjoy your pattern and perform multiple steps on the ring that you can’t perform in the solo dance.

There are as such no restrictions in the couple dance, and you can move freely and dance according to your own will on your music and play on an international level. In couple dance, you only have to work with your pattern to form a synergy, and you both have to match your footwork according to the music. 

Couple dance features a male and a female, and they both have to dance freely to the music, but no jumps and spins are allowed in the couple dance, similar to solo dance. 

  • Free dance 

The free dance is another type of artistic roller skating, and it allows creative people to showcase their talent. In free dance, athletes can design their moves just like a choreographer, but there is only one restriction. You can not include any type of jumps or spins in it because then it becomes freestyle. 

  • Team skating 

Team skating last type of aesthetic roller skating. Just like ice skating, it also features team skating as well. This is where the athletes come together to form a team, play with the opponent on the ring, and show different types of moves to win. 

Who can be an Artistic Roller Skater? 

To be honest, anyone can become an artistic roller skater, and now a says parents encourage their children, especially teenagers, to become artistic roller skaters. Still, first, you need to learn roller skating, and don’t worry because we have a separate article on it you can check out.

Final Verdict – Artistic Roller Skating

Well, now it’s time to wrap up the whole article. In this article, we have told you everything that you need to know about artistic roller skates. Furthermore, we have also told you about different types of artistic roller skating, including different types of roller skates used in it.