Are maple skateboards good?

Are maple skateboards good? A Detail Guide

Wooden skateboards, especially maple wood skateboards, are the most commonly used skateboards by both beginners and professionals. It can get you wondering, are maple skateboards good? Here I will tell you everything about why maple wood skateboards are worth the hype.

A skateboard deck is a board where you stand for skating. Though at first glance, it looks straightforward, that’s not the case. A deck is not just a piece of the board; it defines how good your performance will turn out. Different decks are suitable for various terrains, having different measurements for the style of skating. 

Many manufacturers use different materials with a tweak for enhanced overall performance. But in comparison, maple wood is the best kind of material you can find in skateboards. It is so popular because of its flexibility and durability. Also, it is very easy to shape maple wood without losing its strength during the process. 

Some facts about Maple Skateboards 

Maple skateboards get made from hard maple wood that originates from the Great Lakes region in the US and different surrounding provinces in Canada like Quebec, Ontario, and maybe Manitoba. The entire area has a cold climate. Due to which the trees have a relatively shorter growing season. In turn, it leads to tall trees having a higher density. And by high density means that there will be more rings in the wooden material. 

The best thing about maple wood is that it is very durable and almost impact resistant. Beginners and skilled skateboarders both swear by Maple Skateboards to perform a street oille. Also, the maple wood grown in the cold weather is thick and tight, having those few extra rings. These few extra rings are what make the skateboard pop that almost every skateboarder raves about. 

Construction of Skateboard Decks

Are maple skateboards good? To find out more, you need to get to know how exactly it gets constructed.

  • Plywood or veneers 

Mainly all kinds of wooden skateboards have a plywood construction. But, even in Maple skateboards, the number of ply is variable. It means that they have thin layers of wooden ply or veneers glued together to form a more solid board.

  • Number of ply or veneers of good maple skateboard

 A Seven ply maple wood layer of maple wood is the most commonly found construction in skateboard decks. But mind you, the number is not fixed. Since manufacturers add or reduce the players of ply depending upon its strength or weight. The key thing is that no matter what the construction, the goal is to make the skateboard lightweight and robust. 

  • Direction of the Plywood or veneers

Even in the most straightforward plywood deck construction, the wooden grains get layed in alternating directions. They run both lengthwise and widthwise, or even across from each other for more solid construction. It also ensures that the wooden grains do not split. 

  • Glue for skateboards

Once done, the plywood layers get glued in place. The glue used for keeping plywood together is a special kind of adhesive. It has a powerful formula that has a high resistance to shocks that come in skateboarding. 

  • Pressing the deck

Later, it runs through a hydraulic press to help compress them into forming a single board. Also, the maple board gets set in a board to create a nose, tail, and concave shape. Once the glue sets appropriately, holes get drilled into the board for the attachment of the trucks. A saw is used to cut the shape and round the edges of the board. The surface area of the deck gets sanded for a finished and smooth look. To protect the wood from getting wrapped or damaged in any way. The skateboard deck then gets varnished and sealed.

  • Deck Graphics

 At the end of the whole process, different graphics are added to the skateboard. Earlier, screen printing was used to add graphics to the skateboard. They did look appealing, but after some days, the screen printing on the deck started to fade. Nowadays, a process called heat transfer is used for Deck graphics. It is where a graphic, plastic sheet gets pressed onto the deck as the machine applies heat pressure. The heat and pressure allow the graphics to transfer onto the board.  

Benefits of using good maple skateboards

With the advent of time, many other materials got involved in decking technologies. But Maple skateboard remains the most popular choice to date. Let us explore in-depth why people seem to rave about maple skateboards so much.

  • Durability 

A high-quality maple wood skateboard is durable enough to last for years to come. No matter how long or how fast you cruise, it won’t affect the construction of your skateboard.

  • Affordable

Another primary reason why maple skateboards are so common is because of their affordable price. Despite having a premium construction, you can easily find maple skateboards in a very reasonable price range.

  • Stiffness

A stiff skateboard is a dream come true if you want to cruise with speed. Maple skateboards give you just that! The stiffness of the maple skateboard makes it easy for you to control. It results in the board responding the way how you desire.

  • Versatile style and design 

You can find a plethora of different styles, shapes, lengths, and designs of maple skateboards. Since maple skateboards are the most commonly used skateboards around the world. 

Downside of Maple skateboards

Maple skateboards have many advantages over their counterparts. But, there are a few things that you need to know when getting a maple skateboard.

  • Deforestation

Since the demand for skateboards has increased over the number of years, so has its manufacturing. The increased demand for skateboards has led to a significant deforestation problem. It takes about 30 to 80 years for a maple tree to grow and reach the maturity level needed to construct a skateboard. 

The optimal maple wood grown is a long time-consuming process. Also, replacing a maple tree may span over the years. But, many manufacturers use sustainably sourced maple wood. Meaning they get maple wood for skateboards from forests that have a negligible impact on the environment. 

  • Tends to expand 

Since the wood used in constructing a skateboard is an organic material, it likely breathes moisture. Besides, the kind of temperature of the surroundings will also impact the skateboard’s shape, size, and feel. So, you cannot just leave your skateboard sitting in the trunk of your car. As it can cause the board to lose all its moisture and get super dry.

Is Canadian maple wood good for skateboards?

Yes, Canadian maple wood is one of the best materials used for making skateboards. The cold climate of Canada provides an ideal temperature for the dense growth of maple trees. The reason why Canadian maple wood is so common for skateboards is because of its density. But, All kinds of maple wood do not originate from Canada. 

Maple wood grown in different parts of the world has properties that are very different from each other. Like Maple trees grown in Serbia have another type of wood compared to Canada’s maple trees. 

Are maple brand skateboards good? 

There is no one specific maple brand skateboard. But, several famous brands manufacture skateboards with maple construction. Maple wood is relatively complex and dense. It is perfect for skateboards that get used, especially for downhill riding. But, construction is not the only thing that affects the speed of the skateboard. The shape and skateboard type also plays an integral part in the way of its speed pickup. 

Since maple wood is comparatively stiffer, stiffness plays an essential part in picking up and maintaining speed. Also, it makes the board handle and endures stress and impacts having minimal flex. Suppose you want to cruise with speed and control your skateboard any way you want. Then the maple skateboards are just what you need. As they say, it can make you “feel” the trucks on your skateboard.

Final Thoughts

I hope there are no doubts in your mind after reading all the information. And you have found the answer to your question, Are maple skateboards good? Though maple is the most commonly used material for skateboarding and very rightly so, I may add. But the final choice of the skateboard material that you get depends on your skating style and preference. Your skating skill level also defines the choice of decking material you get.

But Maple skateboards have a premium construction, and they are very reasonably priced as well. But it would be best if you also considered the environmental effect maple skateboards have caused. So, if it’s a maple skateboard that you want, better look for one that uses sustainably sourced maple wood.